Easy budget travel hacks for your travel planner

Easy budget travel hacks for your travel planner

Timing is the key of you are planning to travel on a budget. Always opt for off peak season if you can adjust the time of your travel. It definitely ensures you do not freeze in Europe in December or in Australia in June. Plan for Europe in April-May or September-October instead of June-August or traveling down under in November or February rather than in December-January. Millennials are bitten by the travel bug as the world map becomes a mainstay. 

There is no substitute to planning whatsoever. A well planned trip always costs less as compared to one made as a last minute decision.

If you are planning a long travel, start planning six months in advance. The air tickets and hotels will definitely cost comparatively less.

You can put an alert on travel apps to be notified about a drop in rates if you are eyeing a particular hotel or airline and think that route and stay suits your plan.

Make sure you book your international and local flights or train tickets in advance since on the spot booking is usually expensive.

Try to book extra baggage in advance as the charges at airport for extra baggage can be higher.

You may have your favorite travel apps but each country can have its local cab, hotel or sightseeing apps and you can avail discounts on the spot. Install before you head out.

Read and research about the place, figure out public transport, walkable distances, good food stops, public events and fests. Open your mind to carpooling. Search for carpooling options for intercity transfers that connect drivers with travelers going on the same route for a much cheaper cost than any flights, trains or buses.

Sign up for activities galore like cooking classes, food trains, market strolls, walking or cycling tours or music concerts. A simple search or browse shows ample options about what to do in a city and with whom choosing your own peer group. Many folks use the app to plan activities apart from just booking a stay.Easy budget travel hacks for your travel planner

Millennials travel for work too and extending a work trip by a few days to stay back and explore a new city is one of the best ways to save on air ticket costs. Certain international destinations also look for volunteering for specific seasons who can work part time and travel full time.

Search for famous spots where you can eat. Hotels charge extra for breakfast. Opt out of it as a nearby breakfast joint might come a lot cheaper and way more satisfying. There are dedicated cooking stations in the park or on the beach. You can also shop for your own ingredients and do your own barbeque. Make sure you use the facilities known to the locals. Drink up at local pubs and bars before going clubbing at night to avoid spending on diluted and sugary over expensive drinks.

Opt for hostels over hotels as it is always better to book good hostels rather than searching for cheap hotels. Hostels are usually located at the center of the city. A good hostel in a foreign country is not just a dormitory with a common bathroom. You can search for hostels that have separate rooms with attached baths.

Easy budget travel hacks for your travel planner

A thorough research of event spaces, malls, promenades, motorcade or procession is advisable if the event has not made a cut into your itinerary and in the worst case scenario if you want to avoid traffic. A hostel in the city center also comes handy as cheap hotel options might usually be on the outskirts or suburbs and you might end up spending a lot on cabs, trains or ferries.

Buy passes of local trains and trams. Some cities have an option of a tourist and you can travel in the city on any mode like trams, underground trains and buses unlimited times by paying a minimum amount. Such passes also give you discounted access to touristy places as well as deals and offers at restaurants.

Start planning your budget travel as you are good to go with these easy budget travel hacks.

Plan ahead for what all you will be doing once you reach the destination. A trip sans planning kills the joy of exploring a place.

Easy budget travel hacks for your travel planner

Millennials are not a fan of having an agenda for the day and then touring only the famous spots that have to be ticked off the list but do not get lost on purpose on your vacations after you book tickets.

Do not involve with folks whose budget does not match with yours. It isn’t a clichéd line- “The place doesn’t matter, it’s the company.” The biggest pet peeve is annoying company. You can’t travel with someone constantly cribbing and complaining as that just ruins it for you.

Go dress shopping for travel. Try to keep it very casual. Invest in the most comfortable shoes. Make sure you can walk a thousand miles in the shoes you choose even if you choose an uncomfortable outfit. Pack up your best looking noise canceling headphones to keep your travel less noisy.

Invest in some must-pack items like toiletries, extra linen and lingerie. You can never have too many pairs of underwear or inner wear and socks.

You might be confined in your budget but learn to be flexible because that’s the most fun way to travel.

It is not necessary but if you are a vegan it helps big time. Learn to love hotels without WiFi.

Happy travels!

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