7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world

7 must visit old town square stopovers around world

7 must visit old town square stopovers around world

Old Towns are the most significant part of any city because of the years of history and the legacy it has laid for the future generations of a particular place. Here is a comprehensive list of 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world. A seasoned traveler has to make sure they cover these 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world.

Al Stadt, Dusseldorf

In Al Stadt locally sourced pork Schnitzel is a must try. It is usually a tender meat cutlets and served with pomme frites which is actually French fries. Al Stadt means old town in German is the historic medieval Old town. Regensburg Old town in the state of Bavaria, is a wold heritage site and the largest medieval old town North of the Alps. Regensburg Cathedral and Stone Bridge against the back drop of 

7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world travel dejavu                                                                                      Image Credits : Tripadvisor

Danube River and Goliath house induce sigh from the times that are back gone. The Old town of Stralsund houses Brick Gothic city walls with a ‘Show façade’ with Gothic cellar vaults and an opulent show of the city wealth. Renaissance and baroque buildings are a common sight and most of them are individual monument in Old town.

Old town, Prague

Czech wine burchak straight from the vineyards and alfresco in Prague takes you into the virtually untouched remnants of the picturesque Old town square of Prague which is an affair straight from 12th century in the pavements lining the square across Vltava River. The Old town of Prague is like a fable with the tower of Old Town Hall, Old New Synagogue, the possession of the Apostles, the Astronomical clock, the Calendar, Tyn Cathedral, St Nicholas Church, Kinsky palace, Prague castle, 

7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world travel dejavu

House of the Stone Bell, Storch house, the church of St. Francis, Old Town Bridge Tower, preserved ancient houses with signs in the Gothic, neo-Gothic, Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance and Romanesque architecture makes this one a memorable affair. Staromestske namesti which is the Old town square and Wenceslas square are predominantly main squares of the Bohemian Prague. The procession of the 12 Apostles is a Czechoslovakian delight. The medieval Royal Route is connection between Old town and Old town square by the way of Charles bridge.

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Old town square, Tallinn, Estonia

The town hall square of Old town is preserved in the finest possible manner dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Tallinn old town retains the oldest town hall with exquisite gargoyles in the Scandinavian Baltic region with marzipan museums and gallery as you can enrol for a marzipan workshop. Tallinn St. Mary’s Cathedral which is an evangelical Lutheran dome tower and Bell tower with poignant carillons lined by the Nun’s tower leaves a lingering feeling.

7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world travel dejavu

The old town walking tour with a guide takes you to stroll through the Estonian Hanseatic town. The façade of the Baroque parliament, Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral have the panoramic view of the Tallinn Bay. The Gothic medieval, historicist and Orthodox sacral architecture is a common sight as you walk back with souvenirs through the Danish veneers back in the time. Candied fruits and nuts, local beer and a glass of rose are a must try.

Old town, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s old town is a quaint incursion of Game of Thrones tourism. Old town walking tour centre, archaic marketplace, baroque Cathedrals, Gothic Renaissance facades, Roman catholic churches, granite tiled streets, old town walls, fortresses, monastery are a common thing in the iconic Mediterranean city of

7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world travel dejavu

“Pearl of the Adriatic”. Jesuit stairs and Church of St. Ignatius and Sveti Ivan fortress, Rector’s Palace Knezev Dvor, Church of Saint Saviour, Dominican Monastery Museum, Maritime museum are the gems of iconic Old town of Dubrovnik. Veal Steak is a must try when in Croatia. The Old Town of Croatia has also gained popularity because it is one of the filming locations of the most popular television series Game of Thrones. So make sure you make a stopover in here from this list of 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

The Swedish Old town is influenced by the archaic North German architecture, Classical and medieval Renaissance Architecture which is widely popular amongst aficionados particularly for the cellar vaults and frescoes has its roots way back to the 13th century. The visible facades of Gamla Stan has in it The great Finnish Stockholm Cathedral which is also called Storkyrkan exemplifies Swedish brick Gothic, Nobel Museum, Royal Palace with the museum of the Royal Armory, The House of nobility which is the house of knights of the Swedish nobility, The Parliament with its neoclassical and baroque revival architecture,

