Do you think you can nail bleisure travel?

do you think you can nail bleisure travel

Do you think you can nail bleisure travel?

Bleisure or Bizcation is leisure combined with business trip and has ever since caught the fancy of biz professionals big time as work became lifestyle leaving only biz trips at a default setting and are taken at a more frequented rate than ever before. Biz travellers are savvy as they make the most of their time with modifications in their lifestyle on the go which is usually different than the regular life.

Biz travellers aim for a better life that enables them to rejig their stressed nerves giving the job burnout a complete toss which is the working professionals’ worst nightmare and a slow killing machine.

do you think you can nail bleisure travel

It is all about a win-win situation from the work front, personal pleasure and life perspectives sans all the spasms of culpability and fault finding that comes with going back to the monotonous life only to get more loaded with work which takes one to the guilt trip of low self-esteem and cost to company as you never deviate from work and procrastinate as you achieve all the results as a professional with a relaxed approach and with a better productivity rate and feeling more invested and eventually engaged towards work.

Millennials are emphasizing on work life balance and more and more business travelers are combining leisure with business trips. This is a great idea for people who want more “me time” out of work. They are getting the work done during flights over mails from almost everywhere. It is all about striking the balance.

Ever wondered switching off for some ‘me’ time could be so much fun post a biz meeting over a weekend? No wonder Bleisure and Bizcation is a burgeoning market in the meantime. So Do you think you can nail bleisure travel?

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  1. I can totally speak upon that. I am a full time work from home individual and I work pretty much full time on my computer. Going meetings while I am travelling? Not a problem just hit me up on Skype!

  2. Blending life and work is a reality — good post!

  3. I definitely think it is a fine line! I once traveled for work to San Francisco and arrived a couple of days earlier so I could have some free time before the rest of my colleagues did. I made a point of not going to after work drinks and instead exploring more of SF. It definitely takes a bit of effort to be able to switch off and walk away from the work when you take it with you to a new destination.

  4. would love to be able to do something like this maybe one day I will find the chance

  5. It’s a great and like you say, so important for those frazzled nerves. My employer is UK only, but if there was a chance for a biz trip I’d defo consider it leisure as you suggest.

  6. I don’t often travel overseas with work but when I do, I don’t miss an opportunity to add on some exploring time. It totally makes sense as it keeps cost down

  7. Can you believe its the first time I heard the term bleisure? lol. but it does make complete sense and I would love to get away from it all after a stressful work meeting/ week! Beisure is totally for everyone.

  8. Personally, I love the idea and think I could nail bleisure travel. I think some boundaries would need to be set though, so it doesn’t tuen into just a work trip, with no play, or a play trip with no work done!

  9. Seeing how I still update my blog and keep on writing articles even while I travel, I guess I’ve nailed this bleisure travel thing. 🙂

  10. I’ve done it before and it was a challenge. I couldn’t really have fun and be relaxed because I was constantly worried about work. I think we need a good balance in life and this style does not suit me right now.

  11. If I had a chance. I will love to do this like this. It really makes sense as it keeps cost down

  12. I would love to get away from it all after a stressful works week! Bleisure is totally for everyone.I will definitely try this.

  13. Really! I want to get out of it after the busy schedule and stressful works. Maybe when I have a chance someday. I really need this bleisure.

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