Eurorail 101: The best European way to travel

Eurorail 101 The best European way to travel

Touring Europe by rail is in one word romantic for its unmatched bounty of scenery. If you are a first timer it gets a bit complicated. European Rail Road travel needs planning in advance. A cosy compartment is all you want. Pick overnight train to save on a day of travel.

A bottle of wine or beer is your best travel buddy while inside the Euro rail cabin. Whatever option you choose to travel by Euro Rail do your own homework or legwork and compare prices to get the best deals. The cheapest fares are also non-refundable and non-changeable. You can pre-book a month or two ahead if you have a fixed travel itinerary as tickets are always cost-effective than passes.

You can either buy an open ticket which stands good for a month from the date of issue or a ticket with a reservation which is valid for the specific train at the specified time. Euro Rail route is very popular with travelers all around the world and though not all trains require you to reserve a seat before you travel but you do not want to be asked by someone to leave your seat mid-journey especially if you are a first-time traveler and someone else has booked the seat you are sitting on.

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Also many trains do not come with charges for seat reservations and so it is always a good idea to reserve seats well in advance as there are limited seats allotted to Eurail pass holders. Visit and its rail planner app to gauge out the details.

* European train stations are located right in the centre of the historic towns.

* European Trains are reliable and always on schedule.

* It lets you skip the long check-ins and security lines.

* It comes with no weight limit and extra fees for multiple suitcases and belongings.

* Rail Pass is the most viable option if for it can be used to getting around frequently and flexible. Group passes are cheaper than normal passes only that many passes are valid for specific groups of countries only.

* Point-to-point tickets work great if you are on for short journeys or Eastern Europe destinations where fares are cheap.

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