3 Most popular food fests for foodies

3 most popular food fests for foodies

3 Most popular food fests for foodies


Here is a low down of top three food festivals around the world. 3 most popular food fests for foodies covers the top level food fests around the world using food as its central theme. Food fests are all about celebrating food to its best. Food is of the essence but the way they are celebrated is quite a different story. Good food is all about the rite of passage and a global walkabout around food is all about planning your itinerary only and only around food. Here are top 3 Most popular food fests for foodies that would please food patrons. Foodgraphy is for an instance a series on food.

3 most popular food fests for foodies covers the food capitals in the food circuit and neighborhood of the foodie’s dream. 3 most popular food fests for foodies covers the food tasting events for the ones that live for the ultimate love for food.

3 most popular food fests for foodies has the best food fests in the kitty ranging from different nations hosting the festivals and serving the food lovers in burger fest, rib fest, pizza fest, baking, wine tasting, dimsum tasting, chocolate tasting, et alia and others straight from the award winning restaurants and favorite chefs.

La Tomatina is towards the end of week-long festivities for patron saint of Bunol and it’s totally worth it. It happens in the last Wednesday of August. Well you know when they say that the best is reserved for the last. It is all about hurling the tomatoes only after squashing them as you have the bounty of it 1,25,000 to be approx. It takes place in the town hall of Bunol and the number of revelers that can take part have been reduced to 20k this year out of which 5k will be the natives of Spain. It is always advisable to book tickets in advance for its popularity.

The Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has been started to replicate around the world for its popularity right from Asia to America. Oktoberfest is all about celebrating beer and is a 16-day long fest held at Munich, Bavaria in Germany. It is held at Theresienwiese near the Munich centre. It happens from late September to the first week in October. It is the most famous event of Germany for it attracts 6 million travellers and beer connoisseurs.

3 most popular food fests for foodies

Beer remains the central highlight as other delicacies such as Hendl which is a chicken preparation, Schweinebraten made of roast pork,  Wurstl sausage, Steckerlfisch which is a grilled fish on a stick along with spiced cheese butter spread called Obatzda and Knodel which are potato pancakes are a must try.

Maslenitsa Pancake Festival

Maslenitsa Pancake Festival is celebrated throughout Russia and Moscow is the main venue. It happens during the last week before Great Lent usually between February and March annually. The only surviving pagan festival Lent of Russia celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring begins on a culinary note and is very much akin to Mardi Gras. The word Maslenitsa means butter in Russian language as is the key ingredient in the Russian Bliny or pancakes.

3 most popular food fests for foodies

Meat is forbidden for the Russians during this week. In this last week before Great Lent eggs, milk, cheese and dairy are used to their maximum and is officially called “Crepe Week” or “Cheese fare week.”  Bliny or crepes as Russians call it and as we know it by pancakes but these are only the very sleek and outsized ones. Blini resemble crepes and pancakes and are cooked on a griddle with filling placed inside. Russian Blini is compared to the sun for its similarity to its appearance as it symbolises life and celebration of it and are eaten accompanied with assortments of butter and jam and are even topped with caviar.

Salon Du Chocolat Fest

Salon Du Chocolat Fest is all for the chocoholics that exist around the world. This is a five day fest and dedicated to all things chocolate that happens in the city of lights, Paris at Porte de Versailles and will be back with its 23rd edition this year from October 28 to November 1 2017. It features the best in the chocolate industry which is over 220 chocolatiers, pastry chefs and confectioners with open showpieces to the visitors. This is not just a chocolate market place but is also a fiesta that celebrates fashion but only in the chocolatiest terms.

3 most popular food fests for foodiesImage Credits: Hotelsclubblog

The fashion show has models who wear creations only and only made out of chocolate. It is all for those who share a common passion for chocolates. It is multiplying the know-how and expertise in chocolate by the chocolate whiz. It is a tell-all event that provides the best evidence about growing cocoa beans, producing chocolate drinks, candies and everything that goes into the making of anything that has chocolate as the key ingredient in it. It has to date drawn around 6 million chocolate aficionados worldwide from the nations of Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, The UK, USA, Japan, Russia, China, Germany, Egypt, South Korea, Brazil and of course the people of Paris.

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