21 ways of doing it right in trinidad and tobago

21 ways of doing it right trinidad Tobago

 21 ways of doing it right in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a leeward coralline twin island nation in the Caribbean Sea originally inhabited by Amerindians when Christopher Columbus discovered the dual islands and named it as the Island of the Trinity. Trinidad is called as the “land of the Humming bird” and the cigar shaped Tobago derived its name from Tobago. Trinidad is 60 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide and Tobogo is around 30 kilometers and is ideally a part of the islands called Lesser Antilles. The currency of dual island Caribbean nation Trinidad and Tobago is Trinidad and Tobago dollar. Beaches at St. Giles, Little Tobago Island, Parlatuvier bay, Scarborough, Castara, Bloody Bay and Speyside are must visits. 21 ways of doing it right in Trinidad and Tobago is a comrehensive summary to crack this twin island nation. Follow 21 ways of doing it right in Trinidad and Tobago and make sure you do not miss out on a place.

Trinidadians and Tobagonians enjoy liming which they refer to as hanging out any time. Trinidad and Tobago is the “culture capital of the Caribbean” and hosts one of the most prevalent and animated Carnival Celebrations around the world and is paraphernalia in the ball party cum parade of the masqueraders. The indigenous musical forms of Soca and Calypso and the musical instrument of Premier steel pan is its unique selling point. The Creole culinary traditions as it present a new world of cooking and artistry in the fest is beyond all praises showcasing its culinary legacy. Sea baths is another attraction. These activities and places relate to and fit the bill perfectly so make sure you follow this list of 21 ways of doing it right in Trinidad and Tobago to cover this Caribbean wonder.

1) Paria seascape includes bay and waterfall and features the Cathedral rock also called the Paria Arch with magnificent view of the Caribbean Coastline.

2) Originally inhabited by Buccaneers, the dirt track of Pirates bay is the colony of frigates birds in Charlotteville is ideal for snorkeling.

3) Scarborough Botanical gardens is a retreat for nature lovers with the variety of flora.

4) Tobago Forest reserve is the oldest protected forest reserve of the twin island popular for its marked hiking trails.

21 ways of doing it right in trinidad and tobago                                                                                       Photo credits : Wikimapia

5) Galera Point lighthouse also called as Toco lighthouse is the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea which features lighthouses and watch towers.

6) Argyle Falls are the highest waterfalls of Tobago at 175 feet is a triple tiered fall to Bloody Bay and Caribbean Coast.

7) Fort Milford, Crown Point is the haven of Milford located on the Old Store Bay Road is a place of cultural heritage with remnants of British canons.

8) Woodford Square, Port of Spain in the Downtown is the oldest district of the city formerly known as Brunswick square houses a late Victorian fountain on the Christopher Columbus Square.

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9) Killarney Stollmeyer’s castle is located on the western side of Queen’s Park Savannah this is a turreted house turned castle is in Scottish Baronial architectural style with brick and limestone façade is a Scottish styled castle is first of the Magnificent seven.

10) Fort George which is the fortification is a colonial establishment of complex style with views of Port of Spain and Gulf of Paria nearing St. James with cannons and dungeons and quaint signal station.

21 ways of doing it right in trinidad and tobago                                                                                         Photo credits : Wikimapia

11) San Fernando Hill which initially with protruding petaloid Celtic carvings and constructed by quarrying and gravel mining this summit provides an exclusive view of the suburbs and the Gulf of Paria.

12) Store bay Tobago is a scenic beach is the most popular beach of Tobago and Trinidad in the Crown Point area with full-time lifeguards on duty as you go around Buccoo Reef, Pigeon Point and Nylon Pool on a boat ride amidst the coral reef or snorkelling. Pelau which is a meat and rice dish, bake and shark and crab and dumplings are must eats.

13) Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge –  This nature resort is a bird watching spot with natural history tours located in Spring Hill Estate with a tropical rainforest and climax forests against the backdrop of Northern Range Mountains with the sights of tropical species of humming birds, manakins, trogons, toucans, honeycreepers, tanagers and bearded bells.

