A visual guide to Supermoon and Full moon travels

visual guide to Supermoon and Full moon travels

Full moon destinations are the usual suspects that will be trending in 2k17 with the phenomenon of “Super Moon” getting evidently popular in the past year. There has been only an upsurge of dedicated moon stalkers on Instagram who are moonstruck enough to take an illuminated escape to have the most perfect shot against the giant wonder. The lunar phase cycle phenomenon brings into fruition the full moon night in the bathing glow of the moon light.

Spotless moony vacations and lunar nights should have the most important ingredient of a clear sky. The Taj Mahal which happens to feature in the Seven Wonders of the World changes its colors during full moon nights as it blends with and complements with the flaky white glow of the full moon.

There are many activities that can be undertaken on one such full moon nights. “Power Spots” activate on full moon nights and Taj Mahal being one spot is the most viable for silent meditation. Lunar carousals and full moon parties are certainly not affairs that should go missed and unattended.

Safety tip: Avoid getting into biking activities. Full Moon and Supermoon makes biking more dangerous. Fatalities are higher on Supermoon nights when the full moon is 30% brighter than usual. It might be due to the bikers misjudging their speed under the extra light of the moon. It could also be that a spectacular moon distracts bikers more.

The Full Moon party began on Koh Phangan island in Thailand. Koh Phangan is a party paradise on full moon and half moon nights. Had Rin beach does an all night beach party for revellers and party goers from around the world. The biggest highlight is the ‘rope of fire.’ The bucket drinks and fire tricks are also famous. Bangkok and Phuket are also big on roping.

Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Cook islands and Tahiti also conduct private full moon parties and private Catamaran cruises.

Get your share your moonshine with these full moon and Supermoon destinations.

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