Food trends on soul food travels

Food trends on soul food travels

Molecular gastronomy is all about a fuss free meal of the bizarre nomenclature with foams and fumes and unusual food pairings.

Casual fine dining is a rage as food lovers do not like to dress up as expected but are readily spending a fortune on it.

Food Apps are a way to cut out the traffic and order in without having to head out. It lets you curate an extensive fare with appetizers, starters, main course and desserts at your own discourse.

The most popular global food trend is knowing the ingredients of the day rather than the mains of the day. You can pick your staples. You can curate your own dish by choosing the ingredients of your choice. The master chef prepares something out of it. You can have it done as per your liking than choosing from the menu.

Food pop ups are the ultimate culinary flash mob without a standalone space. Pop ups are about chefs and cooks and the loyal fan base they have. Pop ups are popularized over blogs, Instagram posts and YouTube videos with culinary stars getting the much deserving fame.

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