Yogamoon travel – the haute honeymoon trend

yogamoon travel - the haute honeymoon trend

Yogamoon travel – the haute honeymoon trend


Couple’s Yoga destination aka yogamoon is something married couples are taking resort to. When it comes to health, couples are replacing honey with yoga. It is all about de-stressing and paving a path towards spiritual bliss. Also, unlike honeymoon, yogamoon is not just restricted to the newlyweds or the couples who have tied the nuptial knots not so long ago. It is universal and applies to all the couples of the generation of baby boomers, millennials and centennials for that matter making yoga the focal point as it takes the centre-stage. Yogamoon travel – the haute honeymoon trend is a zen honeymoon at yoga retreats and honeymoon guesthouses designed for yoga.

Yogamoon travel – the haute honeymoon trend is about choosing destinations for couples who would like to go for a yoga and wellness retreat for their honeymoon. Western Yogis have christened this new term for couples who are yogis and who travel in the quest of fitness to these spiritual retreats. It is for the couples that celebrate health and wellness and want to get indulged in a transformative nirvana-like experience which resultantly brings out a healthy relationship between the couple considering the surge in divorce rates. It is about finding a haven where there is with lesser connectivity to the smartphones and gadgets and internet almost renders useless so that couples can indulge in yoga.

yogamoon travel the haute honeymoon trend                                                                                    Image Credits : Elle

Yogi couples are spirited about upcoming yogamoon for they have inculcated the habit of doing yoga as a couple in their daily lives. Travelers are consciously picking and choosing yoga destinations as this trend is fast catching up and is here to stay. A Modern day usually wants to slow down and feel the experience of journeying within and realising the higher self by being together and participating in a meditative yoga sessions. Yogamoon is not just about bonding and spicing things up between the couple but also taking a sabbatical by escaping the complexities of the technology driven life.

yogamoon travel the haute honeymoon trend

Yogamoon retreats are also about self-healing for depression related syndrome and being in the company of your closest confidante whom you would dial immediately in any state of emergency and what better person that could be than someone who loves you so deeply and is by your side and performing yoga practice with you on your path to recovery. You can stay motivated to keep up with your regime with the support of your partner.

Yogamoon retreats have curated packages that come at prices that might look dear but are worth spending upon than popping prescribed medications and conventional medicines. Yogamoon couple packages are popular with shooting up reservations by the yoga enthusiasts especially over long weekends.

yogamoon travel the haute honeymoon trend

Acroyoga which is a mixture of acrobatics and yoga is fast catching up with couples and it requires participation of two people who might not necessarily be a couple or might be a couple and attaining the balance and perfect postures of the duo depends on each other. It is all about building up the trust factor and connecting with each other at a deeper level especially when couples are unable to make enough time for each other and also search for options where they can focus on their health and registering together to a gym is passe as a trend. Modern day couples want to attain fitness by being in proximity to each other.

Yogamoon getaways are at Koh Samui, Switzerland, Austria, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal.

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