Fashion essentials on the footloose to Travel in style

Fashion essentials on the footloose to Travel in style

Fashion essentials on the footloose to Travel in style covers the sure fire ways and style cues to stand out on the move. While Travel is mostly fun, with it comes a lot of anxieties, especially packing right, so on and so forth. Anyone can be a trendy traveler by keeping some style basics in check. Pack light but do not leave style behind. Packing right needs top priority if you are scheduling for a quick getaway. With a bit of thinking and preparation, one can travel in style. Great styles make for great photos and great memories.

Do not drape suggestively across pages or like the models strutting down the runway on the go. Take a relook at your travel wardrobe and bring out your inner stylist to think up ways that you can re-style. Plan your day and night looks well. Don’t overpack. Count the number of days you are traveling versus the number of clothes you are carrying. What you pack s destination dependent but fashion staples will hold you in good stead.

Be every bit of a high flier. Get your airport look right. Make sure you insist on keeping it comfortable and chic for your airport look. It is great to go for all-black outfits while on travel. Denims and distressed jeans are classics and can make for a perfect airport ensemble. They are a great way of disguising creases and crumples after a long flight. A cabin bag contains your essentials and changing clothes for the flight completes your stroller for lugging it out. A good airport look is the meeting of comfort with style. Being comfortable on a flight is important, but it is not a free pass to walk around in your night suit. Joggers, anti-wrinkle T-shirts, bomber jacket and a pair of Converse are a must pack for your airport.

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Slogan tees and tanks can help you wear your mood. Pack a jacket that can be paired with everything. You can never go wrong with jackets. It usually goes with a lot of different outfits. A jacket is the most versatile travel accessory and can be worn as an outerwear. You can carry off a stylish look by layering up tank tops with cardigan knits and blazers. Play up with the proportion and fits. Try to keep it glamorous and yet casual. Oversized outfits with slim sits give you a slick and structured look. Invest in sweatshirts and sweat pants. Stretched denims are essentials. Blazers and Spearates can be worn in more ways than one. Travel days have to be dress up days. Make sure you carry a svelte and sexy dress or a tux for a fancy party or shindig.

Pick your luggage keeping in mind the destination you are traveling to. It should be easy on manoeuvrability. You have to single out a good piece of luggage as you saviour. A backpack can help you lug essentials. Invest in a branded handbag and suitcase. Also invest in a hobo and lightweight bag with lots of compartments. A passport case is mandatory. Go for trolleys with wheels, support and side handles to strut smoothly across stairs and escalators. Do not cram everything into the carry-ons. Instead you can have a one-for-everything suitcase and a purse. Roll your clothes to avoid crinkles and wrinkles. It can also save space.

Carry a double bag for your flight. It significantly reduces the weight of the check in luggage. Carry a tote bag. It serves as a great travel bag. Invest in a sling or cross body bag or going-out neutral to keep important things close and matches your outfit. A handbag can make a style statement and can double duty as a day to night bag. Invest in some cover changing gable bags.

Choose your travel shoe well. Pick a color and style that goes with almost every outfit. Invest in fancy footwear. Comfortable and stylish shoes are the key accessory for the trip. Lots of pair of shoes takes up lot of luggage space. You have to have footwear on the go that you can pair up with different outfits. The pair of shoes should be comfy and that can stand the wear and tear of the travels. Your shoes should look sleek. Booties look quirky too. Pack a pair of heels of tanned footwear for a night out.

Wrap up yourself in a scarf and a beanie that can double up as support and eye mask respectively. Make sure you keep hydrating mist to keep your skin hydrated on long flights, flavoured lip and cheek tints and balms to always look fresh, German detangling comb made from horse hair and a big pillow.

Invest in a pair of high end sunglasses. It can be Club Masters or Fasciantors or Cat Eye or Wayfarers or Aviators or Oversized or Butterfly or Horn Rimmed or Retro or Vintage or Browline or Sunnies or Polarized depending on your face shape.

Sunglasses do not let your eyes go fuzzy and puffy. They can make a style statement and protect eyes from the harmful UV rays. Headphones are a great investment as you enter the flight or walk through the terminal listening to your fave sound tracks. A fedora hat or a baseball cap instantly enhances your cool quotient. Choose your sunglasses according to your personal styles.

Limit your accessories to bare essentials. Keep it chunky and minimalistic without going OTT. It is advisable to go easy on the accessories and jewelry department as it can kick off the security alarm.

You have to pack in at least 4 pairs of shoes biz, casual, party and walking and a spare one for being on the safer side and 14 dresses for a two week schedule ideally. Pick up some leave on hangers and zip into garment bags. The entire process of unzipping, hanging and unpacking is completed in minutes. Mix active and casual gear as they work nicely together. Compact Fashion creates the need for retractable luggage trumping style for functionality on the move. You have to invest in pieces that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

It is all about downsizing to modular pieces that are easy to move and can be customised according to space on your travels. It is important to carry some statement sweatshirts on your move. Luxury labels are elevating the simple sweatshirt to high-fashion style for the ultimate poster boy and poster girl look.

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