A beginner’s guide to Brittany France

beginner's guide brittany france

Beginner’s guide Brittany France 

Brittany is a hilly peninsula extending out towards the Atlantic Ocean. It has a lengthy and rugged coastline dotted with beach resorts such as Dinard and walled Saint-Malo built on rock in the English Channel. The Pink Granite Coast is unusual with blush toned sand and rocks. Brittany is replete with prehistoric menhirs which is a type of megalith. Brittany is a cultural region in France. Brittany is one of the 18 regions in France. Brittany is filled with beaches and campsites. It has dramatic coastline with medieval towns for excursions.

Brittany is a popular spot on The Tour de France circuit also called “Little Britain.”

Brittany is called “Cider Country” and is the second largest producer of cider in France. Brittany has found its traditional foods in Galettes and Crepes. Brittany is surrounded by the English Channel and Celtic Seaz. 

Brittany is divided into Ar-Mor, the land by the sea and Ar-Got, the land of the forest. Breton people follow Celtic traditions of Cornwall and Wales. Fest-noz or Festival of the Night celebrations is all about traditional dances of the region.

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It is a popular destination for long hiking and trekking vacays for people from all across Europe.

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in Brittany both on and off road across canals and inland cycling. A self-guided cycling tour takes you through castles, fortresses, manor houses and abbeys.

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Brittany is a dream destination for cycling enthusiasts with 175 scenic routes freewheeling and traversing across the region. Redon to Nantes and the cycle path that runs along River oust and Nantes-Brest Canal are replete with hamlets or communes en route and stops with spots for local ciders as you feast on a variety of crepes on offer. Beau Rivage is a hotspot for kayaking, horse riding and water skiing.

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Brittany has an enormous coastline surrounded by water on the north, west and south with a seaside peninsula region and inland region. La Grande Plage and St. Colomban in Carnac and La Baule in Binodet are some of the most popular beaches on the coastline of Brittany.

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Paimpont and Huelgoat form the inland part of Brittany with Lake District and forestry. Lac de Guerldan or Guerledan Lake is an artificial lake and the region’s largest inland water body.

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Quenecan forest is on the south of the lake and is called “Swiss Brittany”. The walking trails in Brittany extend thousands of kilometres with popular “Way of Saint James” and Pointe du Raz in the imposing Bay area.

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