7 Freaky Food Fests all-round-the-world

7 Freaky Food Fests all-round the world

7 Freaky Food Fests all-round the world

Food is no more a necessity. Food is innovation and so are gastronomes celebrating food by taking it to the next level. These 7 food fests around world are a must add into your food itinerary if you are an upper crust gluttonous gastronaut. Make sure you plan for at least one of these fests in your lifetime in this list of 7 Freaky Food Fests all-round the world.

Pizza Fest, Naples Italy
A hog fest at pizza village of Naples is for the pizza lovers who want to bite into a pizza slice at its place of origin. Best of the Neapolitan pizzerias with a variety of toppings is a must-have. Neapolitan pizza is made using handmade dough, mozzarella cheese and San Marzano tomatoes.

7 food fests around world travel dejavu                                                                               Photo courtesy : soeasytocook com

Bugfest, Raleigh, North Carolina
Bug stations serve everything that which is antsy and looks alike.

Frog leg festival, Fellsmere Florida
Feast on frog legs alongside the county locals and globetrotters from all around the world.

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Neighbourhood and Flea market, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Artisans, farmers, baristas, cheese makers, local breweries, local chefs prepare treats and dishes with the local harvest and fresh artisanal produce sample and dish out something delectable knick-knacks.

7 food fests around world travel dejavu                                                                          Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

Shell fish festival, Charlottetown
Have the freshest kind of seafood. Fish with anglers in the locality, net your catch by your own and learn to cook. The sea food is your oyster with only an infinite variety of oyster.

Taste of Auckland, New Zealand
Top chefs, wineries, sommeliers assemble in a fresco setting. This is a celebration of spring season with pop up stalls serving global cuisines and preparations. Maori dishes are cooked in an underground oven.

7 food fests around world travel dejavu                                                                  Taste of Auckland, New Zealand – Photo courtesy : Architecturenow

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Salon Du Chocolat, Paris
Dig your teeth into the finest French and global chocolates at the Paris Chocolate show and fraternise with designer chocolatiers. Fashion designers and Designer duos of chocolatiers present a fashion show  

7 food fests around world travel dejavu                                                                                   Photo credits : hostelsclubblog com

where models showcase the best couture of the cocoa world and international cocoa and chocolate awards are presented to international plant-holders and chocolatiers are honoured. This fest is a must do in your checklist from this list of 7 Freaky Food Fests all-round the world.

Thus we conclude this list of 7 Freaky Food Fests all-round the world. Share your opinions and views about this quirky and out-of-the-box 7 Freaky Food Fests all-round the world.

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  1. This is so interesting! The Pizza Fest in Italy is definitely calling my name!Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cool collection of food festivals! I had no idea that North Carolina (where I once lived) is home of the bug fest. That’s one food festival I’d like to skip…

  3. sounds yummy! how many festivals have you been too? I am sure it must be great. As a pizza lover, naples seems my kinda of place. A while back, I have travelled to Rome, pizza, Florence and it was amazing.

  4. The pizza fest of only napolitan pizza would be very nice… maybe afterwards going for a quick stop in paris for the choco desert? 🙂

  5. Now my favourite would be the chocolate festival – any day !

  6. The Chocolate and New Zealand one look amazing! Would love to do all but those sounds so awesome! Great list and I love your adventures!

  7. Pizza Fest in Naples? Gosh! I could live there and just eat pizza for the rest of my life! And also have desserts in Paris! These food fests are interesting. I hope there would be like these in the Philippines someday, too!

  8. Wow so interesting! I’ve never heard of many of those! Personally, I would love to check out Salon Du Chocolat and Shellfish Fest. I don’t know about Bugfest and Frog Leg Festival though…

  9. Some weren’t freaky at all in my opinion haha,I am always ready for a pizza fest! The bug festival looks also awesome!

  10. Ahhh so good, I never heard about any of them. The Pizza and chocolate one are killing me 😀 Will try if for sure!!

  11. Being a self confessed foodie, this is certainly my thing! Would def love to go to the chocolate fest in Paris!

  12. A potential travel list for sure0 travel, festivals, food, music, nothing better!

  13. I think, for all those festivals, I’d go with the Pizza festival hahaha. I am not a fan of pizza, but I don’t eat the others on the list. But pizza is great! Especially with pineapples on it. No hate please! 🙂

  14. I would lovvvveee to attend the pizza fest!

  15. I saw food and world and became instantly hooked! Those are my two favorite things. I’m definitely going to write all these places down.

  16. These food festivals are really unique and should definitely be something to experience. My favourites here would be the Pizza festival and the chocolate festival in Paris. Wow! an entire chocolate festival is something to die for !

  17. Whoahhh! Food festivals! Food has always been a great adventure whenever I visit new places and this one will be one truckload of adventure to take in..

  18. I like the frog legs festival! When I was a kid, my siblings and I always went to the rice fields to catch some frogs and we deep fried them! Yummy! I like all the festivals here! Haven’t been to any of these places tho, but sure does sound fun to me! I’m definitely trying ’em out sometime in the near future! Xx

  19. awesome food festivals but i think the best one is in Paris!!! 😮 just wow! btw i hope you can check the eggplant festival in Villasis Pangasinan 🙂 I think it is freaky to some extent 🙂

  20. I’m Italian and food is my everything….I can’t come in one of this festival I will finish everything hahah!!!

  21. Get me to Paris – A Chocolate Festival? Sounds like absolute heaven!!

    I think gluttonous gastronaut is going to be my new favourite phrase 🙂

  22. wow all around the world! Beautiful pictures and description. My favourite is Amsterdam and New Zealand.

  23. Wow so interesting I did not have any idea from the I would love to visit all but definitely Not miss the chocolate one in Paris!!!

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