7 must try food delights in Hong Kong

7 must try food delights hong kong

7 must try food delights Hong Kong

Ever wondered what you can have in the pearl of the orient? 

Hong Kong is the fusion of multicultural foods. These 7 must try food delights Hong Kong should be your top most choices. This is an exhaustive list of must do foods of 7 must try food delights Hong Kong. Let us talk about the 7 must try food delights Hong Kong.

Yum Cha

Yum Cha is a morning and lunch time treat which includes Chinese tea and dimsum with the locals.

7 must try food dishes in hong kong                                                                          Photo credits : shangzhenlin wordpress blog

Goodies and steamed sponge cakes are laden in little trolleys in steamer baskets. Some common Yum cha items are commonly known as:

  • Shrimp dumplings aka har gau
  • beef balls aka ow yok
  • steamed and sweet pork buns aka char siu pau
  • rice noodle rolls aka cheung fan
  • congee aka rice porridge

Milk tea

Iced milk tea with tapioca is popularly known as bubble tea. “Yuangyang” is a mixture of coffee and tea with the reasonable amount of milk. A special concoction tea called jelly tea is available in various flavours like passion and grape fruit.

7 must try food dishes in hong kong                                                                        Cheong fun, Photo credits: mummyicancook . com

Cheong Fun

Sheets of rice noodle mixture is basically bland and properly doused sweet sauce and peanut sauce are rolled in a scintillating manner and steamed and cut with scissors and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Red Bean Ice

The icy local concoction is served with shaved ice and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The hot red bean sweet soup is modified making it a great affordable thirst quencher in the menu of any tea restaurant or cha chaan teng. The azuka red beans are blended with rock sugar syrup, coconut milk and evaporated milk.

 7 must try food dishes in hong kong                                                                         Curry Fish Balls, Photo credits: WindowSeat . ph

Curry Fish balls

A specialised Hong Kong street food is served on a bamboo stick. Fish balls are deep dried and drenched in yummy and flavourful sauce.

Wonton Noodle soup

This dish is synonymous to street food is a fragrant broth served with chewy egg noodles made of soft and fresh dumplings filled with savoury part shrimp and part pork in different flavour and texture with slight variations. A different version is served in every joint in Honk Kong.

 7 must try food dishes in hong kong                                                                                   Photo credits: cphotoj . com

Egg Waffles

This is an iconic afternoon snack is soft and gooey on the inside and light an crispy on the outside. Egg batter is poured on to a griddle pan on waffles and they are served in appetising flavours of chocolate and green tea and sesame. This is an iconic dish and should be a must try in 7 must try food delights Hong Kong.

Clay pot rice is browned chicken and chicken sausages simmered in rice and garlic curdled in soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Moo Shu Pork Pancakes is a typical stir-fried dish made with pork, green onions, mushrooms, and scrambled eggs rolled into pancakes.

Thus we summarize this 7 must try food delights Hong Kong. Check each of these dishes out in your list as you try these 7 must try food delights Hong Kong.


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  1. They are mouth-watering indeed. I love the waffles with maple syrup. One of my everyday favorite also is the milk tea. The dimsum looks delicious too! I will surely take note of this when I visit Hong Kong.

  2. Everything looks scrumptious! I haven’t been to Hong Kong, but I am targeting to go there if not late this year then next year. And when I finally do I am going to try these dishes especially the red bean ice. I love red bean so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love it.

  3. It makes me crave to try Hong Kong food ASAP!I have never been to Hong Kong but I have heard that gastronomy is an adventure there!

  4. I love that “YUM CHA” has the word yum in it. Is this where we get the word yummy? Even if not, all this looks yummy for sure. Thanks for these great food tips for Hong Kong. Hopefully we’ll get to gobble up some later this year.

  5. Yummy! 🙂 makes want to eat all of these foods! 🙂

  6. Although there are very limited veg options here. They look tempting. Like the red bean ice. And I would love to try it when on a trip to hong kong

  7. This blog makes me want to stuff my mouth with egg wafels and bubble tea!

  8. Everything sounds so yummy. Good to know the names of foods to make it easier to recognize them when ordering off a menu with no pictures. Har gau and congee are my favorites! Can’t wait to try how they taste in Hong Kong as opposed to restaurants here in North America.

  9. If there were no pictures I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about 🙂 Looks and then reads yummy! Never been to Hong Kong. Guess I have to go.

  10. Thanks, this is going to be so useful when we go to Hong Kong – I find I miss out on so many good dishes when I travel to countries where I don’t understand the language or the names of the dishes!

