13 Must try Welsh culinary cooking feasts in Wales

13 Must try Welsh culinary cooking feasts in Wales

Celtic Welsh cuisine is weird palatable of Welsh people of the country of Wales who are said to be consuming the highest fat in Britain itself portraying their wealth of Welshness to the world.

Tatws popty, Tatws Pobdu and Tatws pum Munud which are Lamb rosemary casserole and lamb pot roast potpourri are a delight for a Welsh gastronome stewed with vegetables, lamb chops, bacon, parsnips, potatoes, rosemary, thyme, beef stock cooked in an oven and served with crusty bread, bread crumbs and butter and Worcestershire sauce.

13 Must try Welsh culinary cooking feasts Wales travel dejavu                                                                                  photo credits : topsy one


This National dish of Wales is a stew made broth of meat stock with root veggies, rosemary, meat dumplings.

Welsh rarebit

Mostly referred to as Welsh rabbit this one is seasoned gooey melted cheddar cheese slathered sizzling over toasted bread served with Worcestershire sauce.

13 Must try Welsh culinary cooking feasts Wales travel dejavu                                                                              Photo credits: saucydressings foodzube


Also referred to as Bara Lawr is a breakfast dish basically prepared with seaweed and oatmeal hodge-podge.

Welsh cakes

They are spiced cakes made with the consistent of cookies filled with sultana raisins and dried currants.

Bara birth

This is a speckled Welsh tea bread loaf and prepared with sweet spices, dried currants, candied peels and raisins.

13 Must try Welsh culinary cooking feasts Wales travel dejavu                                                                         Photo credits: BBC Good Food

Glamorgan sausage

This is a Welsh vegetarian sausage made with crumbly Caerphilly cheddar cheese with spring onions, turnips and leeks.


This is basically a Welsh pancake made with unusual ingredients like buttermilk, vinegar and salted butter alongside the basic ingredients.


Welsh cookie griddled with eggs, sugar, flour, raisins and margarine butter.


Steamed mussels and clams served with bulbous leeks.

13 Must try Welsh culinary cooking feasts Wales travel dejavu                                                                                Photo credits: BBC Good Food

Welsh home-made faggots are a winter comfort food and a budget meal is usually pork meat balls in buttery Bovril onion gravy served with peas, white bread and butter is a quintessential Welsh dish.

The brewing Welsh Ale, Beer and cider are a hot favourite for the Welsh people to go on to celebrate Mid Wales beer festival dedicating 10 days to this fest.

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  1. The photos of the dishes so want to make us taste these delicacies (All that we vegetarians eat at least :)).
    You could try putting up more photos and adding a little more description and a link to a recipe as well. Happy travelling and blogging!

  2. Oh my! I don’t know how I feel about these dishes but if you put them in front of me I’ll eat them!

  3. You have juat made me hungry with this blog post of yours. I didn’t know that Wales offers a boat load of luscious cuisine. The food seems so tempting and very delicious. I’ll surely try them if I get the chance to visit Wales.

  4. I’m hungry after reading this! It all looks so delicious. I could eat a piece of welsh rarebit right now. Missing cheese here in Asia. The stew also looks good.

  5. I could eat a piece of welsh rarebit right now. Missing cheese here in Asia. It looks mouthwatering. The stew also looks good.

  6. Wales does have some great cuisine. I had my first experience of rarebit when I was there and I must say I haven’t looked back. Truly delicious.

  7. Those are all yum dishes. I was hungry when i started reading this post but now I am starving! Great share!

  8. These are kind of exotic, but maybe only to me? I’m sure I’d love to try them though if I ever find myself immersed in Britain’s culture. The photos look delicious, by the way.

  9. I am a vegetarian and I am glad that there are so many options for us to try out as well. I am hoping to go to Wales this year since I am planning a trip to Ireland and UK. So glad that I won’t starve.

  10. Though I’m not a foodie, I would to try these foods!

  11. these food look really tasty and inviting! I’d really love to try these and if I learn how to prepare, would really be awesome!

  12. As a Welshman, it’s pleasing to see ur cuisine featured in a blog post 🙂 Its true that some people would definitely find these odd, and the names certainly can seem that way. But I do rate Cawl, rarebit and Welsh cakes among the culinary highlights of the British Isles!

  13. Looks yummy.. I would really love to try bakestone.. I have already noted down the recipe.. Thanks!

  14. Oh wow, I had no idea there was a whole Welsh culinary scene. I visited Cardiff recently and had no idea – whoops! I would definitely love to try a few of those stews. And the Welsh rarebit sounds like the perfect hang over cure.

  15. Ok, this is making me suuuuper hungry. Everything looks so delicious. I would definitely want to try the stew with vegetables. I love lamb and anything with rosemary is always so darn delicious. I’m gonna try and see if I can make this myself 🙂

  16. The Welsh cuisine is indeed a revelation. The range of flavours and tastes seem to be amazing. Though being a vegetarian, I can appreciate the wealth of the cuisine. The cakes and bread look really fresh and tempting.

  17. Nice to know about the authentic dishes. The tea and creampog are the only veg options that I spotted. I suppose the others too can be made veg?

  18. I am sure I would like to try some of the stuff from that list. I am also quite surprised to see a lot of vegetarian items there 🙂 So Wales, wait for me , for I shall come one day. 🙂

  19. I honestly didn’t know anything about the Welsh cuisine, but these dishes look delicious! Would definitely want to try them out. Especially the ‘Bara birth’, yummie!

  20. Wales has such interesting native foods! Who knew! A lot of these look good … some not as much haha.

  21. Apart from Welsh cakes I haven’t tried anything else. Everything looks so tempting and delicious but as you said welsh cuisine is high on fat I would be a bit vary before trying.

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