Exclusive: Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative

Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative

Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative


Denmark is dotted with palaces, manors, fortresses and castles that will take you to the land of fairy tales. It has one such structure per square kilometre then most other European countries. Denmark is all about losing yourself in the era of kings and knights. There is a lot more to Denmark than Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaids, Ugly Ducklings and Tin Soldiers. The hamlet of Copenhagen spreads its charm throughout the year be it summer, spring or winter and its Samaritans and shenanigans.  In the old town canals serve as a frame for the landscape and castles that are over 1,000 years old.

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The Taarnet which is a Danish specialty restaurant is the talking point of the town. Copenhagen itself has quite a good number of Michelin starred restaurants. While in Copenhagen the open sandwich which is called Smorrebrod, macaroons, charcuterie and scones is a must try. Denmark is a dreamland of fantasy and reality. Danish Slotsholmen are an exquisite part of the Scandinavian estate and many of them are a part of UNESCO World Heritage patronage. Scandinavian Monarchy is just par for the course whatsoever. A Copenhagen card will allow you to see some of these castles for free. Kastrup is a greater Capital region of Copenhagen is the site of the airport.

Old Frederiksstaden is the district created by King Frederik V in the 18th century symbolic of the world’s oldest Danish Monarchy and has a historic turret in Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative.

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Amalienborg is the royal complex with a courtyard which has palaces built in Danish Rococo style with private interiors that are over 300 years old, royal reception rooms and piano nobile which is open and accessible. These are basically winter residences of the nobility and the royal family. The change of the Royal Guard which is called Den Kongelige Livgarde in 100 Gothersgade is a fitting scene around the Palace square. Moltke’s Palace, Brockdorff’s Palace, Schack’s Palace and Levetzau’s Palace add more royal touch to this already bigwig Victorian Royalty citadel fortification.

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Rosenborg Castle is a red brick Renaissance castle in Copenhagen and is known for its unparalleled memorabilia with 400 years of Royalty. The pageant has the exquisite Royal Change of Guards as they march through the barracks through the Rosenborg castle for the ceremony. It is a royal recluse with altruistic interiors, tower chambers, royal art treasures, Venetian glass collection, the Crown Jewels garnitures in guarded vaults, Coronation thrones, Standing guard, Royal writing cabinet and Royal Regalia. It was built way back in 17th century and was the summer home to King Christian IV.  The King’s Garden, Knight’s Hall and the rose gardens are just the apple of an eye. This castle has an eventful tower and is rightly included in Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative.

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Kronborg castle is built along the mouth of the waters that separate Sweden and Denmark and is surrounded by a moat and high wall with resounding cannons and secret passages. The Renaissance castle of Helsingor was the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet and was taken for Elsinore, the Prince of Denmark borrowed from the plot of History of Danes by Saxo Grammaticus built by King Frederick XI in the 16th century and rebuilt by Christian IV.

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Horatio takes you through the royal chambers, chapel, casements and the final arena. The legend of Danish Viking Hero Holger Danske in the dungeon is always ready with his sword waiting to be called any time to fight to defend his beloved nation Denmark. It is widely acclaimed around the world by the names of Hamlet castle and Shakespeare castle. The crypts, catacombs and rock throne are just out of this world.

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Frederiksborg Palace on Hillerod is a Renaissance castle over 500 years ago in Scandinavia with an elaborate castle Lake and formal palace baroque gardens. The Palace Church, Royal Portraits, Valdemar Room, Chapel and Neptune Fountain takes you back to the era of Christian IV and Frederick XI. This fortress proper is on an island and islets. There is also a one of its kind bath house palace or Badstueslot in here used for hunt lunches for the nobility. The cascades and royal monograms in boxwood are a must see.

Slot or Kvaerndrup is in the middle island of Funen with a moat, fortified manors, spires, knight hall, masonry and a drawbridge and is termed as the “Water Castle”. Forests walks and scenic walks in pristine historic gardens are must dos. The dollhouse and Segway ride are must dos.

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Christianborg Palace is a medieval castle which is home to the royalty and currently seat of the Parliament Folketinget and the highest court of Justice. It is more like a centrepiece and is a part of the isle of Slotsholmen. The excavated foundations of Bishop Absalon Fortress and Copenhagen castle are very much in here. The Royal reception chamber in the north wing, riding grounds, Royal Stables, Oval Throne room, Great Hall Tapestry, Alexandra Hall, Tower Room, Royal balcony and the banqueting hall are its highlights.

