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finest dubai attractions for kids travel dejavu

Dubai attractions: Time-out for urchins


Keeping the kids entertained on holiday can be challenging at times, but it’s not impossible. Especially when you visit somewhere as wonderful as Dubai, where the options and potential adventures are endless! We have put together a guide of fun activities you can do with your little ones during your holiday.


LEGOLAND® Water Park

LEGOLAND® Water Park will be the only themed water park in the UAE that has been designed specifically for children ages between two and twelve years old and their families. Children and their families have the chance to enjoy over 20 different rides that accommodate everyone – no matter how big or small.

finest dubai attractions legoland dubai travel dejavu

Build-A-Raft-River allows kids to customise their own raft that is made out of large soft LEGO® bricks and then floating down the lazy river, DUPLO® Splash Safari is a water area specifically for toddlers, ensuring they can play while being completely safe, and Joker Soaker is a fun, interactive playground with slides, wade pool, and a 300-gallon bucket that offers a torrential downpour!

For the bigger kids and adults, there are a number of thrilling slides, including Twin Chasers, double body slides that allow you to race your friends or family, and Splash Out, a 60-foot body slide. If you want to enjoy this water park any day of the year, there is an option to buy annual pass, ensuring the fun never ends!

Shark Safari

Atlantis, The Palm hotel offers an amazing opportunity to dive safely with sharks. The Shark Safari experience is safe for the whole family (including kids aged 8 years and older), and is an educational experience they can tick off their bucket list (and yours!).

finest dubai attractions shark safari dubai travel dejavu
You don’t need any scuba diving experience to take part in the Shark Safari, as you are provided with a special helmet that lets you explore the Shark Lagoon in Aquaventure Waterpark. The special helmets allow divers to walk across the bottom of Shark Lagoon and breathe with ease, while marvelling at the surrounding sharks, rays, and fish.

Camp in the Desert

Camping is the ultimate family adventure, and where better to camp in Dubai than in the city’s extensive desert. There are so many amazing camping spots in Dubai, with the most popular being Fossil Rock in the Lahbab Desert.

finest dubai attractions desert camping dubai travel dejavu
Once in the area, it’s time to set up camp! There is an array of private and shared tours that supply all of the gear you need – sleeping bags and tents included – as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, shisha, and camp fires.

For those who like to go glamping (glamorous camping), there is the option to go with a company who provides barbeque facilities, a sound system, and power generators.


Eat at the Rainforest Café

A meal at the Rainforest Café is an adventure your little ones will never forget! Recreating a tropical rainforest, this magical restaurant offers diners a chance to snack on delicious food while surrounded by gorillas, crocodiles, jaguars, elephants, orangutans, and mechanical butterflies – all of which come to life with the help of lifelike animatronics

The restaurant offers up a menu filled with an array of delicious American and International dishes with fun names while sitting next to a cascading waterfall, being surrounded by lush vegetation, and experiencing periodic thunderstorms.

Take your kids on an adventure they will remember for the rest of their lives by adding one or more of the mentioned activities on your itinerary during your trip to Dubai!

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  1. I think if I were to go, as a big kid I would want to camp in the desert and then see the sharks! Although Legoland sounds like a jolly good time, too.

  2. Sounds really cool! To be honest, I have never thought of going to Dubai with my daughter, I had it On my mind as a destination for me and my wife… But I think that after reading this beautiful article, my daughter would have a thrilling time to Dubai! Thnks for sharing that with us!

  3. I have a 5 year old kid and thanks to your article, I now know what to do and where to go if indeed I happen to visit Dubai. It’s certainly on the cards. Good to hear about the Lego Water Park & Shark Safari. I’m sure kids would certainly love to explore those. As for me, I found the idea of setting up a camp in the desert, the most exciting and from the picture you’ve posted, it certainly looks very inviting.

    – Pixellicious

  4. Camping in the desert!! So awesome! When would you suggest would be the best time of year to go camping? Its great that you can get all the camping gear there!

  5. Great tips! My cousin is living there and we’re planning a trip but we’ve got a two year old so I wondered how this trip would go. You always hear about the luxurious side of the trip there but not the logistics of traveling with a child. Lego land for an afternoon looks right up our alley. ^^

  6. Wow, never knew there was camping option in the Dubai Desert Safari. Have been for a evening safari that including desert drive and dinner at the camp with traditional performance, which I totally loved. Camping and the Shark Safari will be the next must do in my Dubai list.
    Great choice of activities for families travelling with toddlers,will definitelyhelp the parents to keep the kids occupied and happy during the trip.

  7. I love the Rainforest Cafe! 🙂 Such a perfect place to take kids out to eat 🙂 LegoLand also sounds super fun!!

  8. Sounds fun! After having lived in Dubai for 12 years and even having my child born there, we have missed seeing Legoland. My daughter, I am very sure, would enjoy it. The Rainforest Cafe too. We left before both were completed. We would like to return for a visit in a couple of years.

  9. The kid in me is rearing to go to Dubai. The options for spending some fun time are really enticing. Legoland and a desert safari is what appeals to me the most. Look forward to getting there with the family in tow soon.

  10. These are some great places for adults also! I would love to visit Dubai one day, Lelo!

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