Worth-it Marrakesh culinary food fetishes for tastebuds

worth marrakesh culinary food fetishes

The evening diffa feast is a five-course extravaganza that highlights the Moroccan sensualist expertise to its best and it’s all about going full hog giving into culinary temptations. Dig into the hummus or feast on aromatic home-style tangy sealed crockpots of Marrakshi tanjia or jugged meat cooked in hammam furnace and urns scooped out with bread.

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Moroccon cuisine is pure temptation in the most sinful ways merged into the fabric of the city wowing its visitors and its all about. Souk Cuisine serve up spice-packed filling portions that are hearty and will make you want for the more capped with gourmet twists that takes you to a taste-bud tour. This is authentic local food worth savouring as you nosh out on the menu. It has its own flare of haute cuisines and smoky food that are simply incomparable from anywhere in the world.

Some of the Moroccan delights are veggies like julienned carrots scented with vanilla, roasted and marinated eggplant slices in almond cream, pumpkin puree with crunchy nuts and crispy phyllo shard.

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Beef comes with its own twist as the beef shank with candied lemons is an unbelievable thing to dish out but the Moroccans. Chicken tagine stew in diced onions broth and tomato jelly sprinkled with sesame seeds and almonds is an absolute try. Crème brulee dessert is infused with saffron and cardamom is an absolute moorish morsel and comes with a flavour that is something which is hard to crack for any chef around the world.

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Orange mousse in a ginger sauce and crumbly biscuit base is crunchy and comes with a strong pungent and tangy flavour. Camel burgers, Berber eggs and eggplant goat cheese quiche are must eats. Harira lentil soup dish comes with a cosmopolitan twist for the pastry on a side and Moroccan flavors of dates combined with tomato based soup with chickpeas and vermicelli.

Moroccan curries and gravy are very indulging with the chicken blasted in a broth and flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cardamom, star anise, nutmeg, mace, cumin, turmeric, paprika, saffron and caramelized onions cooked in earthenware stays in your taste buds for a long time.

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Smoky lamb with vanilla extracts, pistachios and caramelized onions has an altogether dark texture. Riifa is dough stretched and flattened and folded over, then cooked in a frying pan, and is best described as a Moroccan version of a pancake or crepe. Shredded chicken in pureed carrot melts in your mouth with sweetness with crunchy roasted nuts. Moroccan meats and sweets enhance your fine dining experience. Spice biscuit of pistachios and dried fruits should definitely be brought back home.

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Moroccan staples and specialties include Mezze salad platters, sleaning sandwiches, caramelised pumpkin and lamb tajine with almonds and eggs, offal, egg sandwiches, chicken seffa medfouna which is chicken topped with raisin, almond and cinnamon spiked vermicelli, camel tanjia, batata harra or spicy baked potatoes, chankliche or cheese bugers, mechoui or slow-roasted lamb, pastilla or rich sweet savoury pie, roasted eggplant caviar, white bean soups,  kefta or meatballs, Grilled meat and steaks, snail soup, beef stew, lamb brains and skewered hearts.

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Kefta or liver, Berber omelettes, turkey brochettes or kebabs, whole grilled sardines, fish tajines, slow cooked meltingly tender confit lamb dishes,lamb gyros, fried aubergines, pumpkin crème brûlée, mrouzia or lamb tajine cooked with honey, raisins and almonds, Tunisian lamb brik or pastry, apple and beetroot clafoutis and hibiscus panna cotta with caramelised pumpkin, Tajine and rotessorie chicken in harissa red chiili sauce, charmoula kebabs, chicken and olives tajine with prunes, almonds, mutton tajine, tajine skewers, shrimp, mozzarella salad and pumpkin balls.

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Get a whiff of date milkshake, Berber couscous, ginseng tea with cinnamon and ginger, blood orange juice, squashed grapefruit juice, drinks piled high with dates, dried figs, almonds and walnuts, tajine or couscous mint tea, quince, beetroot, apple and ginger juice. Marrakshi ice-cream flavours like bergamot orange tea and kaab el-gazelle or almond cookie, gold-leafed chocolate-coffee cream cake, raspberry-mousse cake, citron fruity tarts and Moroccan pastries.

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