A quickie tete-a-tete with Tennessee bred seasoned Airstreamer

A quickie tete-a-tete with Tennessee bred seasoned Airstreamer

He is definitely “living the dream” in the most redonkulous way with his loved ones. He definitely knows how to put the house of fire metaphorically as he knows what gets him fly through! (His Airstream!) He talks it all about detail by detail about the joys and woes of being a full time Airstream traveler. He has definitely perfected the art of “Minimalism” as he has cracked and encoded by “maximising his life by going minimal.” He talks about the trials and struggles of living the life of a dream on the move but it is not all easy peasy and sure has some rough patches. Let’s get to know about Joe as he shares his fly by night experiences on his swish and fancy G-wagon.

1) What is the story behind you and your Airstream?

We went on a trip out west and I fell in love with it! My wife came alive and my son was having so much fun, so I thought “how could I do this all the time?” That’s when I learned about RVing and how I came to know what an Airstream was!

2) Has your Airstream taken you places? Elaborate.

Yes, my Airstream has definitely taken me places! In fact, we have gotten use to only staying in a place for a max of 4 or 5 days before getting the itch to hit the road again. We absolutely love going from place to place and seeing things we have never seen before.

3) How has been your drive in your travel trailer Airstream on USA highways?

For the most part, the highways are great, but there are a few states like Louisiana and New Jersey that scare the heck out of me when I’m diving through them! The roads are just not taken care of at all there, making it a very adventurous drive.

4) Are you in love with your aluminium trailer?

Yes, we are in love with our Airstream. It has become our home. We’ve gotten use to the small living space and of course I love to photograph it!

5) Where are you based from and what are your future travel plans?

We were originally based out of Tennessee, but now we call Texas our home base. The insurance is cheaper there and I can run my small business much better from Texas. We have a unique situation where we are taking care of my mother in law, so our future largely depends on her health.

6) How has traveling in Airstream changed your life?

Living in an Airstream has forced me to keep only the things that matter in my life. There simply isn’t enough room for anything we don’t really need. It has also forced us to get out more and explore. I honestly believe if we took the 3 TVs out of it, we would get out in nature more!

7) How has been your journey like from being a first timer to seasoned Airstreamers?

When we first started, we had no idea what we were doing. It was all exciting, but also upsetting at the same time, because it’s a huge life adjustment. After about a month on the road, we got into a pattern of finding a place to camp and enjoying ourselves more. Now, I can’t imagine going back to regular life in a city, but I’m sure someday we will have to get back to it.

8) On a funny note, do you always stay in RV areas and do you ever make reservations?

We don’t always stay in RV areas. Many times we like to boondock, which is basically being out in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or hookups. I was a little nervous the first time I ever tried it, but now it’s a wonderful experience to have no one else around you in the middle of a park! Of course, we do like our hook ups and our Netflix, so we can’t always boondock 😉

9) Is being an Airstreamer a new way to lifestyle?

It is definitely a new way to live your life. It’s freeing and you learn a lot about yourself. You learn what you need and what you don’t. You find out real quick if this is the lifestyle for you. You learn how to fix things, because the one constant on the road is, something is going to break and you have to figure out how to get it back working.

10) What is a normal day like in an Airstream?

A normal day is trying to get up early and quiet to get my coffee. My son always gets up shortly after I do, so I normally include him in my bible study. Then we play, try to find some cartoons he can watch, and then head out to whatever adventure awaits us. When we get back, we normally check our social media, see if we’ve sold any prints and then get ready for bed. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a wonderful way to live if you can adjust.

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