An advanced guide to Black Forest Germany

an advanced guide to black forest germany

Advanced guide to Black Forest Germany


Black Forest is a detour from the usual tourist map to Germany and getting chanced upon the otherwise stickler for time European sojourns that globetrotters get into. Black forest is one of the best known holiday regions in Germany. Black Forest is timeless and is an absolute travel back in time. Black Forest is a masterpiece with its one of a kind metropolis and fairy tale vibe. Black Forest Germany has been quite a thing in the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales where Hansel and Gretel encountered the wicked witch or Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf lurked around. The Black Forest is a mountainous region in southwest Germany bordering France and is an essential part of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

An advanced guide to Black Forest Germany has it that Black Forest Railway or Schwarzwaldbahn is located in Baden-Wruttemberg. 

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Be it the Pied Piper of Hamelin or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Singing Springing Lark or Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel Tower everyone was here. It is part of the state of Baden-Wruttemburg. Black Forest is 150 miles in length and 50 miles in width. Black Forest is crowded from June to August. The best time to be there is early fall or late spring. Make a base in either Baden-Baden or Freiburg. Freiburg is the largest town in the Black Forest Germany with Gothic facades and structures surrounded by vineyards and is a vital part of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany. 

Baden Baden in the Black Forest is in the north west Black Forest 40 km south of Karlsruhe Autobahn is an ideal base for exploring the Black Forest nestled at the foot of the Black Forest Germany and has to be included in advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

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The entire forested area of Black Forest is covered with the kind of flora that it does not let even the sun penetrate through its vast expanse and sunshade canopy and so is named Schwarzwald in German. The closest airports are Frankfurt international Airport, Straborg Airport from France, Alsace and Basel, Switzerland.

A train from Salzburg to Stuttgart is also one of the best options to explore Black Forest Germany and is an essential part of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

German railways with Black Forest Railway or Schwarzwaldbahn and Hollental Railway and autobahns also take you through this region. The mapped out Autobahn theme routes  are the Valley Road, the Spa Road, the Baden Wine Road, the Asparagus Road and the Clock Road. Cuckoo-clock, woodwork, forestry, logging and timber making around here gives a commercial edge to Black Forest Germany.

The Black Forest Railway is a twin track and electrified railway line in Baden Württemberg a principal part of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

The Black Forest Railway or Badische Schwarzwaldbahn passes through the most scenic parts of Germany and is a prime module of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

An advanced guide to Black Forest Germany has it that inter rail passes valid for Germany are valid on all Black Forest lines.

Private guided tours and self-guided travel guide tours driving tours with pre-arranged stops, Culinary tours are the regional mainstays in here. This region is replete with minor ski and lakeside resort towns and spa resorts too. A tourist travel pass makes your travel all the more easy.

From Freiburg or Offenburg or Breisach or Europa Park or Zurich or Basel Black Forest is the most accessible. The Black Forest Germany is listed as one of Germany’s most accessible from the routes with trekking starting points and ski lifts into hiking and nature exploration from Zimmerman, Feldberg, Hausach and Belchen and is critical to advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

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The best of Black Forest are Beer gardens, coach parties, outdoor swimming, cuckoo-clocks, castles, highlands, wineries, breweries and wine cellars with the best vintage wines, swish spa towns and the dark evergreen forest. Black Forest covers Schnapps fountains, Romantic Road, Rhine River Valley, Black forest trail also runs along the Santiago de Compostela. It extends from Pforzheim to Waldshut to Rhine valley to Neckar and Danube valleys. The northern Black Forest reaches its highest point in the Hornisgrinde at 1,166 meters and is a quintessential part of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

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Gourmet offerings in the Black Forest region called Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte are on another level because they take you the next level of feasting. The typical Black Forest Cake made with local cherry schnapps called Kirschwasser in German. Black forest gateau, Cherry gateaux, Sour Cherry Brandy, Chocolate Sponge Cake with whipped cream and cherries and cheesecakes are must eats. Schwarzwald ham and asparagus is also a must eat. The smokehouse of Hermann Wein in Musbach is renowned for its black forest ham and should be visited once. The Badens Schlemmerstrasse or the gourmet route will get you hooked. Britzingen in the wine districts along the Rhein easily within the reach of the Black Forest and is a great to-do hotspot in advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

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Black forest traditional dress museum showcases the well-crafted traditional and heirloom lifestyle articles of this region. It has also well preserved Capuchin Monastery from the Baroque era in the entire South Germany. People clad in Pom Pom hats called Bollenhut and garb as they are classified as the oldest Black Forest costumes with the like of the communities as Gutach, Wolfach-Kirnbach and Hornberg-Reichenbach.

