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How do you manage to get the hitchhiker’s ride: lift? 

I had just arrived at the entrance to the tea plantation and as I started to walk up, the storm hit. It was raining quite heavily and a car driving up the small road pulled over and kindly asked me if I would like a ride up. Otherwise I had intended to walk all the way there in the rain. That would of been very very tough! 

andrew mciovr hiking travel dejavuian travel dejavu travel blogging

How do hikers manage to keep up with the untimely and crazy weather patterns?

Generally, any hike I have gone on I will check the weather conditions before hand. However it is always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. Carrying an emergency poncho with an emergency blanket and a pair of dry socks even on a day hike will be a great back up if the weather turns bad, if you are suddenly cold or your feet are wet from water or sweat. In the alpine, weather conditions can change quickly and in winter can change every few minutes. The key is to be prepared for the worst and not go to places in bad weather where you do not know the terrain that well. 

Did you ever have to face the need of attending a cramp and leech relieving activity?

When I was on one multi day snowshoeing trek leg cramps were quite a concern when you were breaking trail in metre deep snow. Proper hydration and frequent breaks helped keep exhaustion down and cramps minimal. During the nights at camp, proper stretching and hydration before sleep helped reduce any cramps that might of occurred while sitting down. You can add electrolyte packs to water (ie, gatorade) which will help restore the electrolytes lost while you are hiking. 

How is hiking different from other forms of travel?

Hiking is just very slow. haha. But at that reduced speed you really get to take in your surroundings and to me is a very rewarding mode of transportation. It also gives you access to many areas of the world that typically cannot be reached any other way. Good luck ever getting to the top of Everest in your family car! 

andrew mcivor hiking travel dejavuian travel dejavu travel blogging

Till now, what has been the best experience you have had while hiking?

Hiking to the top of Mount Fansipan in northern Vietnam was a great experience. We did it in a day hike and started at 5am. We gained about 3000 meters elevation in about 12 hours of hiking and was completely exhausted at the end. But sitting there, above the clouds looking down on the world was a feeling I will never forget. 

Which are the best places to go for hiking around the world?

Vancouver, Canada has plenty of good day and multi day hikes that are for all levels of fitness. Scotland has plenty to see in the highlands are their laws are very relaxed for roaming and wild camping. Lastly, the Dolomites in Italy are great with many huts scattered throughout that offer beds and food while you hike from cabin to cabin.  

What place do you day dream to hike at?

My dream place to hike would be through the many old trails in the Himalayas. However my dream locally in Vancouver are the Tantalus range and Mount Waddington in coastal British Columbia.

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