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Dragsholm Castle is a medieval castle on a small isle in the isthmus of Zealand and offers stay for its visitors and it has quite a range of ghost stories surrounding it connecting Odsherred to Lammefjorden.

Fredensborg Palace is the official country abode of the Danish Royal family also known as Denmark Versailles in Baroque style and hosts state banquets with chapel, private estate palace gardens, Orangey and herb garden at Lake Esrum in North Zealand.

The ivory Kokkedal Castle is a 300-year old castle with the ultimate tradition of high tea and an underground cellar restaurant.

Holckenhavn Slot is located on the Fyn Island is converted into a private space and yet open to public.

Tranekaer Slot is viewable only castle.

Rosenholm Castle is just another family castle.

Spottrup Castle is in the Northern Jutland and is quite at a proximity to Skive.

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Koldinghus in the city of Kolding is from the 1200s between the Kingdom of Denmark and the duchy of Schleswig with an impressive art collection of ceramics and interiors from the 1500s.

Sandbjerg Mansion in Southern Jutland here belonged to the Prussians and was a strategic location during wars.

Brattingsborg Slotspark has one hell of an elaborate park in its vicinity is well placed in English style.

Bogsted Manor is at an isolated location in north wing and west wing from way back in 15th century and 16th century.

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Baggesvogn Herregard is manor a structure from 15th century within a walking distance from Sindal.

Rosenfeldt Estate is a 18th century structure and is a family castle with a remarkable lineage.

Glucksburg castle is a classic moated castle and manor house built by Duke Hans in northern Schleswig Holstein.

Gram castle is a structure from 16th century in the east wing.

Nyborg castle or Danehofslottet is a structure from 12th century with tower and a prominent west wing.

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Grasten Palace is a royal residence and hunting castle way back from 16th century with castle garden and a church accessible to public. The regiment does the change of guard from the mansion of Det Gule Palae at Ahlefeldvej and concerts take place in the yard post the ceremony.

Marselisborg is the royal summer residence and Christmas Residence in Aarhus with exquisite Queen’s Rose gardens and has a consequential bartizan in Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative.

Burlund castle is the structure from 18th century with art collection and manor houses.

Aalborghus are underrated castle structures in timber frame.

Vordingborg Castle is an atypical castle straight out of the fairy tale of Rapunzel.

Voergaard castle has a functional moat once used as a protective shield for its inhabitants and is a substantial steeple in of Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative.

Naesbyholm Castle is a Renaissance castle that finds its roots way back in 13th century.

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Broholm Castle is a structure from 12th century on the island of Fyn with manor houses and tower buildings over a private estate.

Sostrup Slot and Kloster is in Gjerrild parish Djursland stands from way back 1300s.

Augustenborg Palace is a Rococo style setting in Als Island is a structure from the 1700s.

Hojriis castle is a manor house with winged structure at Sallingsund on the island of Mors in Historicist Danish architectural style.

Kastellet Vaxholm castle is located on the archipelago of Kastellholmen since early 1500s.

Valloe castle is on the island of Zealand with pointy turrets and moat structure.

Boller castle is from 1300s and has exquisite castle grounds, lotus ponds and castle garden from the center of Horsens.

Image Credits: Historisk Atlas

Sonderborg Slot is a winged Renaissance castle from 13th century with fortresses on the island of Als on South Jutland with a Renaissance church and Knight’s hall.

Valdemars Slot is on the Tasinge island nearing Svendborg from the 1600s.

Trojborg castle ruins are from 14th century was originally a castle from the Middle Ages and is a major battlement in the history of Exclusive Best Denmark Castles Full Narrative.  

Selsoe Manor is a mnor house near Skibby on Zealand from the 1200s with a Renaissance castle complex.

Eremitage or Eremitageslottet or Ermitagen is the Hunting Lodge located in Dyrehaven in Baroque style way back from 1700s. The deer park is a must see.

Schackenborg Castle is a chateau on Southern Jutland in Jylland is the private residence of the nobility.

Hvedholm Slot is on the island of Funen from the 15th century on the outskirts of Faaborg.

Hammerhus Castle ruins are of the largest medieval Scandinavian fortification in Bornholm island in Baltic Sea way back from 13th century.

Vordingborg Castle ruins are way back from 1100s  and has the best preserved castle tower called Goose tower.

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