The farmer’s market is replete with local farmers and artisans. The farm fresh strawberries are like a must try thing. Locally distilled fruit brandy around in here is a must try. Cheese cakes with fresh berries and cherries are surely not to give it a miss. Pork dishes and preparations and the very basic kafee und kuchen which is coffee and cake in Gasthaus Restaurants and bistros are also must dos. Furtwangen is One Black Forest Town is the Germany’s secret capital with restaurants awarded with up to Seven Gault Millau or Michelin Stars. Buhlerhohe is the hotel that holds an international reputation.

Furtwangen im Schwarzwald in the Black Forest is 20 miles east of Freiburg with Waldschloesschen hotel on the outskirts of the spa town of Bad Herrenalb is a historic spot in advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.


Freiburg is officially called Freiburg im Breisgau. Entry point Freiburg is the capital of the Black Forest and also is acknowledged as the Sunshine Capital of Germany as it is the sunniest in Germany according to the barometric statistics and it is the most appropriate spot for sight-seeing of the granite summits, rounded peaks, valleys, forested landscapes, hilly terrains, canyons, meadows, belvederes, loughs and foothills, homey hamlets, hiking, waterfalls, brooks, moors, woods, coniferous forests, farmhouses, racecourses, villas, boutiques, alpine huts, slope side villages, mountain-biking, toboggan rides, sky lifting on roller coaster bobsleigh tracks, paragliding, sledging and Nordic walking.

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The Freiburg bachle will steal your heart as they are the water filled runnels and rills on the cobblestoned streets of the city as they are significant of city’s iconic landmarks. Freiburg Cathedral or Freiburg Minster is a 11th century medieval structure and the most distinctive and iconic landmark of the town centre of Cathedral Square above the central market square with a notable entrance threshold gateway or Altstadt Munsterplatz in Romanesque and Gothic style are must-see.

Freiburg Minster is the cathedral of Freiburg im Breisgau, southwest Germany with scaffolding and spire is apparently the most striking churches in the Black Forest with the tower of the Minster being the only Gothic church tower in Germany is a place of high rank and status in advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

The spire, gargoyles, cut stained-glass windows, high altar and triptych are its main features. The medieval wall measurements were used to measure daily merchandise and trading goods by the merchants. Schauinsland mountain in this region is a great spot.

The Schlossberg Fortified castle is a tree covered hill with funicular railway facility is on the edge of the city center. Schlossberg viewpoint dominates the enclosed triangle of Freiburg. The ruined castle of Kastelberg Waldkirch is a must see. On the footpath opposite Schwabentor, the Schlossbergbahn cable car has been recently restored. Several trails begin here including those to St Peter and Kandel begin here. Kandel Peak is the highest point in the central Black Forest.

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The lookout tower of Aussichtsturm shows the expanse of the dark hills of the Black Forest. The wind turbines of Rosskopf are a must-see. Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, Route Verte or Green Road, Bodensee and Karlsruhe are scenic routes and will leave you enchanted. Schloss palace in baroque and neoclassical style has Schlossgarten and the fountain-strewn Schlossplatz parterre are a must see. A cable car ride from the valley station at Schauinslandbahn is a must do as it is acclaimed to be Germany’s longest cable car offering gondola cabin rides and stays as one of the popular destination for holidayers.

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Belchen Mountain sunrise tours or Mephisto tour to Merkur and Staufen or the city of Goethe’s faust is all about the best of Nordic Walking in the Black Forest region. Alpirsbach will ensure you some great world acclaimed beer amidst the beer gardens and will surely live up to your expectations. The ski resorts of Todtnau with the views of the Hasenhorn and Feldberg are absolute must dos. Freiburg and Kirchazrten are the near-by spots to Todtnau. Feldberg is the highest summit in Germany outside of the Alps in Baden Wurttemberg known as Swabia. Heidelberg castle in Baden Wurttemberg is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance style with elaborate castle gardens.

