Facts about island country New Zealand in Oceania

Facts about island country New Zealand in Oceania

Facts about Island Country New Zealand


Facts about Island country New Zealand has got it covered that New Zealand is a part of the Zealandia continent of which 93% is submerged. Bay of Islands is the birthplace of New Zealand with over 140 islands. It is a 90 mile beach. Facts about Island country New Zealand states that New Zealand is also called Aotearoa or land of the long white cloud made up of two major land masses North Island and South Island. New Zealand is similar in size of Great Britain and Japan and is an expected one in facts about Island country New Zealand.

The majority of population of New Zealand lives in the North Island.

  • “The city of Sails” Auckland
  • Home of Waikato Hamilton
  • Napier in the Hawkes bay
  • Paihia in the Bay of Islands
  • The Maori life of Rotoroa
  • Taupo in central North Island
  • Tauranga on the Bay of Plenty
  • Waitomo of the luminescent caves
  • The Windy city and National capital Wellington


Auckland, New Zealand is the city of mud baths natural hot springs and geysers. Auckland is the third most liveable cosmopolitan city in the world. Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world and is also known as the city of sails and is a central fact in facts about Island country New Zealand.

This Polynesian heartland has vineyard and wineries galore. Auckland is the one stop destination for Sky walking, Canyoning, Jet Boating high-wire rope adventures, black water rafting, caving and island hopping, 4D simulation, zip lining, Mini Moon Buggy rides, zorbing which is bouncing in a large inflatable ball, cycling on the monorail track, luge carting, Harley rides, mountain biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, Sailing, trout fishing, pedalling around in electric bikes, glass-bottom boating for underground action, nature walking tours and trails, walking gourmet food tours, whale and dolphin safari, tramping,

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trekking, star gazing, snorkelling, rock hopping, rock climbing, abseiling, surf rolling, coastal board walking, cave tubing, black water rafting, horse riding, surf boarding, Segway tours, air gliding, paragliding, aerial activities like climbing rocket ropes and diving in the unspoilt marine reserves of Little Barrier and Great barrier. Skydiving in the North Island hub is extremely popular with the highest freefalls and spectacular views of West Coasts of New Zealand, rainforests and the city. Jet boating is a pulse racing experience with views of Auckland city skyline, Sky tower and Auckland Harbor bridge when done with professional skippers with perfect training in manoeuvrability and acceleration along the rocky reefs and estuarine coastline. New Zealand meat pies are a must try.

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and is the southernmost capital city in the world and is a rightly placed as one in facts about Island country New Zealand. Wellington is home to Papa Tongarewa national museum and looms large in facts about Island country New Zealand.

Facts about Island country New Zealand reveals that New Zealand is one of the only 10 counties in the world with an established resettlement.

Facts about Island country New Zealand has it that Polynesians settled in the islands that were later named New Zealand and developed a distinct Maori culture.

New Zealand is marked by volcanoes and glaciations and is a forthcoming fact in facts about Island country New Zealand.

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North Head: Along the Rocky Head, on the Devenport iconic North Head historic Reserve rounds the headland as it enters the inner harbour. It is the Naval Museum set in the surroundings of Torpedo bay. The self-guided walk on Maungauika has sweeping views of Hauraki Gulf along the waterline with the views of Rangitioto. Maungauika is the oldest volcano of Auckland Area. Devenport is a harborside suburb and has colonial fortifications and town planning with a seaside art gallery with displays of gun emplacements, disappearing guns, searchlights and the underground tunnel system. Mt. Victoria summit hangs nearby with the most remarkable views of Hauraki Gulf. Mt Victoria is dramatic along with the South Island’s Fiordland and Southern lakes stood in for mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most highly anticipated facts about Island country New Zealand.

Image credits: Maritimemuseum co nz

New Zealand Maritime museum showcases the nautical legacy of the city that has shaped its identity as a seafaring nation. It is located on the Hobson Wharf adjacent to the Viaduct Harbor also known as the holder of the treasures of Tangaroa the Sea God. One can try their hands with the structures in the rocking cabin.

