Black is the new food fad in the global food travel scene

  • Travel Dejavu
    Travel Dejavu
    July 2, 2018 at 7:25 am #12131

    Black food is all the new rage with black color on the food platters. Black foods are all about charcoal ice creams, black or carbon Casablanca waffle, black burgers and much more. Black food is the new trend for culinary enthusiasts as the trend for all things black in food is growing. Chefs are experimenting with various ingredients to present a black dish creatively. Cafe and street food joints around the world are coming up with fun versions of black food items on their menus. Chefs are using all possible ingredients from activated charcoal, sesame seeds and coconut ash to black garlic, black rice and squid ink to get the perfect jet black color. Black foods are perfectly safe for consumption.

    Global foodies get experimental posting pictures of black foods on Instagram. Black color is infused in food items like chips, burgers, pasta, risotto, hot dogs, bagels and ice creams. Black ice cram freak shake and black cones are totally Instaworthy. Black food fad is an experiment that turned out just right.

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