first aid essentials to keep handy on your travels

First aid essentials to keep handy on your travels

First aid essentials to keep handy on your travels


When it comes to packing for a holiday it is easy to get carried away and pack almost everything in your wardrobe.

Travel essentials also include a mini first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Multipack of plasters in various sizes for covering minor cuts and grazes and helps against infection or fractures and helps with cramps and sprains.

Painkillers come handy for minor headaches or body pain.

Antiseptic wipes are great for wiping and cleaning cuts and abrasions and making it less prone to infections and blood loss.

Antihistamine tablets and pills and hydrocortisone cream instantly relive you from itchiness and inflammation of the skin caused by food or any other matter or bites.

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Bandages and gauze pads and rolls are useful for serious cuts and wounds before seeking medical help.


Repellents containing deet or diethyltoluamide help you avoid pesky insect bites and itching resulting by it. Apply when necessary.

Rehydration and glucose powders and acidity pills and capsules help you to have instant relief from upset stomach caused by change in water and all that junk food that goes into your system.

Scissors, Blades, tweezers and safety pins are particularly handy for cutting and securing bandages or removing splinter and grits from wound.

Hand sanitizer is the most important bare essential to sterilise your hands especially when you do not have water available around you and it can be like an instant fluid coming to your rescue any moment without worrying about carrying microorganisms or dirt around with you.

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