Epic formulas to plan your travels to get rid of travel hangovers

epic formulas to plan your travels

Epic formulas to plan your travels


The classic ways to traveling around the world is getting the details right with expert advice and epic formulas to plan your travels covers the planning aspects of travel and your travel planner should not be over planned or under planned. Epic formulas to plan your travels is cracking travel formulas at rookie and expert levels and getting the details right is important.

Travel needs planning, reading up hotel reviews online,  looking at catalogues and itineraries, shortlisting places, knowing about basic language and sentences to be used with the local people, food preferences, research for great deals in flight tickets and accommodation, currency exchange and imagining what it is to be actually like while you are in there which is basically anticipation.

Post vacation blues are something every traveler goes through with returning only to a pile of work and dealing with inability to focus on work because traveling becomes a far off memory. It is just the raging battle between the left brain that lives in reality and the right brain in fantasy. Travel comes with a lot of hangover in spite of taking out all that time for an inevitable experience and spending a bomb on it it fails to keep you happy. Travelling is like being in a relationship and bearing the brunt of the meltdowns once it is over. So it is always advisable to deal with the post travel syndrome in the same manner you would deal with a heart break.

Your happiness hormones drop to the baseline once you are over with your travel.

A badly planned trip also leaves you stressful and last minute hassles will leave you more exhausted post travel. Whereas a well planned trip is always an accomplishment for it would never let exhaustion weigh you down.

Being mindful while traveling will keep all the things safe and you shall not come back with a regret of losing something. It is better not to bring in mind the thoughts about never ending deadlines back at home while you are at your to do lists on your trip.

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Also oversharing on social media takes the charm out of your travel and you might end up feeling exhausted for nothing. You will certainly have to draw the line of getting plugged in all the time for you will have to feel more in control as you are back once again. There might be zero post trip benefit or otherwise.

You are back to the daily grind only with new memories. You will have to unload, organise, edit and share to the bare minimum.

A digital photo frame and journal always comes in handy for putting the next in your wishlist into action. To avoid post travel blues it is always advisable to keep the souvenirs and wearables you bought yourself on your trip handy and try to incorporate them in to your daily life. Pin the boarding passes and the tickets on your work desk while you are at it with a pile of work mails and try not to engage yourself into mindless surfing on the internet from where you have just returned.

Go through the journal while you were at your imaginative and creative best on your trip. You can cook exotic dishes of the place you have travelled to if you have stocked up some spices and sauces in your souvenirs and get the feel of being at the place where you where.

Do not boil yourself down with the thoughts of the extra chunks of money that went overspent on your trip. Instead take mental notes and do not repeat them in your next.

Keep in touch with the allies that you made out there on your trip and certainly host them when and if they visit the place you live in.

You have to move on for you will never be able to focus on the next and therefore there would be nothing to look forward to.

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  1. I love that you caution against over sharing on social media. I often think about that when I see family members posting pictures and pictures and pictures about their vacation while they’re still ON vacation. Then I see them fully engaging in other social media conversations and I think to myself, why aren’t you enjoying your vacation instead?! lol

  2. Love the consciousness of this post to face post travel blues, and to plan ahead to avoid travel stress (and anxiety!). It is true – when we get over zealous – we forget to think about coming home … to a desk full of work. But, it’s real, and having souvenirs to integrate in daily ‘normal’ life again is key. You are brilliant! xo Evelyn,

  3. This is so true! When I was younger I used to overplanned my trips. I could do that and end up visiting from 7am through 22pm and be exausted! Now that I travel with two young children, I only plan the minimum, one visit per day and one extra visit if everyone is still fit. The rest goes with the flow and we enjoy a lot more!!

  4. I agree about not over sharing in social media… I rarely if ever actually share anything while I’m on vacay… I like to take a break from technology and enjoy the bliss of being on vacation…

  5. Hello! I love to plan my travels. Especially when I travel with my whole family. Sometimes it can be stressful but at the end of the day everything is good because of the planning. Have a great day!

  6. This is all very true. When did a vacation stop being a vacation? People make their time away from work more strssful than their time at work sometimes, and often feel as though they need a vacation to recover from their vacation! Put technology away for a while and enjoy the break.

  7. I would never feel out of happy travel hormones. For some weird reason, pictures and mementos make me feel like I’m still in a particular place.

  8. You made me think of the trips we used to have in school… we had so many things planned that later we couldn’t even remember half of the things we’d seen. It’s certainly better to have some fixed plans but remain spontanous, it can help to preserve the sense of adventure. Also about oversharing on social media; I never understood why some people would feel the need to share everything immediately. When I’m travelling, I want to fully enjoy it. If I really want to, I can share it with others later. But I won’t be able to relive the moment if I wasn’t present in it originally.

  9. What an amazing topic and post. I agree people do forget about vacation while on vacation, technology sometimes makes a vacation better and other times spoils it. The focus of the vacation should be to spend quality time relaxing and with family.

  10. You are so good at planning trips. I am the same, but sometimes I will book a weekend trip to London … all the way from Canada, lol. We are leaving for Indonesia in less than two months and will be there for 5 months, I best re-read this article a few times before then. HAHA.

  11. I love the idea of the digital photoframe and journal! I could do with one of those kinda frames at work on my desk 🙂 I always come back from my travels and have serious travel blues 🙁 x

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