5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go to places in the world

5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world

5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world

Travel is also about finding the hidden treasures some of which you can access easily and some that are forbidden for your entrance but that does not have to come with trespassing or breaking the rules to get access. Here is an exhaustive list of 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world. So lets do a go through with this list of 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world.

The Svalbard Global Seed vault

The Svalbard global seed vault against the accidental loss of heterogeneity of the traditional gene banks against any global catastrophe. Vault seed samples are copies of samples stored in the depositing gene banks. This is the world’s most highly secured and vigorously guarded seed bank.

the svalbard global seed vault 5 no go places in the world travel dejavu

It is located inside the sandstone mountain of the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. Genetically modified seeds are not stored in the vault as per the request of the Norwegian Government. The site remains dry and the seeds safe as it is quite above at from the sea level. No tectonic activity has rocked the location of the island yet. The preservation boosting glacier ensures safety to the crop seeds even if global warming melts ice caps. This should be your first priority in the list of 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault is New Age Noah’s Ark. It safeguards 890,886 seed samples and holds back-up seeds from 1,700 other gene banks. This seed bank is a gene bank build to protect rare or threatened species, preserve historic or cultural values and serve as a reserve in the event of a disaster. The temperature is maintained at -18°C. The vault is located on a mountain near Longyearbyen on Svalbard Islands, 130m above current sea level and has a capacity of 2 billion seeds.

The vault is a natural deep freeze and stores the world’s gene banks in case of disasters ranging from nuclear war to global warming.

Ni’ihau, Hawaii

Hawaiian is the primary language of this seventh largest inhabited island in Hawaii. It is commonly known as “the Forbidden isle” as it is generally off-limits to all unless you are an invited guest or a government official or a diplomat.

niihau hawaii forbidden island 5 no go places in the world travel dejavu                                                                                     Photo credits: Angel Concierge . com

The inhabitants of this island carry the highest blood line in the Hawaiian islands. Private ownership is passed on to the descendants of the inhabitant of the island. It is the smallest inhabited 180 sq km Hawaiian island. It has 130 inhabitants who live rent-free.

The Vatican Secret Archives

It is the paramount of clandestine and off the record treasury vault of the stockpile of all Sovereign Popes dating back since the ancient times. The Sovereign of the state of the Holy See of the State of the Vatican city has the primeval proprietorship of the possessions of the information center of the treasury.

The credentials and the compilations of the archive are kept in latch by the word of honor. Scholars have limited access as it remains closed for the outsiders. The secret archives are the pope’s personal property as materials remains truly secret and prohibited for outside viewing. Doing this place has to be inevitable in your list of 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places.

Royal Air Force. Menwith Hill, England 

RAF Menwith hill is the Royal Air force station and non civil base in North Yorkshire, England.  It extensively houses world’s most superlative electronic monitoring station in the world. It is the ultimate provider of data bank of communications and intelligence support services to the United Kingdom and The United States of America.

royal air force menwith hill england 5 no go places in the world travel dejavu                                                                                     Photo credits: strips . com

The location has the capacity for an unrestricted satellite ground station and is a hub for intelligence-gathering by interception of signals that deciphers encrypted messages and a far-flung missile warning site. It was originally established to eavesdrop on USSR’s Cold War Chatter. It works alongside surveillance programs and collection and analysis network enforced on behalf of the five testifying nations known as the Five eyes. It keeps tabs on international terrorist perpetration and drug dealing. This place is the hub of secret treasure so do not skip this one in your list of 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world.

Area 51, Nevada, United States Air Force facility

Commonly known as Area 51, this undeclared secret facility is a remote detachment of United states Air Force installation in Southern California. The airspace area which is designated for operations which are usually of a military nature, warning and alert areas, areas for national security and restricted and prohibited airspace around the field and testing of new-age aircrafts. The airfield is known for involving for keeping highly-classified secrets of the state.

The CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of the base as it officially got its name since Vietnam War in the documents of CIA. The prime intent of the base is publicly unidentified. However based on what empirical evidence says it backs and reinforces testing of research aircraft and aerospace technologies to effectuate scientific studies and highly classified weapons systems unacknowledged publicly. The intensified confidentiality encompassing the base makes it susceptible to reiterated derogatory hypotheses of discrete conspiracy theories and a decisive spot for dismembering unidentified flying object and exterminated alien airships.

Thus we summarise these 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world. Let us know about your opinions on these 5 alchemistic entry blockaded no go places in the world.

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  1. This is so interesting, I think the most interesting one is that island in Hawaii! Totally never heard of me and is intriguing me lots now!

  2. Love this list. You can actually visit Ni’ihau via helicopter although it’s quite expensive . I personally haven’t done this and I’m not sure if I would since it doesn’t appear that you can have interaction with the locals (and it sounds like they may not want that interaction anyway).

    You can also get somewhat close to Area 51 and there are a lot of funky alien signs in the nearby town.

  3. Very interesting post, I felt like I was watching a documentary.

  4. Wow that is a cool topic! Especially the hawai island seems like an hidden gem. The photos are great

  5. This is list is interesting and fascinating, I think the only one I know is the Area 51. The most interesting for me is definitely the Svalbard Global Seed vault. Amazing how someone was able to think of such a vault for the future. The one in Hawaii also piqued my interest, I hope I get to be invited there someday. :p

  6. I live 45 minutes from RAF Menwith hill, I instantly recognized it! We often describe it as the big golf balls or large golf balls as that’s what it resembles. A place you missed as being entry blockaded is the Coca Cola recipe in Atlanta Georgia.

  7. I live 45 minutes from RAF Menwith hill, I instantly recognized it! We often describe it as the big golf balls or large golf balls as that’s what it resembles. A place which would make a nice addition to this list is the Coca Cola recipe in Atlanta Georgia.

  8. Very cool! I knew of a few of these places but not all of them. There is so much that goes on that we don’t know about in the world. I can’t imagine having a job at one of these places and the information that those people are privy to.

  9. Wow, that is certainly some list and we can only wonder what happens in some of those places. I loved the forward-thinking nature of the vault in Norway, very smart indeed. It would be so great to visit the island in Hawaii but I do understand why it is off-limits and I respect that.

  10. Really nice article. I love learning about secret and off-limits places like this! I always wondered what goes on in Area 51..probably everyone does lol. And I’ve heard about a Hawaiian island that was limited; now I know which it is. The seed vault was a very good idea. Hopefully we’ll never need it, but you never know in this world today.

  11. Other than Area 51 and RAF Menwith Hill I’d never even heard of any of these! And in fact I’m surprised there’s a blockade on Menwith Hill as I always thought you could get pretty close. I think Ni’ihau is the most interesting of the lot, as it’s not just a facility but an actual inhabited island.

  12. How fascinating! I never knew about the Hawaiian island and I guess that’s because I don’t know anyone to get a personal invitation in the highest ranks! Area 51 I had heard of and knew of its significance. The Vatican’s secret archives certainly makes me curious! Very interesting list indeed.

  13. This is so interesting! I would love to be able to see the seed vault. It would be such a fascinating experience to see the millions of seeds that are kept safely here. It is also so fascinating to learn more of the island in Hawaii. I mean I knew there was one you couldn’t visit, but I didn’t know much more than that. Now to find someone to invite me there! I can imagine how beautiful this place would be!

  14. This is such a cool list! I had no idea that there were so many places that were off limits. That island sounds absolutely fascinating! So these people spend their whole lives only interacting with the same 130 people? Sounds crazy to me but it must be such an interesting culture.

  15. I was not aware of most of these top secret places besides Area 51, which honestly I thought may be a fallacy as well. I am interested in knowing about the “forbidden isle” in Hawaii, Ni’ihau. It’s neat that at least one Hawaiian island can remain a little more authentic to the Hawaiian lifestyle. Thanks for the interesting post!