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Sky Tower: Auckland’s Sky tower is the tallest building with Skywalk sans handrails above at 192 metres from ground level gives a perfect 360-degree view of the city harbour and islands. The base jump is called the sky jump with professionals is a pure adrenaline rush. Skycity Skytower is the most elevated freestanding observation deck structure 328 metres high above the street level with views up to 80 kilometres in every direction.   

new zealand is go-to hot spot for tandem travelsImage Credits: Inspirationseek

Waiheke: This one is an island have with wineries, farmlands, olive groves and boutique vineyards galore in the Wild Estate replete with island tracks and bush reserves. It is called the “island of wine”. Gourmet wine tasting of Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are must try. A wine tasting tour is a must do here. Hauraki Gulf is a sheltered harbour with marine life and an exotic cruise with diving activities. Half Moon Bay marina on the Hauraki Gulf offers ferry facilities to Waiheke Island, Rangitoto Island and the downtown of Auckland. Dolphin and Whale orientation walk is a must do. The best local olive oils can be bought as souvenirs and local specialities. Waiheke has zip lining activities for eco zip lovers.

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Auckland domain is Auckland’s spacious and diverse oldest park and hosts sculptural works by NZ’s leading artists spread across 75 hectares. It has Queen street on its upper end and the Auckland Memorial in the suburbs with a beeline of international travelers. It is on the remains of the Pukekawa volcano. The bronze sculptures, classic marble sculptures, Wintergardens, duck ponds and the “tuff rings” formed by volcanic activity are main attractions. At the top of the Auckland Domain stands the Auckland Museum.

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Matakana vineyard: Brick Bay Sculpture Trail for its estate grown wines on the boutique Matakana vineyard is a must do. Matakana is 40 minutes north of Auckland in the east of Warkworth Township. Matakana is famous for its natural produce and boutique wineries. The farmer’s market is a must visit for its artisanal produce, gourmet delights and local art.

Manukau Lighthouse is an accessible lighthouse with views of the Manukau Harbor and Waitakere Ranges.

Puhoi has the best gourmet cheeses and Devonshire teas.

Tiritiri Matangi Island has the oldest working lighthouse with birdsongs of popokotea whitehead, kokako, takahe and kiwi.

Howick Historical Village is a settlement with colonial buildings, heritage gardens and homesteads.

The Crystal Mountain is replete with rare fossils and meteorites.

Auckland Zoo has the prime grouping of interesting native New Zealand wildlife and habitat with enclosures. It is close to Central Auckland and set in 17 hectares of lush parkland.

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Rangitoto Island is the youngest shield volcanic island field off the coast in the Hauraki Gulf nearing Motutapu island. For day trippers and hikers activities that can be taken here are kayak tour, paddling and a guided walking tour to the summit near the entrance to the Waitemata Harbor. Rangitoto is great for walkers with the views of summits in the pohutukawa forest. It is a volcanic cone offering panoramic views across the Waitmata Harbor and city skyline.

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Waitemata Harbor: Waitemata Harbor is replete with Bridge climb, natural thermal springs and thriving marine life. There are volcanic islands and beaches with customised kayak tours. Bungy jumping off the Harbor Bridge is an exhilarating experience. Due to large number of yachts and marine traffic this destination looks like a vision always changing with the harbour bridge in the centre with spectacular waters sparkling like glass. Waitemata is the main access to Auckland and forms the major portions of the Auckland Isthmus. This focal point of the Auckland region opens into the Hauraki Gulf.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Auckland Harbor bridge: Sky jump from the Sky Tower off Auckland Harbor Bridge is a must do. The 90 minute bridge climb to the apex and the vantage points of this iconic bridge provides breath taking views of the city skyline and aerial perspectives of the city, harbour, down under around, up, over and all of it on a separate walkway, curved arches and custom engineered catwalks. Auckland harbour spans Waitemata Harbour and North Island.

