7 Must download travel apps for tech friendly travels

7 Must download travel apps for tech friendly travels

These are travel related apps that gets your travel related arrangements sorted out hassle free.


AirBnB has changed everything about travel in many ways by making travel affordable. AirBnB has made stays fit into a little budget. AirBnB has a multitude of stay options with homesteads, heritage properties, apartments, villas, et alia and others.

The app has every option for all your needs. Just browse through an inventory and choose the place of stay of your own choice. AirBnB offers local experiences like farmer market tours, food and wine tasting tours, cruises, dine out options, riding and cooking classes. It lets you explore the place completely depending on your tastes and preferences.

Hostel World is the ultimate go-to app for backpackers. It is like any other hotel booking site. It has information about hostels in the place you have planned your visit on the dates of your choice. You can browse through reviews to get to know completely about the hostel you have chosen.

Happycow has the best options to look for vegetarian and vegan options. It has the exclusive database for vegetarian and vegan restaurants and spots around the world. Millennials are going green reducing their carbon foot prints. One can read the reviews and choose the food joins best suited for your food cravings and appetite.

WiFi Map has the essential information about internet. International roaming and data plans can burn a hole into your pocket. One cannot go without Internet and WiFi Map immediately comes to your rescue. It shows you all the nearby locations on the move that offer free WiFi along with passwords. You can download the maps of the city you are traveling to. It lets you browse even when you are offline till you connect to the nearest hotspot.

Splittr is the perfect for traveling with your pals as you can invite them to join. Traveling in a group and working out individual costs is cumbersome. Splittr does the math for you in the most hassle free manner. Each one traveling in the group can add expenses from their own devices and maintain their own personal records. Splittr forms a PDF file and sends each member a copy detailing their contribution.

You can split the expenses unevenly on the basis of your terms and understanding with your group. Travel expenses are also distributed unevenly and one can spend and record according to their own individual expenses. You can also use the app for any kind of group activity or adventures you have planned together with your travel pals.

LoungeBuddy tells you which airport lounge you will be able to access for free or by paying a token amount of charge. It has data for over 900 airports across the world. You just have to enter the flight details or any other memberships and credit cards. You can browse through pictures of airport lounges and decide what kind of amenities and facilities you are looking for based on your comfort.

Nafex is the out and out app for currency exchange. Nafex has the best currency exchange solutions you need. It has a virtual marketplace that connects travelers with registered currency exchanges anywhere in the world. Enter the amount you wish to buy or sell. It connects you with all the currency exchangers in the vicinity. You can decide who is offering the lowest quote and go with it. The best bit it that it has home delivery option.

Travel enthusiasts are making the most of the international destinations not limiting themselves to domestic destinations as travel bookings are booming for shot week end trips according to travel search engines with the average length of travel being seven to eight days. Findings made by the apps help travelers to better their own behaviour as well as that of the market and proper knowledge which one can use to save on future holidays. Millennials are increasingly choosing to travel on long weekends. Among the many travel trends include solo travel, glamping which is camping in luxurious settings and voluntary travel which is more about learning from experiences when one travels abroad.

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