Donaueschingen on the River Brigach is a quaint town and the Schloss Park is claimed to be the source of the Danube. The baroque style old town has an old town bridge along the banks of the Neckar is absolutely stunning. Altglashutten has the best homestays nearing to this area. Feldberg-Steig is one of the most popular winter destination for its cross country skiing routes. Feldbergbahn has the best ski lifts networks with the most spectacular views of the Alps in the entire Black Forest region. It also has a specific natural reserve with creatures like hens and chamois. The resort town of Baiersbronn is high end and ensures treating you to its best. The spa town of Friedrichsbad with world class spa settings is the ultimate space for relaxation. Caracalla Therme has the swimming areas and offers whirlpools, thermal spring pools, Jacuzzis and warm water waterfalls. A series of sauna cabins on the upper level are clothing-free. Calw is a quintessential Black Forest Town.

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Fastnet carnival or Fasching Karneval celebrates traditional living with some unique highlights like the Jumping of the Fools in Rottweil, International Zeltmusikfest for jazz patrons, wine fests of Weintagen and Weincost in July and August respectively, ten-day festivities of Volksfest as a part of the Fruhlingsfest is the ultimate outdoor fest that kick off as a mini Oktoberfest and Herbstfest carousel takes off in October and celebrates the best of the Black Forest.

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The wine area of Baden is one of the largest wine-growing regions of Germany and covers one-third area of the Black Forest Region. There are wine villages, vineyards, vines and farms streamlined in this area and conducting some of the best wine fests throughout summer and fall. People in this area are most hospitable with their unique accents. Wine sampling and wine tasting are a must do. Kaiserstuhl are vine decked hills and are an absolute must do. The best wine regions of the Black forest are Baden, Kraichgau, Ortenau, Breisgau, Tuniberg and Kaiserstuhl with the top-quality wines.

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Baden Baden is the haven for the revaitalising best German spas and features in the best spa destinations around the world on the Black Forest Spa Route or Schwarzwald Baderstrasse. It is officially the spa town of this region. It guarantees pampering, healing and recuperation. Alongside, it has thermal baths and therapeutic springs, neoclassical spas, champagne breakfast flights and ballooning. Iffezheim ascot races, Fruhjahrsmeeting in May, and Grosse Woche in August are some prestigious events happening in here. The top-notch spa region of Bad Herrenalb is also quite an affair to engage with and is one hour tram ride from Karlsruhe.   

Northern Black forest region is replete with sign-posted viwepoints, fingerposts, carparks, highways, marked drives and marked way routes especially in the regions of Bad Wildbad, Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, Badische Weinstrasse, Kinzig Valley and Gutach valley are the typical Black Forest Areas with tiered falls. Schwarzwaldhochstrasse is the oldest and most beautiful route in the Black Forest. Hornisgrinde is the highest point of the Northern Black Forest. Bad Wildabad is a spa town. Wildsee lake outside of the town center is a must see.

The motorway corridor through Badische Wine Road is for the north and south bound travellers and is purpose-built from Laudenbach to Weil am Rhein and serves as an alternative route from Baden Baden to Freiburg. Weingut Schloss Staufenberg in Durbach is a perfect spot for wine connoisseurs with the wine co-operative Durbacher Winzergenossenschaft with selection of well-priced local samples.

The premier European country theme parks and theme villages such as Europa Park in Rust Village is must do. Scwarzwaldhochstrasse is the Black Forest Highway to Freudenstadt. Freudenstadt has this largest market square with multiple galleried shops. Mummelsee lake is a must do. Premonstratensian abbey and Allerheiligen priory are a must do.

The folk life and settlements and cuckoo clocks have their origin from the Kinzig and Gutach valleys are part of the Black Forest valley system. The touristy towns of Alpirsbach, Triberg and Schiltach offer the best views and serve as health resorts. The clock museum of and open-air Schwarzwalder Freilichtmuseum are must dos.

Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof or Black Forest open-air museum is living-history museum of Black Forest architecture as varied structures have been reassembled to create real life drama with a roof structure and antiquities made of 40 trees.

This early-17th-century farmstead is a farming hamlet significant of Black Forest traditions recreated by thatching and panelling techniques with structures like sawmill, bakery, distillery, chapel, barn, wagons, horn sleds, granary, smithy forge shops, Rauchküchen or kitchens for smoking fish and meat and Hippenseppenhof chapel inspired by Vogsbauernhof farm. The tour gives a hands-on experience with sheep shearing to butter-making.

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The Marktplatz has clustered cuckoo clock shops and a Baroque church Wallfahrtskirche with florid ornate structures. The shopping neighborhoods near Marktplatz are Neutorstrasse which major shopping street of Breisach, Rheinstrasse and Richard-Muller-Strasse.

Southern Black Forest has Feldberg peak which stands highest at 1,493 metres. The resort towns of St Blasien, Schluchsee, Badenweiler, Silver Lake in Reinerzau and Titisee are must dos. Wutachsclucht and Schluchtensteig hiking trails with lookout points like and top views Lotenbachklamm, Schattenmuhle, Wutachmhle and Lake Schluchsee which is the largest in the Black Forest is bound to leave you spellbound with gorges from the glacial cirque Titisee waters and can be easily entered from Loffingen. Bonndorf palace in this area is a must see. Haus der Natur or the house of nature at the base of the Feldberg has a glut of varied sights.

Triberg Waterfalls or Triberger Wasserfälle located at the head of the Kinzig anf Gutach Valleys cascade at over 500 feet at the highest in Black Forest formed by the Gutach River and is worth a hike for its well posted representations. The river-valley city of St Blasien in the southeast is also a must-do.

Haus Der 1000 Uhren (House of 1,000 Clocks) has the town’s one of the colossal cuckoo clocks in the suburb side of Gremmelsbach.

Uhren Museum (Clock Museum) In the center of Furtwangen, depicts the evolution of Black forest clocks and timepiecesrom cuckoo clocks, church clock contraptions and kinetic wristwatches.

Weil Der Stadt is an imperial city with well-preserved city walls, fortifications, turrets, gargoyles and gables.

Weinbaumuseum (Wine Musuem) is in a restored barn in the village center of Vogtsburg. A small vineyard has the numerous types of grapes used to make wine in the Kaiserstuhl region.

The Kaiserstuhl Rhine Black Forest Trail is an east west hiking trail through the Upper Rhine Valley Black Forest in Germany is a dominant part of advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

Ihringen is located on the Kaiserstuhl which is a German wine growing region and is a must do place in advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

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Schwarzwaldbahn or Black Forest railway is a 93-mile train route from Offenburg to Lake Constance via Triberg with tunnels and climbs almost 2,000 feet in just 11 km. The Hornberg–Triberg–St. Georgen segment of the Schwarzwaldbahn is the most scenic train ride. Also the line from Donaueschingen to Offenburg passes right through the forest with the best views. A number of trains are double deckers. Lander ticket is valid for 24 hours and is good value for a single region especially from Baden to Wurttemberg. For cyclists, normally carriages accommodate a large number of bicycles.

Schwarzwalder Trachtenmuseum in the village of Haslach has the outlandish collection of half-timber houses and an array of what is unique of Black Forest, pom-pom-topped straw hats, bejewelled headdresses, embroidered and velvet vests.

Stadtmuseum in Rottweil has the best of the Black Forest’s Pagan celebrations deep rooted in rituals and practices before Ash Wednesday usually in February. Locals breed the Rottweiler dog to herd the cattle.

Schmuckmuseum or Jewelry museum is in the city’s cultural center of Reuchlinhaus with the finest ethnography jewelry collection, pocket watches and gem gallery since ages.

Casino in Kaiserallee Germany’s oldest casino in Black Forest spa town with gambling rooms, gaming rooms, Pompadour Room with roulette table and white garden and stands as the testimony to the gluttony of 19th century.

