First class flying is not value for money anymore 2017

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    Travel Dejavu
    June 21, 2017 at 10:24 am #9714

    First class flying costs are merely a stretch minus the perks. Taking into account average earnings of flyers in different classes first-class seats cost disproportionately more.

    The first Monday of a month has the most expensive London-New Yok tickets and first class seats cost seven times as much as economy. For the premium they pay first class passengers get to dine in a lounge. Their seats turn into flat beds, and the gap between two seats is a very roomy 6.5 feet.

    Do the first class flyers get value for their money?
    The argument is based on the price and the (assumed) relative incomes of passengers in first and economy classes. Roughly 5% of the seats in a Boeing 747 are first class. Assuming that these 5% of premium flyers earn as much as the top 5% of Americans, their yearly income is $241,000 and a first class ticket is worth 4.5% of their income. A similar comparison for economy flyers shows a ticket costs just over 3% of their income. The posh flyers are payin disproportionately more.

    The rich should opt for business class instead. In recent years, business class has become even posher. Today it is easily equivalent to the first class experience of a decade ago.

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