10 Peculiar things to do in Peru

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10 peculiar things to do Peru

Peru is the land to do the most of the unusual things. Peru will want to make you do only around a million things. You can be an archaeologist as you dig the treasures out of Machu Pichu. There is a bounty of corn and an infinite variety of potatoes you can try on. Chicama and Pacasmayo are dreamy delights for surfers and an ultimate haven for international surfers. Diffuse your brain with the alcoholic concoction called the Pisco sour. Do your share your bird watching and hiking and take a sand dune tour through Nazca. You can take a bike tour or an adventure trekking or river rafting in the waters and depths of Cotahuasi Canyon. This is an exhaustive list of doing 10 peculiar things to do Peru. Make sure you make a checklist and check it all out from this list of 10 peculiar things to do Peru.

10 Peculiar things to do in Peru machu picchu traveldejavu

Larco Museum

This is a privately owned museum of pre-Columbian period is constructed over a pyramid and it is the ultimate settlement for erotic pottery. Larco is the ultimate hub of art and artefacts display of the ancient Peruvian history. This museum is the epitome of Erotica and is a delight for erotica lovers. It consists an infinite collection of Inca artefacts. The entire experience becomes a success once you get that perfect guide who can make you learn everything around the history of the museum.

It has well maintained gardens. The private museum has a collection of Pre Columbian artefacts from ceramics to textiles to gold and silver and antique jewellery. The erotica might be a tad bit too much for the prudes but they are also hilarious in their appearance. The chronological galleries have well laid out explanation for each of the artefacts lined up behind glasses. You can carry back some exotic souvenirs. In spite of being a museum it lacks the touristy vibes and can be an ultimate fun. A comprehensive visit will make you conversant with the replicas of sex themed containers and phallic shaped structures. Make sure you cover this place in your 10 peculiar things to do Peru.

Pazpa and Nazca line and Geoglyphs tour

There are myriads of ancient motifs in the stretches of this UNESCO World Heritage site. The figurines vary in complexities as they depict plant anatomy, animal imageries and an imaginative tendency of viewership of humans as animals in their instincts and needs. Religious significance is credited to the designs by the erudite in spite of assumed norms and speculations. You shall have to hop into an aircraft and take a flight through the foothills as you can have an access to the best visibility in the heart of Latin America and the Caribbean.

el chaco paracas 10 Peculiar things to do in Peru travel dejavu

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El Chaco is a popular beach resort destination attracts globetrotters to Ballestas islands and Paracas National Marine Reserve and the culture of Andean society mainly referred as Paracas culture. The Candelabra geoglyph describes Paracas culture in the best taste. There is an array of myths encompassing the illustrations and which are only absorbing and so it is very important to visit this one only with a certified guide. Do a dune buggy, sand boarding and surfing without a miss. This is an interesting place to cover in 10 peculiar things to do Peru.

Floating islands around Lake Titicaca

The chimerical and apocryphal floating islands in Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia is the residence for the pre-Incan people called Uros called Lupihaques which means sons of the Sun. Dried totora reeds have been used to make the islands all by themselves. The modern Uro life does not reject technology. Amidst the mighty Andes and Bay of Puno and straddling Peru and Bolivia this handful of islands is solely made of reeds dotted within Lake Titicaca.

floating islands 10 Peculiar things to do Peru travel dejavu

Rainbow Mountains Cusco

Also known as the Vinicunca Mountain, this one is a high altitude adventure amidst the Andes and the eclectic colors of the Ausangate trek of the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu as you get acclimatised to the

rainbow mountains 10 Peculiar things to do Peru travel dejavu

altitude, rough weather and blizzards as you can likely get affected by Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).These are sandstone mountains considered to be holy mountain by the local Peruvians protecting the spirit of the spirit of the mountain. The view up there is breath taking and outlandish. This is a must do place in your list of 10 peculiar things to do Peru.

Let us summarize this write up about 10 peculiar things to do Peru. Let us know about your tips and opinions on 10 peculiar things to do Peru.

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  1. I see only 5 things out of 10! :O
    I did some of them, though, but I didn’t know about rainbow mountains near Cusco, for example. Unfortunately, I must say, because I would have loved to see them!
    On lake Titicaca instead, I spent most of the time sick in bed…

  2. I would LOVE to visit Peru. The photos are gorgeous, and I think it would be a wonderful time!

  3. Great recommendations!! Planning a trip to go to Peru to visit Macchu Picchu in the near future. I’m pinning this to keep in mind some other things to do while I’m out there. I love it!

  4. Wow this post was great! Would absolutely love to visit Peru!!!

  5. I’ve been absolutely dying to see the Rainbow Mountains! Do you have any suggestions on how to get there as a solo traveler? Are there any buses? The floating islands on Lake Titicaca look really cool too –Id love to see them!

  6. The true is that all the time we speak about Peru we just remember about Machu Picchu but in this post, we see that it is not just about it. The rainbow Mountains looks stunning and be in the floating islands with the sons of the sun should be a great class of history.

  7. The colorful mountain looks stunning. Didn’t know there were such mountains in Peru. I have always wanted to se the Nazca lines (Indiana Jones fan). Would be interesting to see the floating islands as well.

  8. The Rainbow Mountains looks pretty wild and it’s hard to believe that that is natural. They look like some sort of acid trip imagination of mountains. That Larco museum looks pretty funny. It’s hilarious that ancient erotica has survived this long and is now in a museum.

  9. Great list. Particularly the floating islands and the rainbow mountains interest me. I am going to bookmark your post, will refer back to it when I make my plan to visit Peru

  10. So much to travel, so much to wander!! But if I were to pick, I’d love to see the floating islands and the rainbow mountains first.. Sure looks (and sounds) amazing!!

  11. The colorful mountains look so out of the world. They are beautiful. The floating Islands too are fascinating me. I had never thought of visiting Peru but will surely love to Visit it someday when there is so much to see and do.

  12. Lovely suggestions to add to a Peru trip. I love the sight of that rainbow mountain… It look so gorgeous

  13. Peru has been a list for some time for those incredible rainbow mountains and the adorable llamas. The floating islands sound interesting and that they are made naturally out of dried totora reeds sounds pretty intriguing. Larco museum would be a great add on to learn about the local culture.

  14. I have visited the majority of the places in your article and Paracas was my favorite place. The wildlife there is so beautiful and undisturbed by the tourists, as they are only allowed to approach by boat. I also enjoyed getting close and learning about the communities from the floating islands on lake Titicaca.

  15. An erotica museum, now we’re talking haha.. Seriously I wanna go there and check out the displays myself. But the most impressive thing for me here is the Rainbow Mountains of Cusco, I mean, wow, it’s friggin’ amazing, almost like a painting!

  16. I want to go to Peru! Machu Pichu is actually on my bucket list! and maybe a side trip to Larco Museum (sshhh). The floating island and the Rainbow Mountain intrigue me!

  17. Larco museum and its erotic sculptures remind me of the erotic sculptures in khajuraho. Great share!

  18. Great list! Machu Pichu and that rainbow mountains in Cusco are truly wonderful. I’ve always wanted to see Machu Pichu but from the random videos I’m seeing on facebook, I was hella scared to pass through the stair of death. Is there an easy trail?

  19. I have always wanted to go to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. It just looks so awesome

  20. WHoah!! this is one lovely trip in Peru. You have been to many places.. I want to hike and see the ruins of Machu Pichu.

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