Summer travel beauty fixes and hacks

summer travel beauty fixes hacks

Summer travel beauty fixes and hacks


Summers are the best times with the best escape spots from the busyness of the usual city life. Beaches are the top of the mind recall destinations being the most preferred options for summer getaways but it also sure leaves your skin and hair dry, dull and damaged. Take into account these skin saving and hair caring and nourishing tips while being the ultimate babe.

summer travel beauty fixes and hacks

Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or above on all the exposed areas at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun. Reapply every few hours. Post swimming rinse and splash your face with plain water. Dab with chilled milk and leave on for a few minutes to let it soothe from sunburn and moisturise or massage it with some freshly sliced tomatoes.

A cleanser and a toner is a must to remove all the dust and dirt. Pick one according to your skin type. Use a cleansing gel containing lime or cucumber or aloe vera. Keep cleansing milk, face wash and nourishing cream handy.

summer travel beauty fixes and hacks travel dejavu

Wet your hair thoroughly before getting into the beach waters as that will prevent from absorbing a lot of salted sea waters. Apply a hair serum or a hair gel with sunscreen. Use a mild herbal shampoo to wash your hair. Follow up with a leave-in conditioner. Tea and Beer are easily available everywhere.

Use them to rinse your hair. Squeeze some lemon juice into your beer and tea water. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off with plain water or mineral water.

summer travel fixes and hacks

Carry water-proof and long lasting make up products that have a matte finish and do not go for sparkly as they will wash off in a jiffy as soon as you land in water. Stay away from smudgy lipsticks, kohl, eyeliner and mascara. Replace lipstick with lip gloss for the more subtle in you. Complete your looks by using as little color as possible and stick to natural and pastel colors. Keep the blusher at bay and dab your cheeks with blush tone lipsticks with your fingertips.

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