Cold brews and cold concoctions for Millennial travelers

Cold brews and cold concoctions for Millennial travelers

Millennial travelers are all for cool cuppa for all seasons. Cold brew is a more with it way of getting a caffeine kick without having to sip from a piping hot cup. Millennials are keeping the coffee klatch handy for cold brews.

Cold brews have smooth touch and are healthier bets. Cold brew coffee and teas are not to be confused with iced tea or iced coffee. Some of the best cold brew teas are white tea, green tea and roasted oolong tea. They are smoother and rounder version on the palate. Boutique tea outlets all around the world explain that this style of brewing is a slow extraction process to bring out the true flavors of tea or coffee. Cold brew tea or coffee is made by a steeping process for a long duration. It extracts all the flavors making a good impact on the overall flavor profile. Hot brewing requires scorching hot tea or coffee for the taste maker and result in bitter flavor profile. Cold brews are lower on astringency and caffeine content which makes it a healthier and more popular option for the Millennial travelers on the move.

Cold brews are made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an entire day making it less acidic than the regular Cuppa Joe, Café au Lait, espresso or frappuccino.

Blue Tea or Blue Pea Flower Tea is a staple since centuries in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Malaysia. In Bali, Blue Tea is called bunga telang as a medicinal mainstay used to treat inflammation.

Cold brewed green and blue tea as the preferred sips as the technique makes the taste smooth and less better. The recipe for cold brew tea or coffee have to be crafted with precision. The ingredients are tea bag, loose leaf tea, grinded coffee beans per ounce of water depending on how strong one wants it to be. The optional add one could be sliced lemons, sweetener of your choice, fresh mint leaves and sliced cucumber. Snip off the corners of the tea bags and dump the loose tea into the pitcher. Pour cold water or room temperature water over it. Cover the pitcher and refrigerate. Steep white, green or blue tea for about 8 hours and black or oolong tea or coffee for 10 hours. Strain the loose leaf tea through a fine mesh sieve or a muslin cloth. Discard the tea or coffee. Serve the tea as is or with any add ons or garnishes of your choice.

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Millennials are all for super coffees. Millennial travelers are trying to find more caffeine free Zen in their cups. Some coffee alternatives have entered the scene to suit the palate. Super coffees have become the super sips with palatable permutations and combinations and have stricken quite a chord with the conscious Millennial travelers with some brain boosting options.

Bulletproof Coffee is a concoction made from coffee, coconut oil and butter. One shot ensures a super healthy day fit for traveling. Keto dieters are preferring it over the regular.

Mushroom Mocha is a coffee infused with equal parts mushrooms and equal parts coffee extracts. It is the new so called ‘it elixir’ that regulates blood sugar levels and lowers acidity for an active day filled with hustle and packed with itinerary.

Boosted coffee is boosted with herbs and multivitamins. Healthy travel bloggers often post about coffee with dandelion roots. Collagen Coffee is a great option as you browse online through as a respite for the skin if the weather does not agree with you. Maca latte is a great option and just the drink one needs to get over fatigue to relax and slowing down only to work through a long day filled with adventures and exploring the following day.

Cold brews are here to stay for travelers while visiting most towns’ restaurants whether grand luxe or bistro.

Cold brews are served in every megalopolis and metropolis for the quintessential cosmopolitan recently turned cold brew cold brew buffs and aficionados especially Millennial travelers.

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