Queen street centred on Myers park is an uptown district. It is located between Customs Street and Wellesley street and is lined with high rises and retail creations which makes it a major commercial thoroughfare with stupefying intersections. It starts from the Queen’s Wharf to the Auckland Isthmus. The Auckland Townhall and Vulcan buildings are in the Queen street.

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Rotoroa: The farming tour in Rotoroa will make you acquainted with authentic farming. Rotoroa is well restored and well preserved and is a hotspot for boutique holiday accommodation. Rotoroa island is just an hour by ferry from downtown Auckland with views of Hauraki Gulf to the east of Waiheke sland. The island’s chapel and the jailhouse are must visits. The native species of kiwi, saddlebacks and takahe are must see.

Eden Garden is on the lower slopes of the Mt. Eden Auckland Isthmus.

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Mangere Onehunga is one of the largest suburbs and hilltop Park in Auckland located on Manukau Harbor and has the historical local sites of early Maori settlements, working farms and tropical house and live displays of crocodiles. Mangere Mountain and the Otuataua Stonefields have the traces early Maori fortified settlements.

One Tree Hill also called Maungakiekie is a 182-metre volcanic peak and the nearest spot to Greenlane and Cornwall Park. It is a steep climb with monuments of Maori. The summit gives a 360-degree view of the Auckland city. It is a portion of the Auckland volcanic field behind Rangitoto island. On the summit of the hill is a memorial is an obelisk.

Stardome Observatory: In order to witness the southern hemisphere night sky, world sky showers  and constellations a seat in Stardome angled toward the roof with the high definition projection of the night sky and powered telescopes and gizmos is the best spot with interactive space galleries. Stardome on the slope of One Tree Hill or Maungakiekie is the largest Planetarium theatre and contains Maori archaeological sites. Stardome Auckland Observatory is an astronomical observatory in Cornwall Park.  

Image Credits: Depositphotos

Aotea Square is the entertainment precinct in The Auckland CBD next to the Queen street with the the large arch called “Waharoa” which means gateway in Maori, Maori Art, Maori carvings, town hall and theatre. It is also considered to be New Zealand’s first sky scraper. The Square was named after Motu Aotea which means Great Barrier Island in Maori. The Bledisloe Lane has artworks displayed in light boxes in the vicinity.

Motuihe island lies between Motutapu and Waiheke islands in the Hauraki Gulf. It has clear water, white sand, sheltered anchorages, rolling pastures and native bush walks with frequent sights of kiwi, tui, oystercatchers, kakariki and tuatara in the wild. It is extensively settled by the Maori. There are also relics about the island’s history like Auckland’s quarantine. The wharf bay, Ocean Beach and Calypso Bay are filled with day-tripper boats.

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Waitomo: A boat ride to the native Waitomo Glowworm Grotto cave Wetas along the Waitomo river amongst the glow worm lights is captivating. The traditional meal of Kai Maori is prepared in an underground oven called Hangi is a traditional form of cooking. The lakeside of Taupo and Huka Falls is replete with thermal springs. The craters of the moon and Aratiatia rapids are must see.  The phenomena pf Arachnocampa Luminosa make the caves luminescent. The subterranean waterfalls, the scalloped limestone shafts called Tomo, crystal tapestries, stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones makes the colony look like a utopia. Ruakuri Cave and Aranui Cave are the main fragments. Black water rafting through the Black Labyrinth, Black Odyssey and the Black Abyss is a unique experience.

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Matamata means headland in Maori. It is a hub for horse breeding. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbiton are shot in here. Hobbit holes and shires are unusual. The local legend and cuisine from the Maori should be in the itinerary. The Birkenhead Maori Pipi trail down the ridge to the shoreline is an experience of a lifetime in the company of kauri and totara trees, mangroves, nikau palms and bellbirds. Food is cooked in natural thermal spring here. Ta Moko is a permanent face and body-marking technique followed by Maoris. Each moko or mark explains the social standing.


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