Effective Ways to make your travels Eco friendly

effective ways to make your travels eco friendly

Effective Ways to make your travels Eco friendly


A lot of water gets wasted in washing bedsheets and towels. So do not ask for fresh bedsheets and towels if not really necessary. You end up requesting for fresh towels and bedsheets even when completely unnecessary. Be conscious of your request to reduce carbon footprints.

A lot of hotels actually prefer to refill bottles with shampoos and save the cost of buying another plastic bottle. Do not ask for excess toiletries.

Leaving your room with lights on or taking key card out of power socket should not be taken care of to save electricity as power cuts are inevitable at any place. Do not waste energy and use energy judiciously.

Use door cards to directly call housekeeping to get the cleaning done. Door cards are helpful when you do not want housekeeping for frequently washing by putting ‘Do Not Disturb’ plaque at the door knob.

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Plastic is nonperishable and non degradable. Make sure you do not litter places with plastic bottles. Also do not purchase bottled water frequently if you do not have a severe case of delicate stomach and go for the kind of water that is drinkable and potable at the places you visit or stay or have your meals.

Use water mindfully. Do not leave the tap open unnecessarily while using bathrooms or restrooms.

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Reduce food wastage. Order your food keeping in mind your appetite. Use fruit card to offer fruits only on request instead of ordering on a regular basis in your entire trip.

Pick up your hotels and accommodations with sustainable initiatives and policies which has energy efficient lighting, faucets, aerators, occupancy sensors, low flow fixtures, showerheads, rain water systems, drainage, bathroom fittings, et alia.

Make your travels eco-friendly.

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