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Kloster Maulbronn or Maulbronn Monastery is home to the best-preserved medieval monastery a complex of 30 buildings on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The Kloster is also known for bringing the Maultaschea which is a kind of large ravioli and is the main ingredient of Swabian cuisine. The monks textured the meat by adding parsley and wrapping it inside a pasta pocket for fasting days.

Lichtentaler Allee is on Oos River is a tree-lined pedestrian boulevard. There are 19th century villas lined in here. The rose garden Gönneranlage has more than 400 types of roses.

Münster Unserer Lieben Frau or Cathedral of our Dear Lady is Freiburg’s most famous landmark towering in medieval streets. The cathedral the weighty columns, Gothic windows, lofty and airy interiors of the choir, the finest view, spire in Europe and rounded arches of the Romanesque era. Including the Hosanna it has one of Germany’s oldest functioning bells.

Münsterplatz is the square around Freiburg’s cathedral lined with traditional taverns. It holds a market Monday to Saturday. You can stock up on local specialties, wood-oven-baked bread to hams, wines, vinegars and cherry brandy or Kirschwasser sample some local sausages served with a white roll and heaps of onions.

Freiburg’s famous Rathaus (Town Hall) is 16th-century patrician houses merged together with Renaissance oriel, bay window, bas-relief of the medieval legend of the Maiden and the Unicorn.

Rebland Vineyard Region has vineyards growing Riesling. A part of the Baden Wine Route in the Rebland area is home to a number of family-run vineyards that offer tours and tastings.

Römische Badruinen are the remains of the original Roman settlement with a brief history of spa culture from the 1st century AD next to the present-day thermal baths.

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Endingen is a small town in the center of the wine-growing Kaiserstuhl. The town center still has timber-frame houses dating back to the 15th century with a series of churches within the city walls.

Europa Park has a wide array of shows and rides. Eurosat takes you on an astronomical virtual journey, Silver Star is Europe’s highest roller coaster and 4-D movie rides are an absolute must do. Jousting tournament is done in a unique manner.

Eble Uhren-Park Schonach town in Triberg has the world’s largest cuckoo clock. In the gift shop has variety of cuckoo clocks and other timepiece souvenirs.

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Fabergé Museum has priceless pieces from the late 19th century including the first of its kind piece which is an egg made of white enamel inside of which a gold yolk, tiny chick and diamond-emblazoned crown are nested. A Buddha made of nephrite and ruby eyes was originally a gift to the King of Siam.

Friedrichsbad offers a one-of-a-kind spa experience. It has warm and hot dry saunas, ice baths, and thermal pools is the most modern bathing establishment in Europe housed in ornate copper and terra-cotta temple. It offers spa treatment package which includes a honey peeling or soap-and-brush massage.

Friedrichsbad Baden Baden is a wellness center and classic bathhouse in a stately, 19th century building featuring thermal pools, along with massages and is a great place to be in advanced guide to Black Forest Germany.

Geldermann Privatsektkellerei is a winemaking town with estates and provides a tour and wine tasting session of the much revered champagne house which has produced the sparkling potion for 177 years. There are 15th-century vaulted cellars and aging cellars.

Geldermann Sektkellerei is a 600-year-old building with basement for the years-long in-bottle fermentation process. This wine cellar specializes in turning white wine into the sparkling white wine known as Sekt in German.

Hauffs Märchenmuseum or FairyTale Museum is in the upper part of town devoted to the crafts and life around Baiersbronn and the fairy-tale author Wilhelm Hauff.

Augustinermuseum is in the former Augustinian cloister where the original sculpture from the cathedral, collection of stained-glass windows, gargoyles from Middle Ages, panel paintings and gold and silver reliquaries are on display. The Sculpture Hall on the ground floor has fine medieval sculpture and masterpieces by Renaissance artists.

Brauerei Museum or Brewery Museum has beer brewed from soft water gives the beer a distinct flavor.

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Nationalpark Schwarzwald or Black Forest National Park is at its wildest and untamed best between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt and centred on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasseor Black Forest High Road, the Murgtal valley and Mummelsee Lake. Schwarzwald Mitte Nord and Naturpark Sudshwarzwald are also must dos.

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