Effective solutions to unload timeshare for rental properties

Effective solutions to unload timeshare for rental properties

Whether you do not use it as much as you anticipated, you were swept up in the initial allure, or you can no longer make the payments or afford the annual maintenance fees, it can be challenging to unload an unwanted vacation rental timeshare. There are quite a few cost-free and low-fee ways you can unload a timeshare, if you are willing to do the grunt work. If your time is valuable and limited, you can also hire a professional company to aid in selling off your timeshare.

Buyback Program

Surprisingly, many resorts offer a buyback option in their clause and can assist you in selling your timeshare back to them. Major brands often emphasize this during the contract phase of purchasing your timeshare; they will do virtually anything to avoid a foreclosure on the timeshare.

Cost-free and low-fee ways to unload a timeshare

If your timeshare company does not disclose a specific buyback or rental clause in the paperwork, you can often press the resort into a timeshare contract cancellation if you are persistent. It may take many hours of phone calls and a lot of back-and-forth with upper management, but it is entirely possible to get your timeshare contract dissolved completely.

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Rent It Out

If you have an abundance of friends and family who are in dire need of a getaway, turning your timeshare into a rental opportunity may be a viable option. The rental market on timeshares is surprisingly booming. You can rent to family or friends for a very low cost, or for a larger fee you can hire a company to rent the units to strangers on your behalf. If you can rent out your unit, that may be the most cost-effective option.

Talk To A Real Estate Agent Or Enlist The Help Of An Online Company

If all else fails, a licensed broker can walk you through all the necessary steps and ensure you are not looking over key components to the sale. A licensed broker, with extensive experience in timeshare sales, will be able to check recent sales at the resort and gauge the market resale value of your timeshare.

Cost-free and low-fee ways to unload a timeshare

There are also a vast number of reputable companies online who specialize in the legal dissolution of timeshares. A company like Go Away Timeshare, with many executive employees and direct contacts, will work with major resort chains to help come to a solution that benefits all parties involved in the sale.

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