About us


Who are we?

Travel Dejavu is a hub of bona fide community of travelers around the wandering plane called Earth. It's a way out for releasing endless stories of millennials who are playing the part of a traveler in the story called life delineating their own versions of the big apple, meridian, vortex, ecliptic, et al.

Relationship between you and us

If we are the directions, you are the magnetic compass.
If we are the oceans, you are the mighty ships.
If we are the runway, you are the airplanes.
If we are the galaxy, you are the gravity.
Let's not talk about who we are. Let's talk abut who we are when we are together.
We are not individuals,we are a community of infinite energies and our goal is to discover the powerhouse of potentials of every soul that lives for Travel
All our experiences are ground breaking and we can knockout every damn obstacle that comes in our way if we keep doing what we love the most:
Our hearts beat for travel for travel is our religion.
Travel makes us feel powerful. Everything else is powerless.
We ain't Prosaic for we are here to prosper. Together.
Sooner or later we are all going to reach our destination but till then let's be a part of this journey
This powerful journey of
Travel Dejavu

Are you a travel junkie? Share with us your exciting travel stories, the most unforgettable ones and also the ones that are worth forgetting 🙂

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