15 must try meals and grub fare in Egypt

15 must try meals grub fare in Egypt

15 must try meals grub fare in Egypt

What will you eat in the land of the Nile? Grab your gamosa which is utensil or pocket for fillings to slosh soup and scoop food. Here is a comprehensive list of 15 must try meals grub fare in Egypt. Make sure you give your tastebuds a pleasant hit of these flavors from this list of 15 must try meals grub fare in Egypt.

In Egypt pita bread is used to wrap falafel. Bread is used alongside kebab and other sauces are blended in along with it as food is scooped with it and soups are ladled with bread. Bread is the staple in Egypt as Egyptians love their bread, turnip, onions and beer as they say that none other than Egypt invented beer.

15 must try meals and grub fare in Egypt travel dejavu

Bread can be found in every possible size and shape in Egypt in the shape of churros, waffles, doughnuts pretzels et al. Interestingly, bread is used as a vessel locally termed as gamosa and as a pocket for variety of Egyptian fillings.

 15 must try meals and grub fare in Egypt travel dejavu                                                                        Kosheri – Picture courtesy : veganbellyful wordpress com

A vegetarian dish called kosheri is the national dish of Egypt which is basically oriented by non-vegetarian locals. Kosheri is basically a rice dish and it is seasoned with lentils and macaroni and is properly curdled in the tomato puree and served with caramelised onions.

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Egypt has its own share of stimulating beverages and drinks aplenty. Mint tea has myriad variations in Egypt. Egyptians prepare a welcome drink by boiling and sweetening hibiscus florets. The tangy water of tamarind and sugar are made with a twist to beat the excess heat.

Egypt has its very own list of delicatessen for food connoisseurs around the world.

  • Falafel is a tooth filling dish made of deep fried balls of cooked chick peas served with tahini made of sesame seeds and hummus is one of the most popular Egyptian dishes throughout the world.
  • Aish Merahrah is a flatbread battered out of maize flour with the seasoning of fenugreek seeds.
  • Kebda is a dish made of fried liver with multiple types of seasoning.
  • Ful Medames is a dish of mashed fava beans served with various dips.
  • Mahshi hamam is a dish made by stuffing rice and herbs in the pigeon and then it is grilled or usually roasted traditionally for a soft and succulent flesh that melts in the mouth.
  • Molokheyya is okra cooked with lots of garlic and coriander paste.

Egyptians come with a long list of desserts for their sugar cravings as they quite seem to have the sweet tooth.

  • Basbousa is a sweet cake prepared with semolina.
  • Khushaf is usually sugar water drained with the goodness of dried nuts and date palms.
  • Fakhfakina is the ultimate self-proclaimed Egyptian fruit salad.
  • Kunafa is a dessert made of cream and oodles of nuts with baked noodles.
  • Qara Asali is usually baked pumpkin which is naturally sweet.
  • Roz bil laban is a rice pudding and with an inherent smell of perfume of rose and saffron.
  • Umm Ali is a variation of raisin cake and it is soaked in milk and served hot and gooey.

Thus we summarize this list of 15 must try meals grub fare Egypt. Share your views on this list Thus we summarize this list of 15 must try meals grub fare in Egypt.

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  1. Great to see so many veggie foods on this list, I love that their national dish is vegetarian, I never knew that! Making me really want to go to Egypt now reading about all this delicious food!

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  21. Lovely cuisine of Egypt. As I am vegetarian, I get many varieties in Egyptian type of meals. Pita bread stuffed with falafel is my favorite. But Kosheri is new for me and I will now try it.

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