14) La Brea Pitch lake attracts visitors for its natural sulphur properties which happen to have therapeutic qualities and has in it the “fountain of the youth”.

15) The Emperor Valley Zoo – This zoo got its name from the Emperor Butterfly in the north of Queen’s Park Savannah and West of Botanic Gardens in the Port of Spain is the main zoo of the island of the Caribbean.

16) Yerette humming bird Sanctuary is the home of the Hummingbird as Yerette is the Amerindian for hummingbird.

21 ways of doing it right in trinidad and tobago

17) Pigeon Point Beach is the heritage park is a 125 acre nature reserve and has a world famous thatch-roofed jetty with unspoiled powdery white sand, protected turquoise blue waters called the Nylon Pool with coral reef and tranquil aquamarine waters is the signature description of this island. Pigeon Point road is lined with fishing huts, cabanas and with kiosks selling calabashes trinkets.

18) National Museum and Art Gallery formerly known as “Royal Victoria Institute” is the classic national Dutch styled museum of Trinidad and Tobago on Frederick Street with the collection, preservation and interpretation material culture of human and natural heritage with over 10,000 depictions, exhibits, pieces and artefacts. Cazabon’s collection requires a special mention.

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19) Englishman’s Bay is a secluded crescent shaped golden sand beach with marine life nestled in emerald waters. Snorkelling in the coral reef and in the midst of tropical fish is the main attraction of this off beat virtually deserted tropical beach with large breakers. It is a parking bay and a spot for anchorage for yachts and nesting ground for leatherback turtles and is surely spoilt for choice for laid back travelers.

20) Maracas Beach is protected by a Bay and is the home to bake and shark huts which is basically a native flat baked bun dish with deep fried shark filets with pepper, tamarind and garlic sauces and cow heel soup. Maracas Bay and the lookout point in the Port of Spain stretching from Northern Range gives an entire view of Trinidad’s all the popular beaches from the top. Prunes and red julienned mangoes is a must eat. Buss-up shut is local bread torn in small bits.

21) Queen Park’s Savannah is a park commonly known as the Savannah or the Paradise estate and the natural heritage site of the island is the largest open space and the most exclusive and highly cherished residential area of townsfolk in Port of Spain with surrounding Queen’s Hall and Royal Botanic Gardens being the main headquarters hosting horse races, Carnival, Calypso Monarch, Steelpan competition for the pannists all around the world in the Grand Stand. Alongside it is the location of Magnificent Seven houses. It is the largest “troundabout” in the world.

Thus is the entire productive summary of  21 ways of doing it right in Trinidad and Tobago. make sure you share your opinions on 21 ways of doing it right in Trinidad and Tobago.

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  1. I have some friends from Trinidad and I have always heard great things about it! These photos make me want to go even more!

  2. Caribbean Island is nothing less the paradise on earth. Loved all the details about the tourist place. Live the beaches especially Pigeon point beach.

  3. So glad you post this. I’ve been wanting to go but have heard it was pretty dangerous right now. Were you at all worried about crime?

  4. I think I’d have to visit Maracas Beach just to try the shark fillets! Where I’m from, we don’t have that kind of availability and I’d try just about anything once. I am interested in the Creole culinary styles… are there any local places that offer Creole cooking classes?

  5. What a gorgeous location. I am adding this to my bucket list to travel to.

  6. Trinidad and Tobago is on my list of places to visit ever since I’ve met the tourism board team at the World Travel Market last year. I even took part in a limbo dance fun competition at their stand. I’d love to get to see with my own eyes the beauty of the crystal clear waters and perfect golden sand of the beaches. Pigeon Point Beach looks like a perfect place to just relax on the beach or snorkel to see the corals and the sea life.

  7. What a list, I didn’t know there was so much to do there apart from the beautiful beaches.

  8. You really got me excited there! I must convince my wife to visit T&B very soon 🙂

  9. I have a very good friend from Trinidad. She plays the steel drums. Thank you for this post and sharing more photos so I can see more of her homeland.

  10. Such an awesome read! A friend from college’s whole family is from Trinidad, so it was cool to read about where her family is from. The pictures in your post are beautiful!

