Countryside travel: The best way to explore an offbeat destination

Countryside travel The best way to explore an offbeat destination

Country vacation or as coined term says “rustication” which means rustic vacation is finding life in the most unfiltered form. Community tourism in rural livelihoods are the norm today which enables to live miles away from civilisation. Ever wondered why the lure of Swiss village or a north eastern hamlet has the travelers swaying in its grip with the pastoral charm it offers.

It is all about putting life into slow gear and living a less complicated and de-cluttered life for a short while. Millennials are cutting away from the lure of the urban travel of going from one frenzied city to another and its trappings and taking a detour towards a rustic setting to find some vacant mind space and full body detox.

The fix of clean air gives the lungs a good scrub and flushes out all the psychological toxins and stocks up the lifeless physical existence with home grown fresh produce. A leisurely walking tour is the most therapeutic thing for the soul and an insulated experience in the middle of nowhere in the midst of pastures and landscapes.

A heritage homestay with local artisans, night stays at guest houses and renovated village houses, seasonal food bursting flavors, dairy farm and cottage industry visits, visiting handloom and handicraft markets, plucking fruits, star gazing, bird watching excursions and learning a native craft is a luxury in itself.

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