  11. I love trying the local food when I travel, so thank you very much for the tips. The curry fish balls sounds interesting, I will certainly try them! 🙂

  12. Egg Waffles… YES! This has just made me insanely hungry! Really good insight into some awesome looking food. Love your whole blog theme too!!

  13. Miam! Everything looks delicious! Can’t believe I visited Hk and didn’t taste any of this… I’ll definitely try some of those dishes when I go back! Thanks for this great post

  14. Iced milk tea with tapioca balls is one of my most favourite drinks! Sad tho, I didn’t have any these delicacies when I was in Hongkong because my two friends didn’t want to have a taste of chinese foods hahaha maybe next time on my trip! 😀

  15. I showed this to my cousin who travels there often and she said that everything on your list is amazing!

  16. I am starving after reading your post! I want to try all of this!! Especially the noodle soup is looking sooo tasty!

  17. I am definitely going to try making Milk tea. Never heard about this though I have read some posts on local food of Hong Kong. Great post team…

  18. I love dim sum. Best I had was in Hong Kong. Love your list. I am hungry now… Wish I could have lunch there LOL.

  19. Yum Cha is definitely something I would love. I have heard that egg wafles are making it big in Europe these days, so will definitely try them when I have a chance 🙂

  20. I spent a couple of days in Hong Kong a few moths ago, but I was so sick with a cold I barely ate anything. I need to get back there again soon. I especially want to try the egg waffles.

  21. Everything looks delicious! My son would Love the egg waffles! I would have to skip over the seafood dishes though.. But it seems like there is enough selection without them!

  22. I need to bookmark this! I always say I’m going to try foods while traveling but never know what to get. Some of these sounded amazing

  23. It would probably take some time for someone like me to get used with most of these delights. It is always about getting used to new tastes when traveling. One thing is for sure, the egg waffles looks interesting. 🙂

  24. I am so glad that there are so many options for a vegetarian like me too. I would love to try the Egg waffles. Did you say green tea flavoured? Not that one though. Would love to try the Cheong fun one too. Sounds delicious.

  25. These are so unique and looks delicious. The milk tea and egg waffles especially. I will definitely be looking to try these when I go there.

  26. I feel like I always read the food articles when I’m hungry. It looks like Hong Kong has an incredibly diverse selection of specialties to choose from. What caught my eye are the egg waffles (of course), plus the Cheong Fun sounds really interesting.

  27. The egg waffles look very tempting and must try them. How do eggs match up with a chocolate topping? I’m looking forward to my next visit to Hong Kong!

  28. Nice food photos. You are never short of new food to try in HongKong. In fact I found, during my travels, there were quite a lot of choices even for vegetarians.

  29. All of the dishes in your post look so mouth watering. The milk tea and waffles sounds quite good to me. I will bookmark this post for my future visit to Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing this up.

  30. Egg Waffles?? haha I have always heard that Hong Kong has such an array of food options. I would love to go strictly to try all the food. Some of these looks great, and others not so much. I would try anything once though!

  31. This food all looks amazing! There is a fancy restaurant in Paris called Yam’tcha that is named about Yum Cha. I would personally love to try the egg waffles because I’ve never eaten one before. But I can always go for wontons or milk tea too!

  32. They all look incredible and mouth watering. Hong Kong is a food paradise. There is so much to try and so many new dishes to explore. The variety of street food itself is staggering. Would love to starte the day with some dimsums and milk tea.

  33. I am keen to try milk tea just for the sake of seeing how different it is. 🙂 The fish curry balls too interesting.

  34. Woow…The food looks so yummy and the names equally tempting. It is quite evident from this post that HK is a gastronomical paradise. I would love to try the egg waffles and the curry fish balls.

  35. Except for curry fish ball I have tried all. And they are yum. Love hong kong for its street as well as fine dinning food.

  36. We have a friend from Hong Kong and I think she said good things about the food there. Hong Kong is a destination on our bucket list. We would definitely like to go there one day and see what food we can find there.

  37. Hong Kong is really a global, cosmopolitan city. Great to see so many diverse dishes available in the city. Red Bean Ice sounds exotic and interesting. Simlarly, I am used to hot milk tea but cold milk tea is something could not imagine before.

  38. These all look yummy!! Love to try red bean ice!

  39. Every single dish in your post looks so yummy, I can’t decide which I would like to try first. I have been to Hong Kong before but I didn’t had a chance to try any of these foods. The the wonton soup and the curry balls followed by egg waffles would make a perfect lunch menu.

  40. These made me miss my HomeKong!!!

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