Best Taiwanese cakes

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    Travel Dejavu
    April 26, 2017 at 9:42 am #9100

    Taiwanese cakes range from green tea cakes, rice cakes, dumpling cakes, meat ball cakes and egg yolk filled cakes. Moon cakes are made of lotus seed paste, yolk of duck eggs and red beans. Sun cake is made of condensed maltose. Wheel cake is made of peanut butter, red bean paste and cream. Wife cake or laopo is made of almond paste filling and winter melon. Pineapple pastry us made of egg yolk, butter, sugar and pine apple jam filling. The rice cake is a dim sum made with sweet rice dough stuffed with veggies. Pig Blood cake is made with pork blood and rice with sprinkled powdered peanut and soy sauce dip.

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