  11. What a great list of things to do in such beautiful place. I have been lusting over the pictures of the islands since long long time, wish it was very close to India so that I could plan a quick trip here. The Pigeon Point beach sounds like a perfect place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean island.

  12. The islands are gorgeous and it sounds like there’s so many things to do and see. I’d love to see the Scarborough Botanical gardens and the Argyle falls

  13. I’ve been to quite a few Caribbean islands and also am married to an islander, but we haven’t made it down to T&T yet. It’s in the works and this list gives us a lot of good choices of things to see or do!

  14. This sounds like such an amazing getaway to have! I would love to visit some days and check out these beaches.

  15. Ohhh you just made me daydream! I would love to visit those places, I just never thought about it, you know? We always think about the common places like Paris, London, New York… It’s time we get to know other cultures!

  16. You took some awesome shots here! I’d love to visit someday 🙂

  17. I am actually overwhelmed by the number of things that we can do on the islands. The place just looks so good. It is a great list!

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  19. I’ve always wanted to go to the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago sound like the perfect places to escape for beautiful waters.

  20. Oh I love it. SO many amazing things to see and do in Trinidad and Tobago. I always regret never seeing more than the airport when I was on my way to Guyana

  21. Sue Tanya McHorgh : August 9, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    I love travelling but i have never been to Trinidad before. I’ve heard good things about trinidad and i really appreciate this list. Thank you.

  22. There is pretty much nothing on this list that I don’t want to see. LOL! Looks like a trip might be in order. I want to hang out on the beaches and explore the castles. I want to see the zoo and the bird sanctuary before exploring Argyle Falls. And I think Fort George is a must. So much to do!! Pinned. 🙂

  23. The Caribbean is the best place for a vacation. I tell everyone that I know that. This looks like a really relaxing way to spend the summer, lounging on a beach. Wish I was there!

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  25. I have always wanted to go here! I didn’t realize there were so many more things to do than just soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches! I would love the check out the parks and the nature center too!

  26. I didn’t know much about this place before reading this post. Fort George sounds interesting. Pigeon Point Beach seems like a gorgeous beach also Englishman’s bay. I hope I get to visit Trinidad and Tobago once in my life.

  27. If this is the culture capital of the Caribbean, I’m there! I’m not a huge beach person, so I always want to find something extra than lounging and it looks like I’ve found it! I also love waterfalls so Argyle Falls would be one of the top places that I would love to visit. I’m a sucker for waterfalls.

  28. I really need to visit Tribidad and Tobago! your post make me want to go!

  29. I love a good detailed travel guide and this was definitely one! I need to add this to my travel list!

  30. What a beautiful place! I would love to travel more and this is at the top of my list!

  31. Trinada & Tobago looks like such a beautiful place! Sign me up for the La Brea Pitch Lake hahaa

  32. I have a couple of friends who are from Trinidad and visits twice a year. I am always asked to go. I think the next time I will say Yes!


  33. Sandy N Vyjay : August 10, 2017 at 2:37 am

    Trinidad & Tobago really are great places to imbibe the spirit of the Caribbean. The vast natural beauty, forests and hikes is what appeals to me the most. Have not been to the Caribbean yet, but the haunting Caribbean spirit is calling and hope to get to Trinidad some day.

  34. I have THREE close friends from Trinidad and Tobago so its a high priority (just gotta work on that beach bod a bit more!) Writing down La Brea Pitch Lake because I’m into the therapeutic power of natural spas and also the hummingbird sanctuary. Hummingbirds are so fascinating to see in person!

  35. That’s a whole lot of places I can visit if I fly there! I haven’t been to Trinidad and Tobago so it’s a useful guide to start with~

  36. Truly, this is a great ways of spending my time in Trinidad and Tobago. I would truly love to experience each exciting stuff in this place. I haven’t been here actually and would love to traipse my feet here and amble around as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and will surely bear this in mind for future reference.

  37. Looks like paradise! Has always been on my bucket list, but think it was just moved up. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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    Oh, my god! This is paradise! How absolutely beautiful! I must travel here.

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  42. Trinidad is such a gorgeous place! My family lived there for a short time and loved it!

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