Buddha Bowl the One-Bowl platter

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    June 24, 2018 at 8:27 am #12072

    Buddha Bowl is a healthy one bowl meal is making an appearance on the menus. Social Media and food blogs across the globe. Buddha Bowl is a one bowl wonder. The concept of Buddha Bowls is based on simple foods. Many fine dining restaurants are allowing guests to build their own Buddha Bowl. Buddha Bowls are all about bringing healthy ingredients together to make a complete meal loaded with nutrients. It is all about loading up personal favorites while keeping it healthy. The Millennial take on Buddha Bowl is to include 15 percent protein, 25 to 30 percent whole grains, 30 to 35 percent veggies, 10 percent sauces and 40 percent extras like nuts, seeds, peanuts or sprouts. A variety of veggies work for Buddha Bowl like sweet potato, taro, kale, carrots, mushrooms, French beans, broccoli, avocado, kimchi It depends upon the pairings with lentils, quinoa, brown rice, jasmine rice, et al. Traditionally, a vegan bowl of Buddha Bowl tastes perfect when it is a perfect mix of all nutrients and appropriate sauces. The best part is that you can customise the bowl as per your personal choice. The idea is to make it super healthy and fit for each and every craving.

    Buddha Bowl are now becoming popular amongst foodies because one can design a Buddha Bowl across different cuisines and Asian versions and one can play around with different herbs, spices and dressings. There are no rules to creating your Buddha Bowl but keeping certain things in mind to make sure your bowl is healthy is the key. The aesthetics of it is a visual delight and sticking to organic, seasonal and fresh ingredients using simple methods of cooking as opposed to the complicated ones is the way to retaining the nutritional content in veggies and meats. It is very important balancing the meal components in regards to carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

    The pleasure of having an entire meal in one bowl gives a sense of minimalism too.The trick is to create your own signature bowl by pushing your imagination, culinary skills and sense of aesthetics. Buddha Bowl is one food trend Millennials are in love with. Buddha Bowl is a personalized soulful meal curated and custom made to suit preferences of individuals. There are a multitude of vegan, vegetarian and non veg options available with meal options for travelers who prefer vegan or organic food. The humble Buddha Bowl is available in Greek, Mexican and Korean options apart from Chinese Buddha Bowls, Burmese and Thai chicken and fried eggs bowl.

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