Hum, Croatia the smallest town in the world

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    July 17, 2018 at 7:29 pm #12187

    Hum is located in the hinterland of Istrian Peninsula with 28 inhabitants is the smallest town in the world. Hum is a medieval fortified town. The entrance has a 12th century gate. Hum earlier known as Cholm is encircled with old walls. The church of the Assumption of Mary stands near the old parish residence with a 500 year old watch tower. It housed the nobility in the Middle Ages. The Romanesque Church of St Jerome is adorned with Frescoes on the wall. The Glagolitic wall writings refer to the oldest Slavic script. The three km long Glagolitic Valley connects the towns of Hum and Roc filled with structures dedicated to the ancient script. Hum has a 12th century castle referred to as Castlelum Cholm at the site of the Parish church built six centuries later. The Venetian town was a seat for the feudal lords.

    Hum was built by giants who used the stones left behind after erecting the towns in Mirana Valley. The entire town of Hum consists of two churches and two streets. The sole restaurant Humska Konoba serves smoked meats and signature doughnuts. A glass of Humska Biska which is a home made brandy prepared with mistletoe is a must drink.

    Hum is surrounded by wineries and woods. Istrian wineries are a specialty in the region. Hikers take off around the small town. The neighboring towns of Buzet and Istria is known for the white gold and black gold of Gastronomy i.e. truffles. Hum is closer to Italy than to Croatia with locals speaking Italian.

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