7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world travel dejavu

the historical centre of Stortorget big public Square is the oldest central point of the town square, the grand style street of Slottsbacken also known as Castle slope, the Riddarholmen, Stadsholmen and Helgeandsholmen islands of the Knight’ islet with the interconnecting bridges which are the must visits of the Nordic capital. Must eats are meatballs, cinnamon buns, pickled herrings, rye bread and Swedish coffee.

Sultanahmet, Istanbul

The old city of Istanbul is also called Historical Peninsula and Walled across the Galata bridge and Golden horn Bosphorus strait with the architectural ingenuousness of Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet the Blue mosque is inebriating enough to hypnotize you. The Neo-Gothic, Neo Baroque, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture is predominant in Istanbul monuments. Hagia Sophia is a Roman masterpiece

48 hours istanbul turkey travel dejavu travel blogging

was originally, a basilica, the six minarets of Sultanahmet is an enigmatic affair. The Chora Church with the phenomenal frescoes and mosaics, The Basilica Cistern, The contemporary pedestrian street from the Galata tower to Taksim Square and the walk around Theodosian walls takes you to the wide avenues of the old city and dominates the Turkish skyline. Hamams and Turkish bath are a must try. Roasted chestnuts, simit bread with sesame seeds are certainly not to be missed. Turkey Old Town has an underground and edgy vibe and so you make sure you include this one from this list 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world.

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Old town, Edinburgh Scotland

The capital city of Scotland boasts of medieval and restoration era buildings and streets as it leaves you jaded. The Royal mile starts from the Edinburgh castle, Westport, Canongate, Grassmarket, Holyrood Palace and abbey, St. Giles Cathedral, The Scottish Parliament Building, The National museum of Scotland with the lofty high rises, city walls, market streets, cathedrals, free walking tours, dungeon visits,

7 must visit old town square stopovers around the world travel dejavu

ghost trails, vintage bars, grub hubs, underground vaults, hidden passages makes the officially and legally acclaimed “Royal mile” is fabled and folkloric. The Edinburgh fest is a must visit. A dram of Scottish malt whiskey, Haggis is a sheep pluck pudding straight out of Burns supper, Irn Bru Scottish carbonated soft drink should be on the priority list. Edinburgh is a compact hilly capital in the Old Medieval Town of Scotland so make a stopover here from this list 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world.

This list of 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world is based on extensive research made by travel experts. Give your own opinions about 7 must visit old town square stopovers around world.

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  1. I love squares in old cities! So far I’ve only been to the ones in Tallinn and Stockholm, so I’ll have to check out these other ones! 🙂

  2. This is great! i love seeing different town squares, they are all so unique to the city! I’ll have to check some of these out!

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  4. I already visited Tallin, Istanbul and stockholm. I want to visit the rest of places you recommend.

  5. Dubrovnik old town is one of my favourite places ever! It’s just so gorgeous in all weathers and from all angles.

    As for the others, I’ve only been to Prague so far but have plans for Tallinn and Edinburgh at some point this year!

  6. I am yet to travel to all of these. I better get my bags packing… bookmarked

  7. Old squares in Europe are breathtaking, dreamy, and storybook-like! I loved your pictures!

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  11. Love an old town square especially if they have a christmas market. Glad prague makes the list but I think krakow should be added too. Have you ever been?

  12. I have visited three of the destinations on your list: Prague, Dubrovnik and Stockholm and honestly I can’t pick a favorite out of them. I really loved the marble covered old town of Dubrovnik but also the narrow streets from Gamla Stan and the beautiful architecture of Prague.

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  17. These old town squares are incredible! I’d love to try pork Schnitzel in Al Stadt! But I wonder when I could go 😮 If I happen to visit the place I’d refer to your helpful post!

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