Culinary Choices of Ghent medieval Belgian port city

culinary choices ghent belgium

Culinary Choices Ghent Belgium

Ghent offers multiple samples of European dining with its variety of local specialties. Find out what to eat with culinary choices Ghent Belgium. Explore your dining adventures with this write up culinary choices Ghent Belgium.


The flemish city is a classic delight for home made waffles. The Ghent waffles are crispy micro-appetisers and also available in king sided portions. They are sprinkled with snowy powdered sugar and maple syrup. They are fancy even in their simplest form. They are perfectly dolled up in the dollop of whipped cream, Belgian dark chocolate and freshly cut ans sliced succulent strawberries seasoned with almonds. Apple fritters and Brussels waffle are well known in the circuit of its culinary culture.

                                                                          Image Credits : ruslanviktorov live journal

Belgian Dark chocolate

A pure chocolate afficionado must have had his/her tryst with Belgian praline chocolate. The exotic flavors of the classic melt-in mouth in the chocolatiers of Ghent are can be found no where else in the world. All flavors are unusual and to the extent bizarre and blended in sophistication and true boldness. Chocolate is a subject which people in Ghent love to specialise on. They are passionate enough about their craft and

                                                                                     Image Credits : cheriecity

they love to explore more and study in detail in their conquest of chocolate. There are chocolate walks, havens for chocolate tastings, chocolate museums, chocolate routes and infinite chocolatiers which are trend setters in chocolate design. Flavors of cinnamon, lemon, ginger, chilli pepper are some fun flavors to try on.

Pungent mustard

The piquancy of the mustard sets the taste buds on fire. It has a distinct flavor and are also available preservative-free sans the slightest change in its taste. The mustard here is fresh produced and they are prepared they are stored in the barrels.They are preserved in jars and glass bottles in preferential sizes. The mustard is skilfully ladled and  dab of Ghent mustard works as a great souvenir as it goes well with everything. Beer, cheese and a succulent platter of meat goes best with mustard.

                                                                                  Image Credits : cntraveller

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If beer is your favourtie moonshine, then there are bars, pubs, cafes, minimalist clubs here are sworn to ostentatious beer fare. Ghent has an extensive  retreat for beer brewery also available with a substitute for

                                                                                  Image Credits : Meistertipp

seed cones. There is a myriad options of wacky miniature coasters. Exotic spices such as aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and local herbs such as heather, bog myrtle, fragrant garden Bonsai and ivy are used.


Cuberdons or neuzeke synonymous to little noses are violent hued sugary delights. These jelly candies are made of raspberry syrup as they are mushy from the inside. They are little sugar bursts with the initial crunch. They can be found no where else in the world as they are sold no where else in the world.

                                                                                     Image Credits : SeeYouSoon ca

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Ganda Ham

This one features in the traditional Belgian recipe. It is a popular ingredient of the Belgian local produce. This dry version is instantly made juicier when cooked in an appetising manner and served alongside

                                                                                         Image Credits : Cherie City

Ghent mustard. It derives texture and fluff while it is cooked where as the dried variety is comparatively leaner. All the dmeat markets in Ghent sells this produce.

Include one of these amazing foods from culinary choices Ghent Belgium in your list. Make sure Ghent foods from culinary choices Ghent Belgium are in your European bucket list as you sample food in this veggie capital of Europe.

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  1. Those waffles are to die for! Would love to visit Ghent!

  2. Oh I want to taste dark chocolate in Belgium since it’s really popular there. These foods are all familiar except for Cuberdons which I read for the first time.

  3. Oh I want to taste dark chocolate in Belgium since it’s really popular there. These foods are all familiar except for Cuberdons which I read for the first time. On average, how much would one order cost?

  4. So when they say Belgian chocolates, they aren’t joking 🙂 Those look absolutely divine!

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