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Rohini Khanna: Global child. A london resident. She has no plans to settle down and stop when it comes to traveling. An erudite and a fun spirit who has a long list of exotic locations replete with fascinating tales of her high- profile effervescence. Read out for more. 

How do you juggle between something constructive as teaching, something creative as theater and something life changing as travel?

Teaching and learning have always been an integral part of my life. I have enjoyed learning Math and languages, and I was really interested in giving teaching a try, so I just went ahead and gave it a shot. Expectedly, I find it very fulfilling and gratifying! Theater happened in India when I grew tired of my not so interesting financial analyst job. I enjoyed it so much that I went on to do a course in theatre at UC Berkeley, which enhanced my interest in the field. Travelling has been a relatively new found passion over the last 3 years and I feel there’s no looking back. I want to make most of my time by travelling and experiencing different countries, cultures, and languages!


About Costa Rica: 

Which was the most enjoyable? And why?

  • Trekking on the terrain
  • Zip lining with the flurry of clouds
  • Water rafting around the froth


zip lining costa rica travel dejavu

Zip lining, hands down. Though I’d say water rafting would come close because both experiences were firsts for me. Zip lining through the clouds felt like I was flying over the rainforest – it was so exciting and a truly magical experience!


Did you face any language barrier despite being conversant in Spanish?

When I visited Costa Rica, I was still a beginner in Spanish and could only string together some simple sentences. Though I would totally recommend working knowledge of Spanish, many Costa Ricans speak basic English and one can easily get by without it! I’m really looking forward to my trip to Tenerife in a couple of weeks where I hope to put my enhanced Spanish skills to use!


About Prague:


Do you or do not think that you have overrated Prague on your rating scale?

prague czech travel dejavu
Not at all. Prague deserves every iota of appreciation it gets and I meant each and every word in the article.           Let’s just say it is the original magic kingdom that completely blows your mind!
(Know here! why Rohini thinks Prague is the original magic kingdom)


Considering you belong to the theater, what would you like to tell about the live performing artists culture in Prague?


Well, I spent only a few days in Prague and can’t really comment on the performing arts scene in too much detail. But I did witness a band do an impromptu Czech folk music performance in the Old Town Square and I remember it being a mesmerizing experience. In no time, there was a large crowd cheering them on, making it a street party.
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You are currently in London. How has by far London treated you?

London has been wonderful and has so much to offer, just that the winter weather is not so welcoming. I’ve put together a piece on the London life with some fun ideas to try out in London.

Track her life in London none else but here.

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