Amsterdam put on hold: promenade to the Capital Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Amsterdam had always been a place I longed to visit so when my friends asked if I was in for a trip, I was like ‘hell yeah, let’s do it’ and until now it was one of the most fun and daring experiences I’ve ever had.

We arrived late at night and while we were waiting for the train to Amsterdam Centraal, some freaking Dutch guy tried to talk us out it because the main line was supposedly under maintenance (I can only say that I got the impression that Dutch people were weird considering the fact that he stalked us only to say that).

We caught the train but had to change lines and since we were very suspicious, we got in on the first thing that said ‘Amsterdam Centraal’.

Once we arrived at the station, we caught the smell of weed everywhere around us and caught sight of security guards smoking. We kept walking and laughing at them until we realized we were stuck at the station because we had taken the underground instead of the train! Trying to keep straight faces, we asked security if they could let us pass and they were so high they didn’t even protest or think twice about it!

amsterdam capital kingdom of netherlands

Our next step was trying to find our hostel. It had a great location, just in front of Damrak but had 7 flights of stairs for us to climb and a weird guy sharing the room with us! Jokes aside, he spent like fifteen minutes not moving or breathing, it was creepy.

madam tussad amsterdam capital kingdom of netherlands

Morning came and we went to Madame Tussaud. We had a great time taking pictures and exploring the museum.

The Sex Museum was also in our list of museums to visit (if you’re looking for a place to have a good laught then this is the place!)

After that we went to the Red Light District to visit the Red Light Secrets, the museum of prostitution. We found it very interesting because it tries to throw some light on a topic that is considered a taboo throughout Europe except in this city. In this museum, you get to see how the girls work and the main purpose of Red Light.

visit red light secrets museum of prostitution amsterdam netherlands

During the afternoon we decided to visit the Bloemenmarkt well known for its tulips and enjoyed the canals.

We were near, we went to Begijnhof, one of the most famous courts in Amsterdam, especially during Spring when the gardens are full of tulips. 

Begijnhof amsterdam netherlands

We finished the day at a coffee shop, the Bulldog and after that went to the Red Light to see how it was during the night.

On our second day, we went to Anne Frank’s House and to the Museumplein where you can find Rijksmuseum, the I Amsterdam Sign and the Van Gogh Museum.

i am amsterdam sign amsterdam netherlands

After lunch we went for a walk in Vondelpark.

The best part of this day was Heineken Experience where we got free beer and began partying. Heineken Experience was one of the things we liked most because at the end we had a lot of fun with the virtual reality created by them.

heineken free beer virtual reality amsterdam netherlands

At the end of it, we weren’t that sober so we thought that it was a good idea to eat a space cake so we went back to Leidseplein, went to a Bulldog coffee shop and really experienced Amsterdam (lol).

It the beginning it was fun, we were laughing a lot for no reason and were feeling lighter and peaceful. Then things got wrong and I had a bad trip. I literally thought I was having a heart attack! We went back to the hostel, I calmed down and everything went ok but never again am I eating one of those things again!!!!

visit bulldog coffee shop amsterdam travel dejavu

On our third day, we went to Zaanse-Schans, a small windmills village only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. It was bloody cold, like really really cold but the village felt like one of those places you only hear about in fairy tales.

Zaanse Schans amsterdam netherlands travel dejavu

We went back to Amsterdam at lunch time and went on a boat trip through the canals, we went to the Nieumarkt and to Rembrandt’s House.

Rembrandt House amsterdam netherlands travel dejavu

On our fourth and final day we went shopping but it was amazing because it started snowing.

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Ana Ascenção

Portuguese girl who loves to travel!


  1. Amsterdam is a remarkable city. I wish I had known about the sex museum when I was there. It might be small, but there is so much to see and do, as you’ve outlined here. I spent most of my time being lost, so I will have to go back and check out these sites.

    • It wasn’t one of my favorite museums although we had a good time laughing at things… I liked Red Light Secrets better!
      You sure need to do that! And in the end you’ll know where everything is and won’t even need a map, trust me!!

  2. One of my favorite European cities! I went before my daughter was born, but would love to take her. There is so much to see and do there!

  3. I’m from the Netherlands and been to Amsterdam on many occassion but I never did any of the things you mentioned! LOL. I find this so funny. It seems like you crammed in a lot in a short visit and had a good time!

    • Ahah, I feel the same way about my city, Porto!! I think tourist know it a lot better and do many more things than me!!!!
      Yeah, I loved it. Definitely a city I want to go back to!

  4. Can’t go to Amsterdam without truly experiencing Amsterdam 😉 The city is super charming, and loved your photos! I think you pretty much covered the whole city in a mere 4 days, which is really quite impressive. But sex museum on space cake woulda been a whole level of experience haha

  5. What a fun trip! I have never been to the Netherlands, but it is one of many places on my bucket list.

    • Yeah we can say it was definitely fun considering all that happened ahah. It was a complete new experience, like a whole new world.
      I feel you, it was on my bucket list too!!

  6. Amsterdam is a fun city to visit for a short trip. I enjoyed exploring all the streets along the canal there. I enjoyed visiting Anne Frank House as well despite the long lines to get in. There’s definitely a lot to see there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love Amsterdam! It’s the perfect place for a quick trip I think, and you seemed to cover everything! I missed the Heiniken experience and definitely need to do it next time. The little village with windmills sounds good too (despite the cold!).

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure 4 days were enough but we even have some spare time!!!
      Heineken was one of the best!!! I loved it, it was so much fun!!! Zaanse-Schans is a remarkable windmills village and I think it’s even prettier during Springs. The fields are all covered with tulips!!

  8. Sounds like you had a fun and eventful trip! Amsterdam is such a great city to explore! Next time I recommend you visit the House of Bols – it’s a cocktail museum and rivals the Heineken Experience – and with a free cocktail at the end is a great alternative for the non beer drinkers!

  9. Pretty much the same happened to as you began with. I got a train ticket instead of a metro, but the staff did let us out! Your third day sounds interesting. I missed all that!

    • Ahah actually I began to think that maybe what happened to us was a lot frequent. Now I’m sure it is!!
      Well, it was raining so the boat trip wasn’t that awesome as we expected but we sure had some incredible views! Zaanse-Schans is charming and if you get the chance you should go to Volendam!

  10. Amsterdam is an awesome city, so much fun! Sounds like you had an awesome time too. Did you have the chance to go to the Red Light District at night and go to a show? Such a surreal experience!

  11. Sounds like you had a great time (despite the bad trip)! I visited Amsterdam once before, but I didn’t do anything you mentioned haha!

  12. The sex museum intrigues me the most. In my country India, a mix of liberal and conservative population, sex museum is still a taboo. That’s why I have never seen one and am keen to explore it myself. Blogs like yours are good information on where to find such museums.

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