Cinque terre city break as Italy’s favorite destination

Cinque terre is a trail down the Italian Riviera coastline with centuries old string of five hamlets that makes up the hot Italian destination. Cinque Terre is the most sought after Italian Eden within the Millennials travel scenarios. Cinque Terre is UNESCO World Heritage site which literally means “Five Lands.” It is a consolidated region with of seaside fishing populations with hamlets namely Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monteresso.

Cinque Terre is an idyllic group of fishing villages in the Italian Riviera. It has a coastline replete with vineyards, tunnels, hiking trails and olive groves that connect the five hamlets. A rail route connects the five villages. A walking trail around Cinque Terre is most recommended and can be covered in 6-8 hours. One can catch back and forth to one of the five villages. The buildings of Cinque Terre have quintessential pastel colors of the color palette.

Cinque Terre is always bustling with life with hidden doorways and alleys. Cinque Terre does not fall short for hosting guests with guest rooms, hostels and apartments. Cinque Terre is all about going back to the roots enjoying a laid back and picturesque countryside travel. Bocce Ball is a favourite sport played in here.

Cinque terre city break as Italy's favorite destination

The Blue Trail or Trail #2 namely Sentiero Azzurro is the most popular with individual paths along the coast and it also offers Cliffside hiking trail that links all the five hamlets with views of the vistas of the briny oceanic coastline. Riomaggiore is the informal capital of Cinque Terre and is also the largest of the five hamlets. It has the marina harbour with the best sunset in the entire region. The cathedral areas and apses are must do as it is all about Italian Renaissance as a quintessential day-sail destination. The Church of San Giovanni Battista is the must do in the hamlet.

One can hike along in the either direction starting from the last town of Monterosso towards Riomaggiore or the other way around. Via dell’ Amore is from Riomaggiore to Manarola with the declaration of the famous kissing statue. The next section between Manarola and Corniglia has boulevards and grape vineyards. Manarola is the oldest of the five hamlets discovered by archaeological excavation of medieval relics.

The trail between Corniglia and Vernazza goes from the highest point of Cinque Terre while sloping back. The Church Santa Margherita Vernazza is a must do. The trail between Vernazza and the last town Monterosso has the perfect highlight with the view of all the five towns all at once. The hamlet of Monterosso has a resort type vibe with beach strip filled with deckchairs and anchovy salting centre. The Giant statue of the Roman God Neptune is a very famous landmark of the region. Monterosso al Mare has the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Gothic Ligurian style.

Cinque Terre is an Italian wine city of blush wines in fluid ounces and drams with vintner labels. Cinque Terre is all about local, farm fresh and organic produce. It is all about sea food galore with succulent sea food platters prepared from the fresh catch of the day and trattorias turning out seafood specialities. There are a variety of different types of pasta, freshly baked focaccia breads topped with olive oil, fresh basil from Genoa, seasonings and herbs, different varieties of cheese like Pecorino, Ricotta and Parmigiano-Reggiano, Rich pasta dish like carbonara, locally brewed wine and beer varieties with the perfect aftertaste. You can enjoy your single malt datum and aged brews with the idyllic views of prairies Cinque Terre. Bow tie and angel hair pasta are must buy souvenirs.

Some of the must try Cinque Terre delicacies are wicker basket full of lemons, paper cones piled with fried calamari, et alia and others. Pesto Alla Genovese and Vitello Alla Parmigiana are the most iconic dishes of the region in the ristorante Table d’ hote offerings. It is all about having a hearty bowlful of comfort food as one utters “Mangia” which means eat in Italian. Do your Cantina toast “Salud”. The Liguria region to the west of the city of La Spezia is famous as the chefs toss sauce and pesto palatable for every palate for its succulent and moreish taste. Some of the must buy souvenirs are lemon soap with fragrant peels and zest, pesto jars, olive jars, boxed wine and Sciacchetrà bottles.

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