Danish capital: Copenhagen

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Be cycle chic in the world’s happiest city


Have just a weekend to spend in Copenhagen? I have you covered! Read on to find out how to make the best use of your time.

Rent a bike

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Copenhagen is hands down one of the best cities for cycling in Europe. It is filled with bike rental shops and “go-bike” kiosks everywhere. It’s also super safe as almost every street has a dedicated bike lane.  You will probably see more bikes than cars/buses on the road. Wandering around the city on a bike was my absolute favorite part of the trip – it’s the best way to see the city. So make the most of your trip and get on that bike!

Spend an afternoon in Nyhavn

nyhavn copenhagen denmark travel dejavu

The prettiest, most vibrant place in Copenhagen – almost all postcards you see will have Nyhavn on them. Grab a Saturday lunch at one of the restaurants by the canal replete with anchored boats and colorful townhouses. It exudes such a nice, relaxing vibe and the street musicians enhance the charm of the place. One can sit through an entire afternoon just people watching or walking along the harbor.

Eat street food at Papiroen

papiroen copenhagen denmark travel dejavu

Now this is a must when in Copenhagen. You can bike all the way to this island from Nyhavn. Papiroen Island has a plethora of cuisines on offer and you end up standing there puzzled wondering how you’ve made some life changing decisions quicker than deciding what to eat!

Wander around Christiansborg

christianborg denmark travel dejavu

There are a bunch of things to see in and around Christiansborg. A walk (or bike ride!) to the Little Mermaid, Rosenborg Castle, the Botanical Garden to name but a few. These are some of the best picture taking spots too!

Visit Tivoli Gardens

tivoli gardens denmark travel dejavu

Tivoli could either be an all day affair with the family or even an evening stop over for some light hearted fun after a tiring day of sightseeing. If you’re a kid at heart, knock yourself out at the crazy rides especially the wooden roller coaster – my favorite! Even if rides make you squeamish, there are plenty of food stalls and carnival games. Check out the flavored popcorn; who knew strawberry, candy floss or lime flavored popcorn could actually taste good! Stay till the evening – the lights are just wonderful.

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