Easy Tricks to capture Instagram worthy posts on your travels

Easy Tricks to capture Instagram worthy posts on your travels

Easy Tricks to capture Instagram worthy posts on your travels


Millennials want to click Instagram worthy pictures on the travels. Instagram pictures are for the world to see. Every Instagram worthy click can make one stop and stare to the photo. A quintessential Instagram travel story should come alive every single time you look at it. A pro photographer needs to think and feel as much as the followers need to look. An Instagram worthy picture is all about getting away from all things familiar and comfortable. Travel pictures are Instagrammed as the part of the classic story telling and camera is the storyteller.

It is important to learn about the location. Think about what made you zero in on the destination you’ve chosen. There could be many unknown and interesting aspects about the place. You obviously want to photograph it all but you cannot. Use the online medium and go to libraries. Talk to your pals who have been there previously. Educate yourself about the location. Know about the fests and events happening during the time of your travel. Look up for the work of other travel photographers. You will get to know about the clichéd shots you need to avoid and get some fresh and individual ideas.

Good lighting can make your image dramatic. It is important to have an ambient lighting condition. It is important to know well in advance as you scout and do the reiki of the location. The sensitivity to light makes the right difference with theatrical effects. Keep a tab on weather forecast and sunrise and sunset timings. It helps taking images with different lighting moods of the location. Be ready to face unexpected weather and commute delays.

For an Instagram worthy image, note down your first impressions about the subject. Experience the feel of the place and let your senses participate. Make bullet points of what caught your attention. Think of ways you can creatively interpret the shots and work your magic of angles accordingly.

Try to be a better communicator. Certain type of behaviour is unacceptable in certain countries. The additional plus point is that you can bond with your subject.

Some of the basic Instagram shots are passports and boarding passes, take off views, welcome signs and boards, open air exhibits, music fests, flea markets, city skyline, fun modes of automobiles, boulevards and streets, landmarks, architecture, hotels, adventure sports, seasonal produce, unique attractions, historic cathedrals and monuments, spas, museums, shopping streets, foods, landscapes, sceneries, backdrops, wildlife, et alia and others.

Stay unnoticed. Keep your gadgets hassle free. Carry limited equipment. Keep your Go Pro and DSLR handy. Carry lenses, batteries, chargers, extra memory cards to transfer images, cleaning kit, power chords for charging multiple gadgets, et alia and others. A compact camera or smartphone should be handy. Carry duvet or pillow covers. Keep the camera inside to avoid dust.

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