Essential things for: Snow hiking| Snow trekking| Snowshoeing| Snow Camping

Essential things for: Snow hiking| Snow trekking| Snowshoeing| Snow Camping

Essential things snow hiking snow trekking snowshoeing snow camping

Here is a comprehensive list of essentials essential things snow hiking snow trekking snowshoeing snow camping before you venture out to snow. Make sure you scroll down this list of essential things snow hiking snow trekking snowshoeing snow camping. 

Thermal inners

Avalanche shovel

Quick-dry towel

Sleeping bags


Snow goggles


Backpack with compression straps


Map for route finding

Hiking shafts

 Snow testing meter


Radio surveillance headset & group communication system

Non sweat-absorbing clothes

GPS navigation

Sun protection


Illumination headlamps with extra lithium batteries

Energy bars and energy drinks and concoctions

Survival gears – snow axe/ snow saw/ snow shovel

 Fleece jacket no cotton or acrylic sweaters


Thick gloves

 Insulated jackets

Fire lighters or starter

Waterproof containers


Reflective blankets


Digital or Analog avalanche transceiver

Personal location beacon


Parka – A hooded wind insulated and water resistant jacket 

Water resistant insulated boots/ shoes with a good grip/ Snowshoes and microspikes/ crampons

 Warm socks


High gaiters

 Hand warmers

Satellite phones


Credit card

Plastic whistle

Spare clothing



Tripod for the camera


Memory cards


Identification proof for off-road snowmobiling


Trekking stick to walk through snow


Compass with signal mirrors




UV-resistant glasses (FYI: UV levels are higher near the poles)

Lip balm & moisturiser – To keep the skin hydrated.

Chemical hand warmers

They are usually little pellets that can be slipped into your gloves/ socks and generate warmth for a considerable period of time.

Thermal lightweight jackets sealed and nylon laminated with flexible urethane for complete water protection.

Duffel bags

Tanning lotion


A snow trek spiked with a spirit obtained from the distillation of wine encapsulates the arctic cold and altitude sickness. Guess the drink.

This list essential things snow hiking snow trekking snowshoeing snow camping might not cover it all. Share your own expertise and make your own additions in this list of essential things snow hiking snow trekking snowshoeing snow camping.


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  1. This is such a handy list with good shopping options. Btw the first photograph is fabulous!

  2. A Comprehensive list!

  3. This is a really comprehensive list, I think it will be useful for so many of us planning some adventures in the snow!

  4. I have never been snow hiking and these would all be essentials for me. The energy bars are always a must for me no matter where I am 🙂 The reflective blankets looks like something I should invest in for my camping trips.

  5. This is a well-organized and detailed list on what to bring! Def super useful for a snow camping newb like me! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  6. Although I am not about to go snow hiking anytime soon, this sure looks like a good list to follow.

  7. Would you believe I’ve never been in the snow before? These are great tips for the day I make it up to the mountains!

  8. Wow loving those pink socks. Some really cool stuff here. I often wonder whether I should get a transmitter for skiing

  9. Very comprehensive list here, will keep in mind for my first ski trip ☺

  10. This is some serious gear! And I would probably need it all for me to not complain about the cold — I’m such a wuss. Still, I like the idea of me trying this. Thermal inners can be so useful even when you aren’t in the harshest climates. I’m curious why fleece instead of cotton or acrylic? I prefer fleece myself, but I’m wondering if it’s a warmth issue, or ease of movement with all the layering? And now I want those pink socks. Seriously, great list!

  11. Wow I never would’ve thought to bring an avalanche shovel when snow hiking so glad I came across this list. Actually I never have gone snow hiking before so I pretty much need everything from here. Great comprehensive list.

  12. I love being active in the snow and will need to try some of these items once the winter rolls around.

  13. Great checklist for snow trekking – thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow that’s a lot of gear! I can appreciate that this is all very important for survival…I think I would need to add someone to carry it all for me as well!

  15. Wow! This list is very useful – I personally hate the cold but sometimes I find myself in this adventures where I always freeze. haha Thanks for sharing! – Mariella

  16. I’d love to go snowhiking again, I’ve only done it once in France when I was 14 or something. Definitely need to put it on my bucket list again!

  17. What a great and comprehensive list of items needed in the tough winter environment. Thanks for that!

  18. Thank you for all this helpfull tips!

  19. My parents used to have snow shoes when I was young and it was so fun! However, I haven’t done this since I was very young! I would love to try this out again, this gear list is super helpful as I wouldn’t even know where to start!

  20. I seriously never know what to wear in these climates and that is a lot of gear! Guess I really need to plan ahead if I go on a trip like this.

  21. Great and informative post! A novice, like me, to snow activities definitely needed something like this

  22. Wow, I never thought that so much get went into snowshoeing and hiking in the snow. I will definitely refer back to this in the winter when I try my hand at it.

  23. This is so cool! I’ve only experience a foot of snow sadly, but I hope to be able to travel to a colder and snowier climate so I can try these activities.

  24. This is a really comprehensive list. I’ve only experience a foot of snow sadly,but hopefully I will try it in the future.

  25. Sandy N Vyjay : August 4, 2017 at 2:39 am

    Living in a region where there is no snow, this is very useful informationn for us when we venture out into the snowy regions. When we went to Switzerland, we reposed our trust in layering of our clothes and it worked. Your list is useful resource for our adventures out into the snow.

  26. I’ve never gone snow hiking before! So this is definitely a useful list to refer to when I finally do! It is really important to keep yourself warm and safe in a snowy environment!

  27. Brrrr no, I think anywhere I have to take a snow shovel is going to be too cold for me!! Just give me that distilled win spirit & I’ll be happy

  28. Goodness, that’s a lot of things to prepare. I don’t know whether I should be going when I need to bring or spend so much money on! I hope there’s a place to rent everything!

  29. steve walters : August 4, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Wow, this is a very comprehensive list you’ve made! I never know there was such a thing as a avalanche transceiver.

  30. What a great list. You were very thorough! I’m not into the cold so much, but some of my friends are. So I will share the knowledge.

  31. I have only been skiing once. But I can’t wait to go again.Your list is awesome.

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