Essential things for: Snow hiking| Snow trekking| Snowshoeing| Snow Camping

Essential things for: Snow hiking| Snow trekking| Snowshoeing| Snow Camping

Thermal inners

Avalanche shovel

Quick-dry towel

Sleeping bags


Snow goggles


Backpack with compression straps


Map for route finding

Hiking shafts

 Snow testing meter


Radio surveillance headset & group communication system

Non sweat-absorbing clothes

GPS navigation

Sun protection


Illumination headlamps with extra lithium batteries

Energy bars and energy drinks and concoctions

Survival gears – snow axe/ snow saw/ snow shovel

 Fleece jacket no cotton or acrylic sweaters


Thick gloves

 Insulated jackets

Fire lighters or starter

Waterproof containers


Reflective blankets


Digital or Analog avalanche transceiver

Personal location beacon


Parka – A hooded wind insulated and water resistant jacket 

Water resistant insulated boots/ shoes with a good grip/ Snowshoes and microspikes/ crampons

 Warm socks


High gaiters

 Hand warmers

Satellite phones


Credit card

Plastic whistle

Spare clothing



Tripod for the camera


Memory cards


Identification proof for off-road snowmobiling


Trekking stick to walk through snow


Compass with signal mirrors




UV-resistant glasses (FYI: UV levels are higher near the poles)

Lip balm & moisturiser – To keep the skin hydrated.

Chemical hand warmers

They are usually little pellets that can be slipped into your gloves/ socks and generate warmth for a considerable period of time.

A snow trek spiked with a spirit obtained from the distillation of wine encapsulates the arctic cold and altitude sickness. Guess the drink.


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