No Nonsense: Summer Destination Gloucester Massachusetts

summer destination gloucester massachusetts

Gloucester is a metropolitan district and the oldest working seaport of America. A free walking tour to the city is a must do. Besides this there is a lot to do here like underwater exploration, ocean swim, paddle boarding, Scuba diving, bird watching, surfing, Kayaking and many more. Continue reading No Nonsense: Summer Destination Gloucester Massachusetts

Unitarian Universalist is the oldest house of worship in Gloucester. The Joan of Arc by the eminent artist Anna Huntington is a must see. 

King’ square at the heart of the city is a major public space.

Gloucester downtown : You can shop for antiques, lobsters, liquor and souvenirs from the art supplies and boutiques of the Main street and roam in the confines in a water shuttle or a trolley shuttle.
Harbor walk, City Hall and the Harbortown Cultural District on the main street highlight about the ethos of Gloucester. Whale watches, boat excursions, readings, theatre, summer block parties are undertaken here. The Front Street Historic district, The Central Gloucester historic district and The Main street.

A free walking tour to the town is accessible and makes you conversant with quarried granite posts of the mariner’s and innovators of the city. The City Hall with the clock tower is an add-on in the fixtures of Gloucester’s history of city veterans and seamen. The Fishermen Lost at Sea Memorial Mural portraits of Clarence Birdseye who is considered to be the father of frozen food industry and Hays Hammond Castle in Magnolia who is the Father of Remote Control is a must see.

Gloucester Water front: The city’s inland port and dock is visibly well-known and is a highlight of the city’s history as a seaport. The channels and waters of the city are safe for navigation by the navigability seaward. The Seafarers of the Atlantic coastline are blessed as the waters are dotted with buoys making navigation non- hazardous.

Gloucester harbour: This city of fishermen and voyagers has the coastline of 60 miles.

gloucester massachusetts harbour travel dejavu                                                                                    Image credits : WikiMedia

Stage Fort Park: The ramparts of the fortress overlook the harbour and is a witness of the first settlers who were evidently into fishing.

Cressy’s Beachand Half Moon Beach are located at the lower end of Stage Fort Park. Plum Cove Beach is located on Washington Street.

gloucester massachusetts beach travele dejavu                                                                           Image Credits : Briannaphotography

Art colony Rocky Neck: This scenic art colony has galleries. The Gloucester stage company and The North Shore Art Association are all existent here. The Rocky Neck Historic Art trail definitely needs some catching up while in here.

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Cape Ann Museum: This one on the Pleasant street is a world class museum with the collection of maritime trade and fishing. The world’s largest collection of the illuminist painter Fitz Henry Lane is a must see.

Maritime Gloucester: On the Harbor Loop on the Webster Wharf watch out for all kinds of harbor undertakings and fishing trade. Lobstering off Cape Ann on Harbor loop is a leading port for lobster landings and lobsterman’s traps and is about making a living by lobstering along Gloucester’s shoreline. Gloucester’s fishing vessels at Fisherman’s Wharf catch blue fish, striped bass, Pollock, cod, scrod, halibut, trout, scallops, clams, oysters, mussels, flounder, tuna and haddock besides lobster. Surf casting, Bait fishing, ice fishing and fly fishing are done by the anglers on a charter boat. The circumnavigation on the island lets you explore light houses on the King Eider. An Icehouse tour is also must try.

Annisquam Lighthouse is visible from Wingaersheek Beach.

Annisquam Lighthouse gloucester massachusetts travel dejavu

Eastern Point Lighthouse is also known as Dog Bar Breakwater with the views of Boston skyline is owned by the US Coast Guard and also close to the public.

Ten Pound Island Lighthouse in the inner harbour is visible from many spots along the waterfront.

Straitsmouth Island Lighthouse is a preserve for sea birds and boat landing is not allowed here.

Thacher Island Twin Lighthouses known as “twin lights” are the only operating twin lighthouses on Rockport Harbor.

thacher island twin lights gloucester massachusetts travel dejavu

Whale watching: The sheltered waters of the tidal estuary of Gloucester are the North Atlantic Whale Watching capital of America. Whales, dolphins and sharks frequent this area because of the shallow underwater plateau and rich marine habitat from the last great Ice Age. Watching expeditions are a delight for the naturalists and they are a must do.

whale watching gloucester massachusetts travel dejavu

Deep sea fishing trip: Seafood gourmet and culinary selections in this fishing town is renowned for its countryside clam shacks offering clam bakes, clam chowder, oyster crackers and custard served with American berries. The ocean to table seafood trails is a must do.

Gloucester’s Fishermen Memorial also called the Western Avenue is the site definite unrestricted memorial on Stacey Boulevard watching Gloucester Harbor.

Gloucester GoodHarborBeach saltIsland travel dejavu                                                                                 Image Credits :  gloucesterma

Good Harbor Beach in Cape Ann is for the lovers of surfing, shelling, sunbathing for travellers in secluded coves on the white sand of the beach. Whale watching, Schooner sails and harbour tours are must to dos. Salt island at high tide offers Styrofoam boogie boards for body surfing.

Norman’s Woe is a distinct rock reef and is a site of several ship wrecks off Gloucester’s shore.

Wingaersheek beach is a beach that runs along Anisquam river and Ispwich Bay is often subject to intemperate weather.

Wingaersheek beach gloucester massachusetts travel dejavu

St Peters Fiesta happens in the St Peter’s Square in the town landing where gathering of boats and boat and foot racing carnival is done for a “Blessing of the Fleet” and our lady of Good Voyage is honoured.

Gloucester Schooner Festivals: National Historic landmark Schooner built in Essex county the Dory Fishing Schooner adventure is the last survivor as you find when you take a sail. It is quite a matter for the historic schooners that come over to the Boulevard of Gloucester harbour.

gloucester schooner festival massachusetts travel dejavu                                                                   Image Credits : gloucesterschoonerfestival

Downtown Sidewalk Bazaar, Twin Lights Half Marathon,  Dory and Seine Boat Races, Nights on the Neck, The Blackburn Challenge, The Feast of St. Joseph, The Blues festival, Gloucester Water front festival, Fishtown Horribles Parade are among others.

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