Science backs hiking for brain wellness

Science backs hiking for brain wellness

Science backs hiking for brain wellness

Hiking improves your brain function in the hippocampus thereby generating neurons and inducing brain power and cell division in the circuit of brain. It increases brain function and replenishes brain cells. It makes you focused and creative thereby increasing the levels of your concentration, thought process, problem solving and decision making. Walking on a treadmill helps lose weight but does not really expand cognitive function.

As per the Attention Restorative Theory hiking in the company of nature can actually restore those parts of the brain that have been exhausted due to overuse and limitless engagement with technology and gadgets. Hiking helps to disconnect with technology. Hiking reduces levels of stress, worrying patterns, rumination, performance pressure and anxiety. Hiking helps to increase the brains skills by almost 50 percent. Hikers might be the smartest people in the world. Hiking in natural environment is different from taking a walk in an urban setting.

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