  16. Wow so cool and interesting! I didn’t know about any of these places. I am going to go google more about the Hawaiian island now, really interested in that!

  17. Honestly, I didnt know about 4 out of the 5 places..the only place I knew of was the seed vault. Interesting to know about the Vatican archives…I wonder whats written in them? Such places spike the naughty girl in me and I want to peep into all these boundaries!

  18. Awesome. I was not aware about that Hawaii Island and seed vault. But its a very good share. awesome.

  19. Cherene Saradar : June 7, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    This was so interesting! Love learning this stuff. I’m dying to get into those Vatican archives!!!

  20. Wow such an interesting post! Like the others have said, the Hawaii one surprised me, this is really cool and a good insight of some of these places that have little secrets tucked away. The Svalbard Vault was a cool little read as well! Great post 🙂

  21. Crazy stuff in this post! I didn’t know about half of these!!

  22. At first I wasn’t sure what your post was about! The title was too clever for me. XDD But no, these are some fascinating places on this list. I am particularly intrigued by that island in Hawaii, and I have been for a while. Perhaps someday I will visit and learn more about the mystery.

  23. Naturally, I haven’t heard of any of these places haha but I guess that’s partially the point since they’re all blockaded anyway! I had NO idea that there was an entire Hawaiian island that’s off-limits. Really fascinating post!

  24. Very interesting list if places, I’d only heard of Area 51.

  25. Woah, I had no clue about these spots before, and this post really enlightened me! Thanks so much for sharing such an important topic!

  26. This is awesome, what an interesting topic! Secretly wishing I was the descendant of a secret Hawaiian island not gonna lie. Thanks for the share

  27. I have to say, when you put all of these together it makes them look so appealing to try to visit… even though you can’t. I’ve heard of a few of these, but seriously.. right next to each other I’m like.. how can I get there as I twiddle my fingers. That Hawaiian Island looks so enticing.

  28. whoa aside from area 51 I’ve never heard of any of these. most interesting article I’ve read all day today. and a rent free island wow that’s pretty amazing

  29. This post is refreshingly different and off-beat. The places covered are all so intriguing and mysterious. What a pity that one cannot visit them. But all the same, each one of the is unique and interesting.

  30. This is cool but the problem is I want to go to them all now. Seems strange to think the seed bank is in such an inhospitable place but fascinating nevertheless

  31. I only knew the seed vault. I think there are even more secret places nobody knows about:)

  32. I never knew that there was a global seed vault but I guess it makes perfect sense. It would be fascinating to get a peek inside the Vatican’s Secret Archives. Area 51 is another place that really has me intrigued!

  33. What an interesting post! I’ve never heard of any of these places.. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  34. I knew about Area 51, but I didn’t know about the others and certainly not the one I hawaii. So intrigued by it now! Thanks for sharing!

  35. I had no idea what to expect from the title, I admit. This story really wowed me! I didn’t know about Hawaii at all. Of course, who doesn’t want an invitation now?! Thanks for sharing these destinations many of us won’t get to visit, it takes us there!

  36. Wow! What an interesting post. I had no idea about Ni’ihau, Hawaii. There is probably no chance that I would ever get invited to this island, but it leaves me wondering how one does get invited here 🙂

  37. What an interesting collection of destinations. I think the one I would be most intrigued by is the Hawaiian island. I am a huge fan of thing Hawaii after our first trip last year. It was amazing!

  38. Really interesting. When something is inaccessible, we feel all the more to attain it, isn’t it? Same is true with destinations and places to travel.

  39. Very interesting! The most intriguing to me is Area 51, as there are many references to it in movies!

  40. Very interesting there are many strange and interesting places we cant go. I really wish to explore the Vatican archives its got load of history there. I think they should at least get some replicas and put on display

  41. What an interesting and different post. I had absolutely no idea about any of these. All of these look so unique and intriguing. I am most tempted to visit the Hawaiian Island.

  42. I have always been intrigued by The Vatican Secret Archives. Would love to explore if given a chance!

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