How would you clean your camera lens as you become gadget whiz travel wise

How would you clean your camera lens as you become gadget whiz travel wise

clean lens is mandatory for a good photograph and an avid traveler. Here are a few tips to keep your lens clean as you foray into your endless pursuit of travel. The most inevitable tip is to clean the lens circular motions as you work the movement from the center to outwards while removing oil, fingerprints and stains from the lens surface.

A cleaning kit is a must have. It has microfiber cloth, a blower brush and lens cleaning fluid.

Clean the casing as it picks up dirt, grime, grease and dust swiftly and has the potential to destroy the lens of the camera.

A lens filter is a great investment as it protects the front element of the lens.

Regular cleaning with a blower and soft-bristled brush removes as much dust and dirt from lens rather than a once in a year spring cleaning.

                                                                                   Image Credits : SparePixels

Cleaning tissues come handy to apply with a dab of cleaning fluid. Lens tissues are thin sheets that wipe lenses without a scratch and unscathed.

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  1. Wow, this is truly timely as my Camera lenses is really acting weird for the past weeks. I’ve been searching a video as well on YouTube on how to clean it. The good thing is, I get the chance to read an article from this post which can truly be a help for me. Thank you so much for sharing this one.

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