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His photographic intents are instinctual. He has got the vision to see the world through his camera and the sight for something he is yet to see through his camera. He looks things with a different perspective adding his own histrionics and is constantly setting his footlights with his magnum opus with each passing day. In conversation with, the blue eyed boy from Seattle, Washington.

  • Your work is straight out of life? Why do you think travel photography is so front-page in current times?

Travel and adventure photography are so popular currently, because it represents an escape from the daily grind that we all endure. When you see photos of someone on the beach or on the top of a mountain, they exemplify happiness and freedom, which is so appealing to so many people who are looking to break free from their everyday routine. This is what I try to create in my photography, just capturing my own experiences so that I can hopefully inspire others to get out into the world and truly live. 

cody randall travel interview travel dejavu

  • Do you feel it is critical being ​in the right mind in being a travel photographer?

Yes, but at the same time, getting out into the world and exploring is also a great way to help you get into “the right mind”. For me, photography has really been a huge motivator to get outside and adventure and explore more and when I am out in nature taking photos, I feel much happier and clear-minded than anywhere else.

  • What is your style of photography?

I would have to stay that my style is adventure and landscape photography. I love to capture the beauty of nature, but I also love to see nature as it is explored by people. There’s just something about nature that draws me in, and having these experiences personally, I love to try to capture the feelings and emotions of others as they experience it.

  • What places have you traveled and managed to have captured in your Polaroid?

In only my first six months of really pursuing photography, I have mostly stayed close to home which is Washington state, but I’ve also been able to see some of Idaho, Oregon, and California as well. Definitely as the summer comes around and I get a break from school, I will be traveling and exploring more.

cody randall travel interview travel dejavu

  • Do you feel you know what’s what​ when it comes to your work​ (being so young in your craft)?

I think that I know what I’m looking for and that I have a pretty good understanding of how to achieve that, but by no means will I claim to be an expert. Like I said, I’ve only been doing this for about six months, so there is still so much for me to learn and I am so excited to learn everything that I can on my adventures.

  • You are in the know of different places in the United States of America​. How have you managed​ to capture in your lens ​world travelers​ and ​US expats​ to ​USA​?

First of all, I think that growing up in such a beautiful part of the United States has really shaped who I am as a person and a photographer. Capturing the natural beauty of Washington is one of my greatest challenges and greatest rewards. The people who I have worked with so far are just my close friends, and I think that they are experiencing these places and everything for the first time, just like me, so it comes pretty naturally. I haven’t yet worked with anyone that is new the the US, but I would definitely love to do so.

  • How difficult is it to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant in travel photography?

I think that relevance is a totally personal and individual concept. Ultimately, I find myself just trying to capture what I like and what I think that others will also like. There are always going to be people who like what you are doing, and those who do not necessarily like your work, and as much as there is to learn from the people who don’t love what you do, you just have to remember why it is that you are creating what you create. I try my best to create and capture my images, because I think that they are good, and because I like them. Sometimes, you just have to put the negativity behind you and focus on all of the positives that you and others see in your work. 

cody randall travel interview travel dejavu

  • What places do you want to capture in your lens ​with your work ​in the future​​?

In the United States, the places that I really want to go are Alaska and Utah, as well as exploring more of Washington and Oregon. Outside of the US, I think that Iceland looks incredible and I would love to experience it for myself. 

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  1. Travel exemplifies freedom and happiness; oh yes, could not agree more! I need to up my game with photography, it is great to have an insight into a photographer’s mind!

  2. I hope Cody has the opportunity to travel to all the photographic spots he has on his bucket lists and create some more beautiful photographic art!

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